Top 10+ Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore

Top 10+ Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore

Hire the best mobile app development company in Bangalore for your app development requirements.

Mobile app development is the best growth solution for businesses in this digital era. There is a need for mobile apps for every sector to increase customers and revenues as well. In particular, to stay competitive in the online market, businesses are looking for a Mobile Apps Development Company in Bangalore to launch an advanced mobile app solution.

Mobile app development companies in Bangalore are playing a vital role in the best mobile applications using the latest technologies. Companies with highly qualified android and iOS app developers are launching new mobile apps attracting customer attention in this digital ecosystem.

A trend towards the development of mobile apps for android and iOS is growing across India, especially in Bangalore. So, to grab the market opportunity, app development companies in Bangalore are growing every day. It’s tough to discover the best mobile application development company in Bangalore.

Smartphones are an exciting phase in the evolving IT sector It has undoubtedly become an integral part of business app development. With the help of mobility, we are updating the process of living personally and professionally.

Mobile apps offer users all the facilities, services, and features that can be accessed on computers. Mobile apps like online communications and travel bookings to entertainment and payment applications are more popular nowadays.

The top mobile app development company in Bangalore only can develop apps that keep your business forefront of the competition. Using the power of emerging technologies and creativity, the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore make the best mobile app development.

In this blog, we will provide you all the details that help you understand how to find the top 10+ mobile app development companies in Bangalore to create your mobile apps for your brand.

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    If you picked up Bangalore as a destination to work together with the top mobile app development company to get advanced mobile apps, this article might be useful.

    FuGenx Technologies has compiled a list of the best mobile app developers in Bangalore.

    FuGenX’s App Development Services In Bangalore, India

    • Android App Development Company In Bangalore, India

    Custom Android Application Development is a profitable business model to target a million audience base and create brand value in the competitive landscape. FuGenX is one of the top custom android app development companies in Bangalore, India.

    FuGenX creates the best android apps using Java and Kotlin-like the most popular programming languages for android app development. Get in Touch to create android apps for smartphones, Android TV, tablets, and wearables.

    • iPhone App Development Company In Bangalore, India

    Being one of the largest mobile app development companies in Bangalore, FuGenX offers best-in-class iOS app development services for entrepreneurs, mid-size enterprises, and multi-national organizations across various verticals.

    FuGenX builds bespoke iOS apps using developer-friendly programming languages such as Swift and Objective-C. Let’s collaborate with FuGenX, the best iOS application development company in Bangalore, India, and get iOS apps developed at an attractive budget.

    • Cross-platform App Development Company In Bangalore, India

    FuGenX is one of the best cross-platform app development companies in Bangalore, India. Being a cross-platform app developer In Bangalore, FuGenX is promised to build applications that ensure premium and flawless multi-platform experiences for the end users.

    Our cross-platform solutions for healthcare, retail, e-commerce, education, and manufacturing ensure a native-like feel and performance and enhance app credibility.

    Step-By-Step Agile Mobile App Development Process

    FuGenX is a Bangalore-based leading mobile app developer. Our proven app development strategy and agile methodologies, assist us in building the most impactful and results-driven applications for businesses across different niches.

    1. Market Research & Analysis

    Extensive market research is one of the best ways for analyzing new challenges in the clone app development world and creating unique applications that meet clients’ specifications and requirements.

    1. Planning and Design

    In this stage, we put all requirements on board, match them with the market opportunities, and create, and start designing wireframes, prototypes, and interactive User Interface (UI)/User Experiences (UX).

    1. App Development

    Picking the best technology stack as required by the application, our team of the best native software developers in Bangalore, India, builds each module to meet the application vision and clients’ business objectives.

    1. QA & Testing

    FuGenX’s team of professional testers will execute multiple tests, trace bugs, and fix them to make your mobile application flawless, robust, and efficient. We deliver bugs-free Android and iPhone apps on time within the budget limit.

    1. Deployment and Monitoring Progress

    Once the application is free from operational and functional bugs, it is ready to get launched in particular app stores for download and use. We will also focus on the speed of application download and security of end-user data before deploying on Google Play and Apple App Stores to ensure its quality and data privacy.

    1. App Maintenance & Support

    FuGenX, a top mobile app development agency in Bangalore, India, has a dedicated team to monitor app performance, and track and analyze user feedback and reviews. We assist your application in staying on top of the latest versions and features that your audience is looking for.

    Significance Of Mobile Apps Development In This Digital Age

    Mobile applications are weapons for companies to beat the competition in the ever-evolving digital environment. Innovative and collaborative android and iOS apps help brands stay close to their end users 24*7. Not only to connect with end-users, but mobile apps also worked as a voice of brands. Mobile applications support businesses in many ways.

    Intelligent mobile applications developed using the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) will assist brands in analyzing and understanding customer preferences and interests and offer a more personalized product or service offerings.

    So, to become a successful player in your niche, mobile apps are essential assets for businesses. The best and the right app development company in Bangalore, India, can meet your all requirements and deliver a top-notch application on time.

    Herein, we have given a list of app development companies in Bangalore. These leading Application Development Companies in Bangalore are leading the domain and building digital solutions that measure business scalability. Let’s take a look at the popular app development agencies in India.


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    List of Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Bangalore, India

    #1) FuGenx Technologies

    FuGenx Technologies, is the best mobile apps development company in Bangalore, India. It is engaged in the design and development of mobile applications on Android, iOS, Windows, and Xamarin.

    The company has got first place in terms of customer base and best-in-class mobile applications that it delivered. It provides on-demand mobile and web applications that can be customized to suit the client’s needs.

    The company has developed many successful and feature-rich mobile apps for its global clients. Web apps, native mobile apps, and many more are in our product portfolio list. It has immense experience in Android app development, iOS app development, and IoT application development.

    The company also offers business-friendly AI & ML Solutions, web development, game development, mobility, and IoT services for success.

    The high-quality and user-friendly mobile applications are built with a blend of technology and creativity at an affordable price. On-time delivery is guaranteed.

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    FuGenX is a CMMi Level 3 company with an ISO 9001: 2008 certification and is the winner of Deloitte Tech Fast50 and Fast500 awards for the consecutive years 2012 & 2013, and 2016. 

    Why FuGenX is the best among other top mobile app development companies in Bangalore? 

    The number of mobile app developers in Bangalore is rise steeply day by day. With decades of business experience and highly expertise resources, smartphone app developers in Bangalore, like FuGenX Technologies, stood in first place in the app development race.

    FuGenX develops scalable and reliable mobile applications for diversified sectors. Using AI and ML technologies, the company aims to shift its client business environment into the digital ecosystem.

    Technologies Used:

    The best mobile app developers in Bangalore (FuGenX) are using new technologies and tools for creating mobile applications. FuGenX uses Blockchain, Java, Python, and many other trending mobile app development technologies to make customers’ businesses successful.

    The mobile applications developed by FuGenX will have cool UI/UX designs and user-friendly features. It is the primary reason why FuGenX is picked as the best mobile apps developer in Bangalore.

    #2) Fusion Informatics

    Over the past two decades, Fusion Informatics, one of the best mobile game app development companies in Bangalore dedicated to transforming the mobile app development industry to the next level.  It stood as the best mobile apps developer in Bangalore in building user-friendly mobile applications for a wide range of industries.

    With the increasing demand for mobile apps development in Bangalore, Fusion aimed to develop smartphone apps for tomorrow.

    Its focus is on supporting startups, small and corporate enterprises and assuring business people to build, develop and launch custom mobile applications.

    It utilizes the latest SDKs, architectures, and devices to build mobile hybrid apps, Android app, and iOS apps. It has developed more than 1000 mobile applications for 34+ different industries.

    #3) G2 Evolution 

    G2 Evolution is a 10-year IT Company and customer-oriented digital solutions supplier based in Silicon City, Bangalore, It offers creative and innovative mobile applications to meet the specific needs of clients across a wide range of industries.

    With a workforce that combines professionalism and knowledge, the company has everything a person can eager to have a trusted business partner.

    Not only mobile app development, but they also got specialized in several services such as web development, digital marketing, open source customization, IT consulting, Business Consulting, Servers and Hosting.

    #4) MobileAPPtelligence

    MobileAPPtelligence is an award-winning mobile app development company that is famous for building high-performance and cross-platform mobile apps.

    As a leading iOS mobile application development company in Bangalore, the company focused on developing customer-centric mobile apps.  It also expertise in the development of mobile apps on BlackBerry, Android, and Windows platforms.

    One of the main reasons that MobileAPPtelligence identifies itself as the best mobile apps developer in Bangalore is it uses the latest app development technologies to deliver excellent applications and solutions.

    #5) Wow Labz

    Wow Labz is one of the top mobile apps development companies in Bangalore. It is established by a team of skilled mobile app designers who create applications that ensure business profitability.

    Wow Labz is the right choice for people who wish to make their business big in the evolving application development industry. The mobile applications built at Wow Labz meet clients’ expectations and improve their customer engagement rate.

    With its superb performance, the company is selected as the Best mobile app development company in India.

    #6) Hashtaag

    Hashtaag is one of the best mobile app developers in Bangalore. The company is engaged in the design and development of user-friendly mobile apps.

    With a unique goal to deliver the best mobile app solution for domestic and international businesses, Hashtaag adopts novel app development technologies.

    The company develops both web and mobile apps for SMEs to create momentum in their businesses and remain competitive amongst other app development companies in Bangalore.

    #7) Y Media Labs 

    Y Media Labs is another best mobile app development company in Bangalore, India. It provides everything from responsive websites to native applications. From developers to designers, project managers, and strategists, the company has the skilled resource to handle complex projects with ease. To deliver the right solutions with quality at affordable prices and stood as the top mobile application development company in Bangalore.

    Some of their world’s popular clients are Apple, American Express, Loreal, First Republic, Paypal, Staples, The North Face, etc.

    #8) Fortunesoft IT Innovations

    FortunesoftIT Innovations is the best Android app development company in Bangalore, India. It also offers world-class iOS app development and cloud-based application solutions. With over a decade of valuable experience in software development, FortunesoftIT Innovations has become one of the top companies in creating scalable and reliable mobile apps that meet user needs.

    It is the best mobile app developer for almost all industries. The company is excellent at developing mobile app solutions tailored to critical industry sectors such as e-Commerce, real estate, travel and tourism, and e-learning.

    #9) NextBrain Technologies

    NextBrain Technologies provides innovative and creative solutions for mobile applications to deliver quality services for their trusted clients. A team of experts involved in every stage of the mobile app development process made the best mobile app developers in Bangalore.

    This young company had grown into a client-friendly company with its fine-tuning and best-in-class practices. Their communication with clients and understanding of the project is excellent.

    Services offered: Web Application Development, Mobile App Development, CMS Development, Driver App Development, Internet Marketing Services are some of their best services.

    #10) Mobinus

    Mobinius is a mobile app development company in Bangalore, India. With a group of the best mobile app developers, it offers best-in-class iOS app development, android app development services. Mobinus’ ability to design and develop low-cost mobile applicationbacked by deep expertise is one of the best mobile app developers in Bangalore. The aim of mobile app developers’ of Mobinus is to deliver robust applications for its clients. 

    Who is the best among the list of mobile application development companies in Bangalore, India? 

    Undoubtedly, it is FuGenX!

    How To Choose The Best Mobile App Developer From The Above List Bangalore?

    Here is a big task for companies that are looking to hire app developers from Bangalore. Choosing a top app development company from a pool of companies is a quite complex task but hiring the best application developers is mandatory to make your project stand out of the box.

    Based on experience, portfolio, client feedback, app development infrastructure, team size, and growth, you can hire custom application developers from Bangalore.

    How Much Will it Cost to Develop a Mobile Application in Bangalore?

    Unlike rivals, FuGenX creates mobile applications based on the market price of mobile app development in Bangalore. The cost of mobile app development will vary based on the features it has. The development cost also depends on the design and platform that you selected.

    How much time will it take to develop mobile apps in Bangalore?

    Be it an android app or iOS app, the best mobile app developers in Bangalore will usually take 5-7 months to deliver the final product. However, it depends upon the number of resources and time they spent on the project.


    Know the cost to develop the apps like

    Cost to developredbus app development cost



    With the above-provided list of mobile app development companies, I hope you got a clear idea about choosing the best mobile application developers.

    So, it’s your time to think wisely and selects the right firm to enjoy flawless browsing moments.

    As a leader in cutting-edge services and solutions for mobility, we have proven to be the best and most trusted company in the list of top 10 Mobile Application Development Companies in Bangalore. If you are looking for mobile applications for your enterprise approach, you can contact FuGenx Technologies.




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