Facts Of New Android Lollipop & Its Advancements.

It’s the time where people are largely anticipating for the new version of android 5.0 Lollipop. Users can be expected to be delighted with candy feel just like a Lollipop. It is known to be one of the biggest upgrade that Android could have ever witnessed till date. This version of android is set to deliver performance and experience of iOS 8 however with its unique UI and matchless performance.

In addition, the features that are highlighted below would reveal you a clear facts of new Android Lollipop and its advancements.

i) Matchless Material design

There is one big fact about Android Lollipop, it’s the change in the way it looks, and it goes way beyond other hand held devices. The stunning Material design paves a way for new trend at the moment, yes its flat but highly based on making every animation, move and ripple look real. Something extraordinary that most of the brands are shying away from.The pavements from different apps can easily slide among each other with this unique system. The replacement of the Circle for the home button and a small square for an easy access to recent apps can deliver rich experience for the user.

ii) Delightful transitions and animations

There is always a striking condensing and expanding effects during an opening and closing of app drawer. With the incredibly attractive splashes and animations to nook the experience. The users are expected to be surprised with a zoom effect added with the sliding animations while on viewing notifications.

iii) Appealing screen lock and notifications

Here the notifications pop out and expand with the brimming 3D shadows and layers to impart pleasing appearance. It’s even impressive and attractive when compared to the older version of the android. The notifications system is transforming the experience which was a dull grey to a card based responsive locked screens.

iv) Multitasking at its peak

Multitasking is something every eye is looking for a change, and yes this aspect of android also has some stunning new changes. The Recent apps options paves a way to get hold of latest menu, on an overview resembling like a card stack to display the running apps.Scrolling the stack for switching apps are made faster, additionally, the overview options highlights multiple tasks among different apps. The entire concept of new system is quite similar to what you see while browsing through open tabs on android app for chrome.

v) Battery saver

Unless previous version, Android 5.0 can impart enhanced battery saving modes. The different modes of system to clock down the CPU, Lighting and background turn down settings and vibrations can be adjusted to deliver extra battery life.

vi) Cloud access

You can expect an amazing sharing features with Android 5.0 Lollipop. The advancements are made for the creation of multiple accounts. The most amazing feature is that users can also logon to other devices using Lollipop and have an access for their messages, photos and contacts making use of the guest mode. This allows users to access some features of their phone, however with the limited access to other users.

Vii) Overall experience

As a whole the new flavor of Lollipop for android, has elevated with the heights of innovation with respect to design. The overall experience and feature will set a new trend and excitement among the users. In addition the material approach renders a warm welcoming features that appeals the overall user experience.FuGenX – Mobile Apps Development & Game Development Company in India, is all set to get ready the apps for the new android Lollipop 5.0, we are open to your queries.

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