Augmented Reality : An Interesting Technological Innovation

What is Augmented Reality?

What does mean Augmented Reality? How Augmented Reality works? Are these questions for that you are trying to find perfect answers? Here is given what you are trying to find. But, understanding it requires a special attention and higher degree of patience. Augmented Reality is really an interesting technological innovation!

Augmented Reality (AR) is an advanced technology, which enriches the view of the real world using digital technologies such as videos and 3D models. The process is done in real time by combining the camera view of your smartphone, tablet or PC with a virtual scene.

In better words, the Augmented Reality system generated view is the combination of the user viewed real scene, and the computer generated virtual scene. Here, the real scene is augmented or enriched by combining virtual scene with it. The computer produced virtual scene is designed to increase the user’s sensory perception of the virtual world that he is viewing or interacting with.

What is the goal of Augmented Reality?

The goal of Augmented Reality is to build a system in which the user can’t identify the changes between the real world and the virtual augmentation of it.

Where Augmented Reality is Used?

Augmented Reality is used for a wide range of purposes, mainly in entertainment, online shopping, engineering design, manufacturing, military training and robotics industries.

Simple Example of Augmented Reality

If you have installed any Augmented Reality app on your smartphone, keep holding up your mobile camera on any printed image (when the app should be active). The magic you will experience is, what are the possible actions that images can do will do that. Behind this a systematically integrated process operates. If your smartphone or PC is not compatible for Augmented Reality apps, the desired action can’t be expected. You can try!

Augmented Reality Devices

Augmented Reality can be used on different screens like of mobiles, tablets and computers. Especially, on smartphones and tablets, Augmented Reality works seamlessly and gives amazing experience. There are hundreds of Augmented Reality apps available for iPhone, iPad and Android in the app stores.

Augmented Reality also works on PC and connected TV with a webcam. But, using Augmented Reality on PC or TV is little difficult comparing smartphones and tablets as you have to handle a tracker in front of your PC screen. Augmented Reality also works on connected glasses and lenses, where it acts like a Robocop.

Augmented Reality in Business Enhancement

Augmented Reality, a kind of virtual reality, can be used to enhance the business performance. Particularly, Augmented Reality is greatly helpful in increasing the efficiency of the sales team, and creating interactive print campaigns. Augmented Reality features can also be used in existing or new mobile app development

According to many global research firms’ reports, Augmented Reality has brought a magical difference in the business process and revenue of hundreds of enterprises. The reports have also predicted Augmented Reality would be a front line technology in the enterprise environment in the coming years.

What is FuGenX’s innovation in Augmented Reality?

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