These Business Travel Problems are Very Easy to Solve with Mobile App!

Business Travel Problems that Travel Companies Need to Look into Seriously!

From every business trip, employers expect some fruitful outcomes from their employees that can benefit the organization in sales funnel conversion or many other ways. Unfortunately, even the most experienced business travellers also face hurdles during the business trip. It results into the delayed entry to the meetings, hurried conversation and finally, an unsuccessful business trip. On the other hand, every unsuccessful trip is a setback for travel companies who take care of those trips. With the adoption of mobile apps, thousands of corporate companies and travel firms have yielded significant benefits, with successful business trips. Let’s see what those business travel problems are and how mobile apps help to solve that:


Airport security:

Problem: Going through security is a common pain point for business travellers. Sudden changes in the schedule or last minute trips make it hard for travellers to reach the airport on time and go through security.

Solution: To diminish common security hurdles at airport, travel companies or airlines can bring out a mobile app that includes security guidelines, wait-time estimates, and information on flight delays. As additional benefits, the app can be used to help travellers check weather conditions at any airport. And, also the travellers can be allowed to provide the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) with feedback about their checkpoint experiences. Another prime advantage of this app solution is ‘Can I Bring’ feature, which helps travellers know what are things that they can carry on the plane, which will avoid many embarrassing moments that travellers could experience on luggage issue.

Time Waste by Flight Delays:

Problem: Delays are common, whether it be in the arrival of flight, train, or bus. But it is not really good for business travellers, why because it is believed that the time is money, and the money is time in the business world. So, how the travellers can make use of the delayed time?

Solution: To make the employees stay productive, travel companies can offer them an app facility that allows them to find the best food and coffee in the airport. The facility can be made better with an option to find free wireless internet connections. The app can also contain the tips on the best ways to spend free time. To be stay informed, travellers can also share their flight status with their friends and family.

Worry about Health and Fitness:

Problems: The life of a frequent traveller is rarely healthiest. Home food is always far away from frequent business travelers and also they don’t get sufficient time for workouts or to follow diet practices. So maintaining a diet or exercise regimen is really challenging for frequent travellers.

Solution: The app solution for this problem is nearly similar to the above one, but its more focus is to help business travelers find restaurant meals that are nutritious and delicious. To suggest fine food options, app owners (travel companies) can take the help of registered dietitians to assess the food quality. The food suggestions can be divided into fiber focus, lots a fruits and veg, diabetes friendly, kids live well, sodium savvy, and calorie wise. Also allow travelers to rate the restaurants and food listings based on quality and yumminess. This significantly helps travelers find the required food for their diet and be cheerful in business meetings and presentations.

Worry about usual Medicine:

Problem: Business trip is not exception of aged employees. When the situation demands them to attend business meetings, it is necessity for them to fly. This demanding situation doesn’t just demand aged employees to fly, even young employees with usual health disorders also need to fulfil the organization needs when required. Tablets are a close companion of such employees. How to keep the health steady even during the travelling?

Solution: A mobile app which can include prescriptions details and remind the patients about the dosage that he need to take without failing can make the patient travellers be steady and healthy throughout the trip. The app can allow patient travellers store prescriptions details in two ways: entering the details manually or by scanning the bar code of the medicine bottle or cover. In case if they forget to bring the medicine, the app can help them find the nearest store by using the GPS functionality. Users can create their profile to add prescriptions details to the app.

Alternative, if the luggage is lost:

Problem: It is common for last minute travellers losing luggage in the cab. In this circumstance, there is no other option for travellers rather than saying goodbye to their belongings, and restock clothes and other supplies at new destination.

Solution: In this case if their travel organizers come to help of them, there will be a great chance that they would convert into loyal customers in case if they are not already. Travel companies can provide travellers with a personal shopping assistant in the form of app. The app can show the traveller all the nearby stores for whatever items he’s looking to buy. To make his purchase easier, the app can display the price, availability, and directions to the store. The user can also be able to order the item online.



Today in the business world, customer experience is everything. When it comes to the travel industry, customer experience is equally important as their offerings (products and services). To turn business travellers into loyal business travellers, travel companies can consider above app strategies. Travel companies can build separate mobile apps to address each problem in the business trip or an integrated mobile app that can be a trouble-shooter for all common problems.

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