Common Reasons For Application Rejections


Every entrepreneur wishes to develop his or her applications which would serve various requirements of clients in consumer oriented global market. If you are one such entrepreneur who is looking forward to successfully get through the apple application review process and launch your applications in the apple’s OS, read through to identify the key issues which needs to be focused in order to avoid application rejection from apple.

The most common reasons for application rejections are:

  1. A bug free application: it’s the first and foremost thing every application developer should focus on and that’s creating an application which is bug free and does not hold any crashes. It must be user friendly applications with attractive outlook and access.
  2. Broken links are not entertained or overlooked: broken links in your application can directly send you to resubmit or rejection list. It’s really important to avoid broken links in your application.
  3. Complete information: in application review process does mention all the information about the application which needs to be reviewed and that reduces the chance of application rejection. For example, do provide a valid demo account if your application requires the user to sign to access the application.
  4. Proper and accurate descriptions: the basic essence of your application is identified when you provide appropriate and complete description of the application functionality which stands as a plus point while reviewing your application. So, make sure your application description is straight to the point and not of bits and pieces.
  5. Misleading users: this is the most important section to be concentrated on, your application should not advertise something which it does not include or it is not. So, make sure you advertise your application as it is to avoid rejections.
  6. Advertising: in the process of application review it is required to have IDFA that’s advertising identifier to serve advertisements if your application does not have this hen it might be rejected and to resubmit.
  7. Placeholder content: when you are in the process of reviewing your applications, applications that are still in process or not ready to be distributed will never be approved.
  8. Substandard user interface: it’s very important to have clean, bug free and user friendly applications and apple do not approve applications which do not meet standards.
  9. Repeated submission of similar apps: submitting applications which are more or less same increases chances of rejections.
  10. Not enough lasting value: applications which do not provide proper functionality or content might have more chances of rejections.
  11. Web clippings, content aggregators, or a collection of links: applications should be useful and have more user involvement; this engaging ability successfully takes you through application review process with good feedback.

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