How Much It Cost To Develop Indoor Navigation App?

When you are new to shopping malls or airport, it might be a tough task for you to reach your destination inside the building.

Intelligent indoor navigation and positioning applications will help out here. They work efficiently inside buildings where GPS tracker fails to locate the destination.

Herein, we tried to give you a brief about indoor navigation apps benefits and development costs to make an app like indoor navigation. Let’s get started!

 What Is Exactly An Indoor Navigation System?

Like outdoor GPS navigation applications, indoor positioning systems help users in finding exact locations inside large commercial buildings or spaces.

A crucial thing about this modern technology is that it is the latest way than GPS. Its IPS-enabled services quickly locate spaces inside hospitals, airports, and other locations.

The indoor navigation shows users standing positions on the map and directs them to the shortest path to reach their destination.

What does an indoor positioning system require?

Mostly, to offer excellent performance, an indoor navigation system needs-

  • Smartphone with the app installed
  • BLE Beacons for guiding users from source and destination
  • App needs destination facility map
  • Finally, for calculating indoor destination, the app requires back-end servers

 How Indoor Navigation apps are useful?

The apps primarily focus on positioning, navigation, and sending notifications to user’s mobile. It helps users to reach their desired destination with ease.

They help individuals and businesses in many ways. To navigate users quickly in fully crowded and extremely large shopping malls and airports, these indoor navigation apps are useful for visitors a lot.

Now, you need not ask people and browse google, the indoor navigation apps make everything smart. The mobile app helps users in reaching destinations quicker without hassle.

If you have a smartphone in hand, just download and get to your destination in minutes. You all need to do is-

  • Get facility map online
  • Search the desired venue
  • View shortest route
  • Voice assistance is provided by the app to reach the destination

How Do Indoor Navigation Apps Work?

Using the power of AR technology and beacons, the indoor navigation apps offer navigation instructions. The AR technology with using smartphones internal sensors precisely calculates the device’s indoor position. Later, the algorithms quickly merge the data collected from sensors and direct the user to reach the destination faster.

Thus, the indoor navigation apps ensure a hassle-free experience by processing the below input data. Mostly, indoor navigation technology depends on the platform, broadcasting signals. Besides, the data also comprises:

  • Internal Sensors data
  • Signals from a transmitter (Wi-Fi & Beacon access points)
  • Information of near objects like a staircase, walls is a must

By collecting all the data, the algorithms calculate the user’s position in a matter of seconds.

 Hardware plays a vital role in the development of Indoor Navigation Apps

 The development of navigation apps needs both software and hardware support. An app like indoor navigation or positioning system for android or iOS needs hardware support. They provide accurate navigation results, the app needs-

  1. BLE Beacons

The reason behind using BLE beacons is to avoid load on the user’s smartphone for calculating the route. Using BLE beacons, the apps like indoor navigation systems calculate the shortest path on the server.

Android and iOS devices are compatible with BLE beacon signals. The BLE beacons can send accurate signals to devices when in the 3-meter range.

  1. Wi-fi access points

Rather than navigating the user to the desired destination, the Wi-Fi access points are useful as signal transmitters for quick positioning.

  1. Geofencing

Most of us aware of geofencing. It helps the app to continuously track your movements and let you reach the venue faster.

Now, we will move on to what features of indoor navigation apps are attracting users?

Unlike other entertainment or mobile messaging applications, indoor navigation apps for android or iOS needs a bundle of smart and advanced features. Few of them include-

For Visitors-

  • Should determine user location
  • Should offer maximum routes to reach the destination
  • Should create and guide the best and shortest route

For businesses-

  • The app should show how many visitors came to the facility
  • It should analyze the user behavior inside the building
  • Also, by setting up beacons on-premises, the app helps managers improve administrative capabilities

If you want to get more profits through increased download rates, add some additional features such as-

  • Voice assistance
  • Easy to log-in through social media channels
  • Search for a friend and invite feature
  • 3D map visualization

These are the few fundamental features that an android app like indoor navigation must and should have to offer a trouble-free experience to users.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An Indoor Navigation App

The development cost of indoor navigation apps for android or iOS depends on added features.

An app with the basic features will cost around $15,000 to $55,000. If you would like to add any advanced features, the cost might go beyond approximately $25,000 to $55,000.

It is the estimated cost of the indoor navigation app development. The cost also varies based on resources and time boundaries to complete the projects.

If you want to know the precise budget of your classified app, contact us with your needs. Our technical team will guide you about the process without charging you anything for the consultation.

 What impacts the cost of Apps like Indoor Navigation?

App Design

Always go with an attractive and user-friendly app design. The app design should provide a rich experience to users. The excellent design will cost more, but it’s worth it.

FuGenX quotes every mobile app at a reasonable price.

App Platform

The Indoor navigation or positioning app development cost on the iOS platform differs from the cost to develop it on Android or Windows.

These navigation applications on Android costs higher than iOS as it needs to support many devices.

Get our expert guidance on development cost to create an indoor navigation app

App size

App size means the total number of features and functionalities the app will comprise. You can reduce the cost by considering only core features in the first stage, and later on, you can update the app like indoor navigation platforms for android or iOS with advanced features.


We hope you are satisfied and got a clear view regarding the development Indoor navigation app for android or iOS.

If you are planning to develop an Indoor navigation application for your shopping mall, get in touch with our expert mobile app developers.

Feel free to reach us @ contact us for further queries regarding the development cost of indoor navigation apps. We would love to serve you!


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