Choose the one among Entrepreneur or Entertainer


For average people, both are extremely challenging. But for a person who has a resilient intent of becoming entertainer, it is easier to become an entrepreneur in the next step being entertainer.

Becoming entrepreneur and entertainer, both have their own benefits, but when it comes to which is better, it depends on many miscellaneous factors. But when we speak about advantages you can draw from being entertainer or entrepreneur, it opens the door for diverse opinions.

In Entertainment point of view:

The less heard term ‘Entertainment Entrepreneurship’ well applies to people who want to become entrepreneur from being entertainer. The term is less heard because it’s not taught in schools.

Nowadays students are showing extreme interest to be part of the most prestigious colleges, universities and conservatories, mainly because to get trained or hone and advance their inherited skills like singing, dancing or acting. But they lack training on entrepreneurship.

People who want to become entertainer are threatened by job security, and the rising expense that’s required to live in these entertainment filled cities. The roadmap of both are tough, but entertainer has a higher possibility of becoming entrepreneur, but when it comes to entrepreneur to become entertainer, it is cumbersome for him to adapt to entertainment environment. In case, if he has had it in his childhood or performed in some concerts, he doesn’t need to go through more obstacles.

AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts in Hollywood, CA has the course called Entertainment Entrepreneurship 101, which allows students to step up from entertainment to entrepreneurship, providing them business related foundational knowledge, enterprise and practical business information focusing on the entertainment industry.

In Entrepreneurship point of view:

Entrepreneurial skills are original intents that any person can easily adopt and carry on. Compared to entertainment skills, entrepreneurial skills can well adapt to your nature as it is less imposed by public force. The decision entrepreneur or entertainer take or change during his journey is correlative.

The Japanese-pop sensation Kylee Saunders terminated her contract with Sony Music recently after spending nearly ten years in the music industry to explore technology and entrepreneurship. She might be successful in her efforts as she had gone through people of various communities and the capability to perform publicly addressing millions of people.


Paul Newman, an entertainer turned entrepreneur, was originally actor and director and later launched an extremely successful business totally unrelated to his film career, Newman’s Own which deals with a variety of food products.

But when it comes to people who became entertainer from being entrepreneur, we get a very less number of personalities. Why because switching to entertainment is not that much easy as entrepreneur lacks public interaction or in very rare case, he mingles with people whom he has to entertain. For a person who runs a mobile application development company or any other business, it is difficult to jump into entertainment field until unless he has some genuine entertainment skills.


Obstacles are in both sides. When it comes to benefit, entrepreneurs can have upper hand in having money, but when it comes to popularity, entertainer is a real king. Balancing between both money and popularity is the biggest challenge for both. In entertainer point of view, when you’ve popularity, it is not much cumbersome to gain money, but for entrepreneur, money comes first, popularity follows next only if he has some inherited or earned entertainment skills.

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