Home Automation Battle: Google vs Amazon


Do you want an assistance that can take care of all your home needs? No chance of telling no: sooner or later you expect to have it. This is where home automation stands out. HA can understand your schedule, answer your questions, and regulate the room’s temperature, all without ever shaking a finger. For example, the biometric scanners that recognize you had a hectic day at work, can play soothing music just after you entered the home.

By leveraging sought-after technologies, Google and Amazon are going to make this happen so you can be very comfortable in your home tasks. Being powered by IoT, home automation can make homes smart, and smart homes smarter.


IoT in definition

IoT in definition: It is a network of physical objects or things that are connected to the internet. The objects can be anything such as mobile phones, washing machines, car, headphones, lamps, wearable devices, house-holding items (Home automation devices), and even human, etc. The primary objective of IoT is to enable the objects communicate, sense or exchange data with each other, so that can be analysed by an administrator to understand and tweak the things going on.

Today IoT is becoming an integral part of our daily lives at work and home, and plays a key role in home automation which helps to build a connected and automated home. There are many mobile application development companies and other IT firms jumping into IoT and home automation world to leverage future trends.

Home Automation Battle between Google and Amazon

Although the IoT is still in budding stage, companies such as Google and Amazon are under the innovation hood to make home automation very much possible soon.


In 2014, Amazon released the voice-command driven device Amazon Echo. This breakthrough technology allows Alexa (Amazon’s subsidiary providing web traffic analytics) to complete a variety of tasks, such as granting permissions to a variety of web services to make use in the conversation. Being powered by Echo, Alexa can play any song of your interest, regulate the temperature, and room lights and answer your any question, such as how bright the sun today.

On the other hand, the internet giant Google recently stepped into the same arena with Google Home. This device mimics Echo in all key features, except some additional functionalities. Google Home flawlessly synchronizes with the latest Google phone, Pixel, as well as with Google Calendar and Gmail account to be very familiar with your schedule.

Although Amazon jumped into home automation industry two years back, Google is expected to have an edge over Amazon, as its existing products already have advanced hardware and software algorithms in place, as many tech experts and critics believe.

Home Automation in Future

Although Google and Amazon are already in home automation pool, there is still opportunities for small players or other big players to enter in, as the connected home market is yet to gear up.

Notion, a new age startup, provides a wireless home monitoring system. It monitors people coming to your home, as well as check any lights on or doors open. If you forget to turn off lights, Notion lets you know about it right from your phone.

Google and Amazon are the front-runners in home automation, but they’re still scratching the ground of machine learning, speech recognition, and artificial intelligence.


There are many optimistic, exciting opportunities around IoT and Home Automation. As said earlier, Google is expected to have an edge over Amazon with creativity and innovations. Meanwhile, newly born players also have an opportunity to make a mark.

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