How Businesses Can Use AR & VR?

How Businesses Can Use AR & VR?

Every day we humans build something new, something interesting, something that can help other humans to live an easy life. Technologies like AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) been around us for a while now. Though individuals just started to see the mobile application of these new technologies to make the human life more amazing. Currently, we are seeing this technology being used in social media apps, gaming and even our smartphone hold this power in the form of Google AI or some other artificial intelligence (AI). Businesses started to take benefits from it and they can see the future of these technologies being used in many places. There are several Industries like sport, retail, and even small business which are currently using these advanced technologies. Before I get ahead and tell you the ways how you can use the AR and VR technologies in our business. First, let’s discuss the technology itself.

Many of you might not know, but AR and VR are two different technologies and they are not the same. Because of the difference in between AR and VR the areas of application in business also different. Before you can apply these technologies to your business, first you have to find out which one suits best for you.

Difference Between AR and VR

AR (Augmented Reality) is easy to access and it can be easily used by the different application (android apps or ios apps) that runs on your smartphones and tablets all the time. Basically, AR tech takes the help from your device’s camera to show a view of whatever scene the camera sees (reality) and when the AR tech is combined with the mobile app, it applies a layer of data, like an image, into that scene that you are looking directly from your smartphone camera.

While VR is a very complex and advanced technology. It creates a virtual real environment that puts a user in an entirely fabricated environment. With the help of pre-defined or pre-created data like photography and video, the VR generates a stimulating environment. VR allows the user to explore and experience, it lets you look around and experience the virtual reality from every direction.

Both AR and VR offers new ways for businesses to interlace with their customers and clients and create more personalized experiences for their customers. Now if your question is how businesses can use AR & VR in 2021? Here are some great ways on how you can use AR and VR tech in your business.

Reaching a large audience and creating brand awareness

For all the businesses who are looking for a way to grow their brand presence can take help of AR. AR is still a pretty new technology business can reach a large customer base by showing off the technology during their product launches, ad campaigns and other marketing events.

Reaching a large audience and creating brand awareness

Employees Training

In order to make their employees more efficient companies are always trying to implement the new technologies in their training program. VR can come really handy in case of training your employees. VR can help the employees enhance their skills as the VR creates a close to real life scenario in which employees can train and grow their skills. This will allow your company to eliminate the chances of mistakes. VR training will teach your employees practically and with less reading.

Emotional Connection

Creating an emotional connection between the customer and the brand is what most of the marketing teams are trying to achieve for their company. Certainly creating emotional connections is the top priority of every business. But it is hard for anyone to create an emotional bond until the customer tries your product. Creating a strong emotional bond between a customer and companies product, service and the overall brand is more important than customer satisfaction. By implementing the AR and VR technologies with your marketing strategies the results will be more beneficial.

Product Development

It’ll become easy for companies to increase their reach and bring customers closer collectively which will provide a better communication path to get the feedback. With the help of VR companies won’t have to bring teams from all over the world and allow customers to experience a live event right from their own home. These technologies will help the customer and company to get in touch and this can help in the better product development.

The first thing is to decide what you will use it for. Though there are endless options to use this modern tech, defining a clear plan for using it is very important. Before implementing this technology you have to find out whether you’ll use it with customers, products, or employees.


By implementing AR and VR technologies into the marketing plans a company can achieve organic growth, competitiveness, and profitability. AR and VR both are still the new technologies and still being explored by the industry and their influence on business isn’t widespread just yet, but it’s exciting to see in how many different ways companies have chosen to implement these new emerging technologies into their approaches and how these technologies work seamlessly with several types of industries.

Everyone has found their own way to use these technologies. Some are using it to grow a bigger customer base and to find more loyal customers, some are using it to make the product development better and some are taking help from this technology to teach their employees so that they can build a more efficient workplace. It’s up to you how you reap benefits from these technologies in order to grow.

Just clear your goals and see where you can use this tech, is it that you want to grow your brand presence? Or is it that you want to build a work environment with none or minimum mistakes.

Every other company has started to use either AR or VR in their business module to become proliferate and reach the top of the market before their competitors. Whatever it just finds it out and get into the pool of AR and VR to grow your business.

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