How Mobile App can Easily Solve these Common Barriers in Healthcare?

According to a recent survey conducted by the global Health Research Institute PwC, both patients and health professionals are interested to have mobile apps for better outcomes in healthcare and improved clinical collaboration.

Let’s see how mobile app can be a trouble-shooter in healthcare:


#1. Medical information on-the-move

Problem: Advancement in the surgical methodology and equipment are inevitable in the healthcare industry. While dealing with some major diseases, deeper insights of that particular disease are essential for doctors to have to prepare a viable medication. The lack of availability of medical information at the right time can delay the preparation and subsequently lead to fatal outcomes.

Solution: A mobile app can allow doctors to get the instant information to their doubts on-the-move. The app could be made with information on each and every disease, required solution, new clinical procedures, and classroom videos of key surgeons on those issues. This could enable doctors to quickly prepare for the medication. Also, this could connect the network of doctors and allow them to give suggestions to each other.

#2. Interactive Explanation of the Clinical & Surgical Procedures


Problem: During a medical consultation, it is sometime difficult for doctors to make the patients or their caretakers understand the disease and treatment procedure. It is even more difficult when the disease is serious and requires surgical procedures.

Solution: Mobile application that demonstrates the diagrams of key organs and the nervous system can act as an interactive tool to make the patients easily understand the condition. To make it more effective, the doctor could sketch, and type directly on the diagrams. This visual presentation can then be shared with patients for better decision making. Ultimately, this helps in removing the patients’ quail about the surgery and making them well respond to the surgery. Also, it increases their trust in doctor’s expertise.

#3. Vaccination Alert

Problem: It is important for hospitals to make sure both their inpatients and discharged patients are recovering. Some patients would like to continue treatment in their home after the disease is cured for a certain extent. In this case, if the patients opted to be self-treated or cared, there is a possibility to miss the key vaccination or prescribed medicine.

Solution: A mobile app can be used to make a profile for each person or an entire family. The profile will contain data regarding their birth date, vaccinations they have had, dates of immunization, and age-appropriate recommendations. This helps hospitals alert patients before a week or a month on their mobile device about the vaccination. The app could also be used to alert via Facebook or Twitter or set up email reminders. The entire alerting system helps healthcare organizations build loyalty with their patients. And to enhance the loyalty level, the organizations can provide patients with regular health tips, and information on advancement in the respective medical field.

#4. Navigation inside the hospital

Problem: Hospitals are generally large facilities that cover multiple buildings. In this case, it becomes difficult for patients to find a particular ward, consultation room, laboratory for tests, and results collection room. It is tough task sometimes even for medical staff to find a particular medical room.

Solution: A dedicated mobile app developed for location tracking can provide all the information and location maps of the entire hospital campus. It is equally helpful for both staff and patients.

#5. Medical calculator

Problem: Medical calculators are used to calculate a variety of indices and scores. Especially these include a complex formula. With the help of computers, a new era of medical calculators are introduced. Before integrating in specific devices, medical calculators were spanned across different devices for different medical professions.

Solution: Hospitals could come up with a mobile app to integrate customized medical calculators, which could help medical experts easily solve problems. One medical calculators’ integrated app can be helpful in various medical fields, including nephrology, cardiology, internal medicine, hematology, gastroenterology, general practice, respirology, neurology, neurosurgery, general surgery and obstetrics, emergency medicine, oncology, and orthopaedics. And it even helps to save time and money that spent on multiple other devices.

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