How Mobile App Helps Automotive Companies Solve Car Owners Problems?

Serious Problems of Car Owners that Automotive Companies can Solve with Mobile App!

In today’s business world, customer experience is everything. Automotive is not exception of that. If you’re thinking the customer experience is only about before and during the car purchase, you are wrong. To retain a long-term relationship with customers and enhance brand value, it is vital for automotive companies being responsive to the customers’ problems. Below is discussed the problems that car owners are facing often and how automotive companies can solve them easily with mobile app:


Connect to OBD2 System

Problem: During the long-drive, it is common that cars abruptly face engine problems, which makes car owners annoyed over the manufacturers. Timely analysis and required service is requisite for this.

Solution: Today, almost all vehicles have standardized OBD2 system that keeps analysing the electronic sensors of engines and emission control systems, while the vehicle is being driven to make sure they are working properly as designed. OBD systems give the vehicle owner or mechanic access to the status of the various vehicle subsystems. By connecting OBD system to dedicated Mobile App via Bluetooth, it is possible for car owners to track the issues and keep them in controlled. The app also allows them to find out the car mechanics nearby, including direction to mechanic workshop, further they can send the repair request to the interested mechanics.

Self-help app solution for car owners

Problem: Car owners often find questions on their car parts and performance. But it is difficult to contact mechanics or customer care every time when they have a query.

Solution: The problem can be solved with a dedicated mobile app that includes a series of troubleshooting questions. The questions can be regarding overheating issues, strange noises, electrical issues, brake or steering problems and trouble starting. The questions can be structured in this way: after selecting the question, the app will take the user through a series of questions to determine what is most likely the issue with his vehicle. The information can be made better with videos and web pages. This allows car owners to solve the issues themselves in a facile manner.

Serious Problems of Car Owners that Automotive Companies can Solve with Mobile App 3

Help during emergency

Problem: During the times the car is in a serious crash, it is difficult for the driver put even a single step outside the car. If it is during the night drive, the condition can be even worse.

Solution: In this circumstance, mobile app solution can work as a lifesaver. The driver can share his location with his relatives and friends. The app detects a severe collision and alert local emergency services and inform his loved ones to help him come out of the crisis. And, even the app helps the driver find nearby emergency service and even allows to dial them. How the app works? The app works with the adapter which is plugged into the standard diagnostics port hidden under the dash in most cars. The app and adapter are connected via Bluetooth.

Other additional benefits of this app solution include:

• The app allows the driver to check engine light, and fuel efficiency
• Drivers can check how many miles he drove and how much hours it took and how much fuel it consumed on a day basis
• Drivers can locate his parked car straightaway from the mobile app or smartwatch
• Drivers can get low-fuel warning
• The app helps the driver improve his driving with real-time feedback
• Do not disturb mode can be enabled to reduce interruptions while driving
• It is also possible to get the entire driving report on the big screen (computer)

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