How Much Does It Cost To Develop India’s Most Downloaded Healthcare Mobile App Like Aarogya Setu?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop India’s Most Downloaded Healthcare Mobile App Like Aarogya Setu?

If you live in India, the word Aarogya Setu might hit your ears in 2020 many times during the COVID pandemic. Aarogya Setu, a COVID tracking app, is launched in India in April 2020 to track close COVID contacts, reduce infection rate, stay safe, and fight against the COVID-19. Downloads of Aarogya Setu reached peak levels during the year, and within two weeks of its launch, it reported over 50 million active users.

Currently, this trending contact tracing mobile app became India’s most downloaded app for contact tracing with nearly 140 million users. Sensor Tower, a leading reliable and leading provider of market intelligence in the mobile app environment, also reported that among all other COVID-19 tracing applications offered by the global governments, the Aarogya Setu app was the world’s most downloaded application in 2020.

So, if you plan to invest in the Aarogya Setu-like healthcare app development, FuGenX, a leading mobile app development company in Bangalore, India, is here to guide you through its features, business benefits, and its development cost.

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What is Aarogya Setu App?

Aarogya Setu is a contact tracing application offered by the Government of India to protect citizens of India from novel coronavirus. Like other COVID apps in this category, by enabling device Bluetooth, the Aarogya Setu app actively tracks other app users within the radius, traces people with COVID positive, and immediately sends alerts to the users. This process will help in reducing the risk level and also breaking the further spread of deadly coronavirus.

Aarogya Setu app

Key Information Of Aarogya Setu Healthcare Application:

  • Offered by: National Informatics Centre (NIC)
  • Available for: Android, iOS, and KaiOS
    • Android Versions 5.0 and Above
    • iOS versions 10.3 and Above
  • Languages: Supports 11 languages
  • Downloads: Nearly 140 million

 How The Indian COVID Contact Tracing App- Aarogya Setu Works?

When a user downloads and registers in the Aarogya Setu Coronavirus tracking application, the app gathers name, age, gender, and journey details in the last 30 days. The server, on the other side stores the personal and health records of all app users. The app also offers a facility to upload their COVID reports if they tested positive.

When two or more registered app users come within their Bluetooth range, the app activates and automatically detects other app users who test positive for COVID-19. Hence, the app alerts the users immediately when they are in close contact with the person who tested positive.

Further, this trending contact tracing app also lets users take the self-assessment test. It allows the users to enter information related to their journeys in the past 14 days, current health status, and pre-existing health disorders (like diabetes, asthma, lung disease, etc.) if they have. This data would help in assessing the risk rate faster. The app also gives safety precautions and advice to the users for controlling the viral spread.

How does Aarogya Setu App know about the COVID-19 positive status of the users?

  • Lab reports of COVID positive cases will be uploaded to the ICMR portal.
  • ICMR shares all positive cases information to the most-downloaded COVID tracking- like Aarogya Setu
  • Based on lab results, the app marks users in red color who tests positive and makes their status as COVID positive
  • It initiates contact tracing when the other app users switch on their Bluetooth and prevent the COVID spread.

Significant Features and Functionalities Of The COVID-19 Contact Tracing App Like Aarogya Setu

The features and functionalities of innovative healthcare apps like Aarogya Setu are significant elements that decide the app’s success. Here are a few unique features of healthcare apps like Aarogya Setu.

  • Register/Login

This feature facilitates users to log in with their credentials and access the application features. Users need to enter their name and gender and verify their contact information by entering One Time Password (OTP) which is sent to the registered mobile number.

  • Trace Via Bluetooth

This feature is the heart of the Aarogya Setu like COVID tracking apps. Using Bluetooth technology, the app detects nearby Aarogya Setu mobile app registered users and plays a vital role in tracking infected people. This will be the crucial functionality of the best COVID tracking applications to detect the risk and reduce the coronavirus spread in the nation.

  • Self-Assessment

It is one of the best features that need to be added in COVID tracking apps like Aarogya Setu. This feature allows the users to assess themselves by choosing the accurate answer for queries displayed on the app page. In this self-assessment test, users need to mark on symptoms or diseases they suffer. The COVID application analyzes the data entered by the users and gives you the status report on risk–level.

  • Alerts Feature

If the app finds close contacts who tested positive for COVID-19, sends alerts to the users and helps them stay away from infected people. Such instant alerts help users protect themselves from dangerous coronavirus.

  • Location Tracking

Aarogya Setu mobile application also stores information related to the COVID contaminant zones. The app uses device location to find out positive cases or suspects within the radius of 500m, 1Km, 2Km, 5Km, and 10Km. This functionality help users in finding how many people are using the app within the range, how many took the self-assessment test, and how many of them were at risk. This feature helps the users to take more precautions.

  • COVID Updates

The app, through this feature, provides updates on COVID-19 in the country. It provides details of many active cases, recovered cases, deceased, and other COVID statistics in India. Users can also view the COVID updates state-wise.

  • Vaccination Tab

The users of the Aarogya Setu application can also check vaccine availability, check age eligibility, register for COVID vaccination, and download vaccination certificates. The users can register for Co-WIN vaccination via the Aarogya Setu app.

  • Multilingual app

India is a country of various languages. So, to make the app successful, businesses should develop multilingual mobile applications. Aarogya Setu-like the COVID tracking and symptoms checker application supports nearly 11 languages. Such native language increases app accessibility and enhances app personalization.

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    Which State In India Has High Scope For Apps Like Aarogya Setu?

    Though there exist other COVID tracing apps in India like Corona Watch (offered by the Karnataka government) and SMC COVID-19 Tracker (released in Surat), Aarogya Setu stood on top with its increasing user count day by day.

    Due to the high positive cases in Maharashtra and Utter Pradesh, the number of downloads of the Aarogya Setu app reported to 43 million as of March 2021. Followed by Karnataka state with 9.3 million, Gujarat with 9 million, and Delhi with 8.6 million were increasingly adopting the covid-19 tracking app, Aarogya Setu to protect themselves from harmful Coronavirus Spread.

    The following figure depicts the number of downloads of the most useful coronavirus tracking app- Aarogya Setu as of March 2021, by State.

    Businesses that planned to develop Aarogya Setu-like app for Android or iOS will surely observe profits. The number of downloads from all states of India is rapidly growing day by day. If you launch the app in the expected third wave of COVID season, the application might hit the app stores quickly.

    Along with having app development ideas and budget plans, enterprises also should approach the right Healthcare mobile app development companies. FuGenX-like expert mobile app developers in Bangalore, India, integrates the most useful user-centric features and ensures the best app design.

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    Estimated Cost to Develop an App like Aarogya Setu

    The cost of mobile app development for the healthcare industry varies based on various factors. For instance, the android app development cost is different from the iOS app development. We, being one of the top healthcare mobile app developers in Bangalore, India, can estimate the development cost of a COVID contact tracing app like Aarogya Setu will be around $9,000-$13,000.

    However, based on the features list, app platform, complexity level, app UI/UX design, and GPS tracking like advanced features, might increase the mobile app development cost in India. Since, Aarogya Setu like contact tracing apps works on Bluetooth connectivity, the mobile app development company that you hire must give your Android or iOS apps the ability to connect and find other Bluetooth-enabled devices within seconds.

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