Importance of Testing Your Android App before Adding to Play Store

Android, the world’s most popular mobile platform, has made a revolution in the mobile industry. Today, Android is not just a mobile platform, rather it is one of the best ways to accomplish business and personal needs in a most efficient manner. The credit for making Android app more popular goes to user-friendly Android apps. You can use the full potential of your Android smartphone when you install high quality Android apps that makes your life easier.

As most people expect, a good Android app is one that gives great user experience, and free from any errors and bugs. Today, people have a plethora of options in choosing Android apps. So, even a slight error or few bugs can make them disliking or uninstalling app. So, it is utmost of importance that the Android apps are tested for bugs and errors before publishing on the Play Store.


How App Testing Plays Important Role in App Success?

To develop an equally user-friendly and technically sound app, app developers put considerable effort. So, they never want to publish their apps with bugs and errors. To make sure app program is error and bug free, both development and testing teams need to take utmost care when writing code and testing app respectively. Sometimes, it is also needed working both teams together.

Advanced Testing Tools

It is difficult to achieve error-free app testing manually. So, the testers use advanced testing tools to make app error free. Releasing a beta version of the Android app and passing it to the testing team can fasten app testing process. Once testing is done, the developers should collect the test results and make any required changes.

There are many advanced testing tools available in the digital world that helps the developers to release the beta version of the app and share it with the testers. So, the testers can easily capture the errors by a proper use of testing tools. This procedure ensures that the app you will publish on the app store is free from the errors, and sure to give a great user experience.

Bug Free App – Easy to Attract Users

Bug-free apps are always liked by users and good reviews as well as ratings. If your app’s rating increased, the app automatically gets recognized in the app store. As a result, the number of your app download will increase. There is a wide range of testing tools available for all the major mobile platforms, including Android. But, paid tools are more effective than free tools.

Android App Testing

As Android is one of the most popular and secure mobile platforms, apps published it on should be error free. Because, if your app is not error free, it might fail to attract users. If so, that could be a big obstacle for your Android app development success.

Android offers many tools that help testers to effectively test the apps. The framework itself is equipped with a testing framework that are useful to test all aspects of the app. You can use SDK tools to set up and run test applications. You can perform the test within the emulator or on the device.

What Features the Android Testing Framework Does Include?

The Android testing framework is one of the most important parts of the development environment. It gives an architecture and powerful tools, which you can use to test every part of your application. You can also use it to test every level of the app development from unit to the framework.

• Android testing tools are JUnit based. A class that doesn’t call the Android API can be tested using plain JUnit. Android components can be tested using Android’s JUnit extensions.
• Android JUnit extensions given component-specific test case classes can be used to prepare mock objects and methods, which is useful to control the lifecycle of the component.
• Testers can use SDK tools available in Eclipse with ADT for building and tests. These tools create the different files of the test package.

Since testing is one of the most important phases of Android app development, mobile app developers can’t ignore this step. Ignoring this step can be a big impediment to your Android app’s success. So, to develop error-free app, you have to choose a well-versed Android app developers.

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