Top 5 IOS App Development Trends you cannot ignore in 2021

Everyday technology will amaze you with new & amazing features.

With time, there have been many advancements that caused tremendous disruption in IOS application development trends.

Beginning with basic features, apps are now enhancing with VR, AR, and IoT technologies.

In the past few years, mobile apps are making their way in every aspect of the business, and it became necessary for every business.

With the advancement of technology, many businesses are leveraging this strategy to endorse their products and business in the best possible way.

Statista states that mobile app revenue will reach $581.9 billion in 2020.

If you are in the market, you will understand competition meaning that you need to be attentive to the latest trends to stay competitive. IOS takes a significant part of the mobile app market.

Moreover, the future of IOS application development also appears shinier and brighter than ever before.

Therefore, let us look at the latest trends in IOS development that will rule in the year 2020!

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  • Augmented reality

It’s one of those IoT app development trends that highlight the power of reality experience and innovation.

In the last couple of eons, we have experienced an obsession with AR games like Dino Trek and Pokemon Go, and along with AR, VR also made their way into the world of gaming & video sector.

Many apps developed by many biggies like Gap & IKEA and others have already been utilizing the features of VR and AR with their IOS applications to make an excellent sale.

Currently, IKEA is using this technology to provide a better consumer experience.

In 2020, AR applications become mainstream thanks to their abilities in healthcare, marketing, and other industries.

I will give the most know example for you. Social media apps such as Snapchat and Instagram have already been integrating AR to provide a cool bunch of animated masks and stickers.

  • Artificial intelligence and Machine learning

Every industry is trying to apply AI and ML technologies to their IOS applications. Of course, Artificial intelligence isn’t the phenomenon of 2020, but it brings a lot of positive changes.

Let me give you a simple example.

We use Facebook very often. While we are browsing the application, it shows the relevant content based on user inclinations.

It all because of Artificial intelligence. In the process, AI analyzes the customer’s behavior and interactions and provides similar content.

According to the reports, AI technology will get more than US$47 billion in revenue by the end of 2020.

At the WWDC 2019, Apple Corporation introduced the latest version of the Machine-learning framework called Core ML 3.

The ML3 gained a great response from the users in recent times and is useful for making intelligent applications across various Apple devices. Sooner, we will find Core ML become a norm for the custom IOS application development process.

This advancement will help both users and apps can leverage advanced programming.

  • High-end security

The next significant trend in IOS app development for 2020 is security, which is an essential factor for IOS app development.

In the market, Apple is branded for its security and its embedded features.

Due to a lot of cyber-attacks & cyber-crimes, personal data protection not only a trend but also a vital improvement.

These days everyone is going for digital payments via various mobile applications, so there are much personal data to safeguard.

It is a crucial reminder to developers and designers for combining more security features in the initial phases of the app development process.

IOS app developers pay much attention to this matter. After the release of IOS13, there are more opportunities to secure data/information.

Developers can integrate ATS (App Transport Security) into their applications to offer a higher security level. The tool increases the data integrity and privacy of the connection between web services and IOS applications.

  • Cloud Integrated IOS apps

It is another latest app trends for 2020 that you cannot miss by chance also.

Cloud technology is providing many opportunities for IOS app development, and it assists with storing and organizing a large amount of information.

Since Cloud technology is one of the most trustworthy platforms to store data, you can access it anytime more quickly, securely, and smoothly.

As cloud-based apps directly run on the cloud, which helps to enhance the internal memory of your smart devices. Therefore, it increases alliance and throughput with mobile apps.

Both users and app developers equally procure the benefits of cloud integration. Users can access the apps smoothly without installing it.

So, it is the right time that developers use cloud platforms for IOS development that makes simpler and quicker alongside cost saving.

This IOS development trend will boom in the market in the coming years.

  • Wearables

The current market is crowded with many wearable devices like smartwatches, fitness trackers, and many more. Having similar purposes, they may be entirely different in design.

Let us have a look at the similar features of wearables:

  • Health data collections: As users wear this gadget all the time, it is perfect for tracking such health marks as heart rate, burned calories, steps, blood pressure, and many more.
  • Notifications: User can have push notification on their wrists that increases engagement.

For example, you can send user push notifications whenever they pass from your store using IBeacon technology.

By considering the future of IOS app development, it is quite profitable to develop applications for industries such as healthcare and fitness.

The wearable devices are gaining popularity because of their convenience.

  • Reason to unite IOS app development trends

After going through all these latest mobile app development trends you may get a doubt that why we need to incorporate them.

Now lets us see why we need to follow the latest trends in IOS app development:

The trends make the life of customers more comfortable and increase user royalty

Trends make users spend more quality time with the app.

Updating with trends will enhance the security of your app development.

  • Final words

It is a proven fact that the new technologies in the mobile application are effecting every vertical/niche virtually.

The competition between business owners and developers will be immense than ever.

Regardless of what your business is, the developer needs to develop an IOS app in such a way that the future of these mobile trends remains secure.

If you want to create or upgrade your IOS app in 2020, you have to go through the latest IOS development trends and consider several that can be profitable for your business.

Let us know.

We help you in developing budget friendly and effective IOS app for your business as per your requirements.

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