Mobile Technology and the Future of Retail

As technology has been evolved, both opportunities and challenges for businesses have been increased. When comes to the retail industry, poising both in-store and online sales has become a crucial task in enhancing the business value. How both in-store and online sales can be perfectly poised?

Today, from store locating to product comparison, from products booking to payment, people have found mobile is the best option. As you know, people don’t have time to buy your products by the visiting store or sitting in front of the laptop. They like to make a big purchase in short time, whether while waiting at the clinic or outside their kid’s school. If you make your customers’ shopping experience easy, they can be happy, otherwise they may choose your competitors.

It is witnessed fact that retail companies those utilize the power of mobile technology are far ahead than their competitors. It doesn’t mean their competitors are not serving their customers with mobile technology, but they adapted mobile technology very late.

Today mobile technology is not only limited to compare products and make purchases, it has gone a long way. The best example is a mobile payment system ‘Google Wallet’, while an ultimate revenue generating tool for the retail business is mobile app.


What studies say about the impact of mobile technology in the retail industry?

• 63 percent of mobile users use mobile phone as a research tool and scanner to search products and scan QR code
• 57 percent retail customers would like to get information about new products in the market
• Retail customers across the world use mobile based coupons to pay at physical store

How mobile technology makes a difference in retail business?

From coupon scanning to online purchase, mobile technology has continued bringing new change in the retail industry. A QR code that can be placed on print ads, books and web pages. By scanning the QR code with a smartphone, customers can get complete information about the product including features and discount offers. While, another useful mobile marketing method is SMS promotion.

There is a wide range of mobile technology applications you can use to build brand loyalty and attract new customers as a retail business owner.


Above all these methods, mobile app is considered as the best among the rest. Why mobile app is the best?

• SMS method only serves your customers with short messages, while emails can only deliver a text phrase and images. But if you are an app owner, you can manage all these works easily by sending instant notifications.
Customers can compare and add products to cart easily and choose their preferred payment option. It will save time of both you and your valuable customers
• If you don’t offer your customers mobile app, they may go online, search in different sites, compare and find an alternative for you. If your customers are using your mobile app, in very rare case only, they may think about your competitors.

See how fast the purchasing process through mobile app is, example: Someone is walking down the street wearing a typical traditional hat. If that hat looks engaging, person who got engaged surely makes a quick decision of buying that kind of hat through mobile app. You may ask, he can buy online, yes! he can buy online, but it is not sure he will buy from you, he may buy from your competitor. If you offer a mobile app for your customers, you will be the first option for them. This is just a simple example, there is a list of amazing benefits both you and your customers can get from the mobile app. The future of retail industry will be more vibrant and competitive.

Find the best mobile app developer, build a highly interactive app and start leveraging the benefits of mobile technology.

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