How Much Does It Cost to Build an On-Demand Car Wash App?

About Car wash app

“Let’s discuss about how to build an on-demand best mobile car wash app? The average cost to build a car wash app like MobileWash Car, Washos, and many more.”

Life is made easy with the help of modern technology; for instance, the usage of apps. In today’s scenario, there exist apps for everything. Unlike the olden days, where one has to get the things done manually.

Today technology is extending its hands for smooth completion of day to day tasks. Just with the help of a few clicks, one can get the things done. A significant constraint is taking care of expensive and endearing things you possess in your life, mainly the car.

Just like human beings, we need to take of care of it daily. As we use the car in every moment where ever we go, it follows us like from home to work, night rides, long drives, and many more.

Just like us, it also needs a Car wash daily.

About Car washing app:

Talking about car washing, car owners have to spare a few hours, starting with arranging the required things to wash the car. Alternatively, one can prefer car wash services.

These speed car wash services are becoming demanded these days. The best thing is that even these services are available over mobile apps. One can install those best car wash app and can get the service done quickly.

These apps made it possible to say goodbye to all the age-old time taking processes. Now, let us have a deep insight into the details of these car wash service apps.

The entire process summarized as the user needs to surf for the best smart mobile wash app service providers over the internet and need to place a request for their service.

As soon as they receive the request, they will send a technician for doing the service at your doorsteps. It serves handy in saving time and energy.

The car washing includes automated car wash and car detailing includes interior detailing service also. In the market, we have separate mobile detailing app if you need.

Revenue of car washes (NAICS 811192) in the United States form 2008-2020:


Talking about car washing, one has to spare few hours, starting with arranging the required things to wash the car. Or else, one can prefer the car wash services. These services are becoming more demanded these days. Best thing is that even these services are available over apps. One can just install the apps and can get the service done easily.

These apps made it possible to say good bye to all the age old time taking processes. Now, let us have a deep insight into the details of these car wash service apps. The entire process can be summarized as, the user just need to surf for the best car wash service providers over internet and need to place a request for their service. As soon as they receive the request, they will send a technician for doing the service at your doorsteps. This serves very useful in saving time and energy.

Overview of car wash app
Revenue of car washes

On-demand Car Wash Mobile App Development:


Car Wash app development is witnessing tremendous response. Many users are turning towards the usage of these apps. The ease in the execution of these app made it so demanding.

The concept of On-demand car wash service has opened opportunities for Car Wash app Development Company. We have various mobile app development companies in India budding up to meet the increasing demand for mobile apps.

If you are thinking of developing a mobile car wash software, you need to consider various factors such as car wash app design, how much is it to build a car wash app and mobile car washing business plan.

Let us get into necessary information about mobile car washing in India & the world.

In this app, we should have a look at these three panels Customer, Detailer, and Admin.

Customer’s Check list

car wash iconLogin/ Signing-up: This is the first thing which the user need to perform before exploring the various features of the app. One can get registered with the help of their email id or using social network account.

car wash iconPlacing service request: After signing-in into the app, user need to place a request for the services they require.

car wash iconSelect car location: User need to choose the location of the car for which service is needed. This is important for easing the technicians in making the necessary arrangements for delivering the required service.

car wash iconSelecting services and packages: Different service providers’ offers different packages of services at varying cost. The user can choose the best package which fits best to their requirements as well as their budget.

car wash iconEase in checking technician availability: Checking the availability of the technician makes it feel convenient both for the user and the technician in a way that user need not wait for a longer time for availing technician services, as well as the technician can manage their schedules in a better way.

car wash iconEasy payment options: The payment for the services they avail are made easy via access to debit card, credit care, and such.

car wash iconOrder history: the various orders made by the user are recorded each time and this order history tracking helps the user in checking the exact time and the number to times the car servicing has been done.

car wash-app-development-cost
car wash app for android ios windows

Detailer Checklist:

car wash icon 1Sign-up: Just like the user login, the detailer also need to login with the help of username and password given by the admin.

car wash icon-1Provide service location: the location where the service can be executed need to be specified, as it helps the user to place a request for the services centers which are nearby to the

car wash icon-1Push notifications: after receiving the order, detailer need to place a notification to the user for confirmation. Also, notification is also sent after the completion of the service.

car wash icon-1Accept or reject the service: The detailer can accept or reject the request of the user. If the number of request are more in number, then the detailer may or may not accept the request.

car wash icon-1Viewing completed job history: Detailer can keep a track of the number of request they have worked on and the number of request yet to deliver the service.

car wash icon-1Payment from admin request: As per the number of request completed by the detailer, it can raise the invoice to the admin for processing payment.

Admin Checklist:


car wash iconTechnician Registration: Admin need to maintain all the various details of the technician like the track record of the technician, their experience, their location of work, their charges and such.

car wash iconManage timings: The timings of various detailers are need to be managed by admin manage user jobs. The services delivered to the user and the various issues related to them need to be managed by the admin

car wash iconUser payment: The payment made for the service by the user are deposited via online modes and gateways to the user.

car wash iconFeedbacks and Ratings: After availing the service, user is free to rate the service as per their experience. These feedbacks and services are further viewed by the admin.

car wash iconAdvanced Features

car wash iconCloud Management: Cloud technology helps in better management of the data. All the various details relating to orders, users, details and/or payment can be stored on cloud, this helps in easy workflow of the business. Also, this cloud technology usage helps in scaling up the business, helps in monitoring the business regularly and secures the important information.

car wash iconHeat Map View: This feature serves for knowing the busiest time of a particular location, helps in tracking the service providers, In short, it will provide the user with the data of the various best service providers in a particular location and helps the user to choose the best of the best which fit best to their timings and budget.

car wash iconDiscounts and Offers: The various offers and discounts presented by various service providers are put in front of the user. This kind of intimation of the offers and discounts to the user encourages the user to avail the service. Also, this is one of the best kind of marketing the business.

car wash iconPayment: There are so many modes of payment available these days, substituting the need to visit in person for making the payment. Also, the payment option is made available within the app. This helps a lot in making the app user friendly, as it makes easy to make the payment for the services they avail.

car wash iconVoice calls/ In-app chat: Communication between the user and the detailer is made convenient with the help of the In-App Conferences. User is free to ask any of their queries like the status of their request, discuss about other services, etc. this features helps not only for grasping the attention of the user but also it will enhance the loyalty of the user for the app.

car wash iconPush Notifications: These push notifications will definitely take your business to the next level b helping in user retention and augmentation. Apps which are featured with push notifications servers for keeping the user informed about the various offers, deals, order status, etc. push notifications will also serve for letting the user know about each and every step of their request.

car wash iconSubscription packages: Among the various features, this is one of the most best features for the successful running of the app. With the help of this feature, user can check and book premium memberships, advanced services and such. This makes it possible for users not to have a regular check for deals. The user may be informed monthly, bi-monthly, or on half yearly basis.

Technology Stacks


Technology is no doubt the backbone of any app. Hence, all the technical domains, app specifications, and all such becomes utmost important for developing an on-demand car washing mobile app.

car wash icon 1UX UI: CSS3 and Bootstrap are the most commonly used ones for developing front end and JavaScript, Ruby, AngularJS, Python or Django for backend. For iOS development, Swift will do best and for Android, java is best.

car wash icon-1Tracking Location: The current location can be tracked with the help of user’s proximity sensors. Different OS require different sensors like Android require Google maps, and iOS, requires Apple maps.

car wash icon-1Cloud: the data and the information is stored in a secured form via google cloud storage or amazon data storage.

car wash icon-1Real-time analytics: Google analytics can be used for tracking the user’s details like number of downloads, number of user visiting the websites, bounce rate, orders captured and the number of detailers.

car wash icon-1Voice, phone and SMS notifications: Facebook SDK or Google sing in are used for authenticity and for keeping the spam rate at check.

car wash icon-1Database: MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase, Postgres, MySQL, etc can be used for managing the detailer’s data.

car wash app UI designers

How much does it cost to have your car detailing/wash app

It is not possible to generalize the cost to develop Car Wash app. cost estimation of Car Wash App mainly depends on three factors, which are size and complexity of the app, number of platforms used, country which is selected as mobile app development center. Because charges are different at different countries. For instance,

car wash icon-1Developers in India Charge- $10 to $80 per hour

car wash icon-1Developers in Eastern Europe Charge- $30 to $150 per hour

car wash icon-1Developers in US Charge- $50 to $250 per hour

cost to make an app like Car wash App

App development involves various activities, each of which charge differently which are summarized as follows:

Car wash app developers

car wash icon-1UI/UX design – $1500 to $3000

car wash icon-1QA & Testing-80 Hours – $2000 to $3000

car wash icon-1Technical documentation -$1000 to $2000

car wash icon-1Front-end and Back-end development -$9,000 to $ 12,000

Putting together, app architecture requires around $10,000 to $20,000, that too for a single platform. If additional features are needed to be added, it requires additional charges, which may come to around $25,000.

How much FuGenX costs to develop Car Wash like app?

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