How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Uber Eats

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Food Delivery Apps Like UberEATS ?

About UberEats

The rise of technology is transmuting markets and lives.

Usage of apps is making our lives so easy and straightforward these days.

The mobile apps are using for everything these days, from starting with the reminders to ordering food, and what not. Now, let us have a deep insight into the various food delivery industry apps.

The food ordering apps made it possible to order their favorite foods by sitting in their home.

If any have a plan to do business and thinking where to invest your money? It is better to invest in a food delivery service app.

This article will give you in detail view of how to start a business like as UberEats app? How much does Ubereats cost to develop?


About UberEats application:

UberEats is an on-demand food delivery app. It is an online food delivering platform used to order and deliver based on the user request.

The process involved in Uber eats as simple as you book your taxi in Uber.

Uber eats founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in 2014.  Uber is a parent company of Uber eats, which founded in 2009.

Initially, Ubereats called as UberFresh – Food delivery app development company. It re-branded into Ubereats in the year 2015.

As of 2018, Ubereats – Best food delivery mobile app development company, is served in more than 200 cities, in 20 countries.

Some stats of UberEats:

With the Introduction of online food delivering apps increased the sales of restaurants up to 25%.

The online food delivery business is expected to grow $55 Billion in 2022 from $20 Billion in 2017.

The payments made for food through cashless transactions reached $210.45 Billion.

61% of consumers are ready to order food from small restaurants.

The online food delivery is expected to grow up to 79% in the coming next five years.

Types of on-demand food delivery apps:

  • Aggregator
  • App with logistic support


In this model, there will be an app which acts as a platform between customers and restaurants. The food delivery apps using this model enable users to ask for a food delivery request, and it will be viewed by the restaurants to complete the order.

In this model, there is no involvement of the delivery partner.

App with logistic support:

In this business model, the restaurants will take help of delivering partners to deliver the food at the assigned time. It also helps in real-time tracking of the delivery drivers apart from booking and delivery of food.

Onset of these food delivery apps made it possible to order their favorite foods from their home. If someone is interested in starting a business, then investing on these on-demand food delivery app development is one of the best options available.

How does this On Demand Food delivery App work?


The Work Flow Of Food delivery Apps

If you are looking for food app development, you must approach many restaurants and foodservice companies to enlist their brand names in your applications and offer delicious food to your audience. Until and unless you have the support of restaurants, you cannot give success to your application.

The app home screen should be shared by restaurants as well according to the user’s location. Once the user select the restaurant from which they want the food, then they can select the food items and place order for it. Once the payment for the food is made, then the restaurant people will be notified about it. Upon completion of the order delivery, profit split occurs between restaurant owner and app owner.

Let us look in detail about the step by step procedure in developing a food delivery app

UberEats app development cost

User Panel Checklist:


User need to download the app from google play store or apple app store, after the installation of the app, user need to perform registration for getting the best offers to view

uber-iconLogin: user can easily login into the app using Gmail, Facebook or using a OTP confirmation on the user’s mobile phone number.

uber-iconLocation: list of available restaurants which are in the vicinity of the user are shown on the app screen with minute details. For selecting the preferred location, user can also use maps.

uber-iconHomepage: homepage will display the nearby restaurants to the user. Home screen need to allocate so as to create space for many things/objects and displaying it in a sophisticated manner. Hi-fi technology confuses the user which can be huge turn-off.

uber-iconMenu: Using this features, user will be shown names, images, contact number, user reviews, and all such of a particular restaurant on the app.

uber-iconSet pickup on the map: The app is made in such a way it recognizes the location using GPS or the user can manually type the address for its identification. User can setup the pickup location.

uber-iconCart Section: This allows the user to add or delete the food item before they proceed for payment. The total cost of the items included in the cart are displayed including the taxes.

uber-iconPayment: Once the order is confirmed by the user, then they will be taken to the payment page where they can pay for their order in any of the available payment modes.

uber-iconReviews: After availing the services, user is allowed to comment or review the services of the restaurant for which they received the food.

uber-iconPast orders: even after the order is successfully completed, its record is been maintained. This helps in making the re-ordering easy.

uber-iconDiscounts and offers: The user is regularly updated with the various orders and discounts offered by various restaurants.

uber-iconContact information: the user is informed about the delivery person and the particular restaurant from which the food is coming

uber-iconTracking the delivery person: As soon as the delivery person, start from the restaurant, he will be tracked and user is notified via push notifications, arrival time, one-tap calling button.

uber-iconSearch:this serves very useful for the user as it reduces the time of search for the desired item. This is placed in general on the top of the app on the home screen for easy search of the products.

uber-iconRefined search: this features help in a deeper filtering of things like reviews, delivery time, offers, and user can sort the things as per their preferences.

Food Delivery App-Restaurant Panel Development:


Not only the users, but also restaurant owners also need to register and undergo the log in process. Upon submission of the extra documents, they will get the authenticity.

Uber iconDashboard: Registered users are directed towards the home page of the app, i.e,. dashboard. Here, the user can keep the track of completed orders, pending orders, and such.

Uber iconAccept or Decline Orders: After placing the order, the user may cancel the order owing to various reasons like long distance, high delivery time and such. At the same time, acceptance or rejection of the order is available for restaurant side as well.

Uber iconManage Restaurant Account: Restaurant owners are free to optimize various parameters like logo, name pictures, food images, operation hours, minimum order quantity, menu, price, delivery time, etc.

Uber iconPayment: In this section, user is provided with various payment options for paying for the food and the service of the restaurant. User is allowed to pay through any of the many options available like bank transfer, PayPal, etc.

UberEats for android ios windows

Delivery Boy Panel:


User need to download the app from google play store or apple app store, after the installation of the app, user need to perform registration for getting the best offers to view

uber-iconLogin: Delivery boy has to fill in the application form and get the login credentials by the admin

uber-iconOrder request: the order place by the user will be with a order ID, delivery address and customer name. All the orders which are near his proximity are notified to him. He can accept or reject the request and his details will provided to the customer as well in case he accepts the request

uber-iconOrder delivery: After accepting the order, delivery boy will deliver the order to the address provided by the customer, and the entire process can be tracked like placing and packing, on the way, etc.

uber-iconOrder history: Delivery boys are also allowed to view the past orders delivery by them

uber-iconChat/call: upon acceptance of the order, customer can communicate with the delivery boy

uber-iconCOD: If the customer opted for COD option, then the delivery boy need to collect the payment for the order and submit them to the admin

uber-iconPush notifications: This feature is used for notifying the delivery agents about orders.

uber-iconOffline payment/Wallet: This feature helps delivery agents in getting through online or offline mode from admins as per their convenience.

uber-iconPayment withdrawal: if the payment is made via in-app wallet, the amount will be credited to their bank accounts and the delivery boy can withdraw anytime.

uber-iconLocation tracking: This feature helps delivery agents to track the customer’s location for faster delivery.

uber-iconTransaction History: all the various orders delivered by the particular delivery boy is maintained, and he is paid accordingly.

uber-iconOnline support: In-app virtual assistants will assist delivery agents, if necessary

uber-icon In-app Maps: The delivery boy can use in-app map integrations to find the exact user location.

Advance Features of the Food Ordering App


Long time survival of the business is possible only with technology assistance. For instance, Machine learning, helps to calculate the delivery time. Other important factors which account for the success of the app are as follows

Uber iconReal-time location tracking: Using this feature, customer will not just track the order, but also get the approximate time in completion of the order delivery. This serves useful not only for the customers, but restaurant owners will also be aware of the current situation of the delivery boy.

Uber iconQueue algorithm: this will help in identifying the delivery persons in a particular area and thus helps to allocate the orders respectively

Uber iconPush Notifications: Starting from the order acceptance till the successful delivery of the order, each and every step is notified to the customer using the push notifications.

Uber iconReal Time analytics: it is powered by DB infrastructure and algorithms. It helps in carrying out the various analysis related to the business like revenue reports, driving business by the number, revenue projections, etc. it helps in controlling the operational data thus helping in making time-sensitive events.

Uber iconPayment systems: this helps in making possible to include as many payment options as possible. Incorporation of third-party apps and services makes the payment process easier.

Uber iconCMS for news and articles: The various write-ups regarding the app are maintained by the admin. They can manage their own as well as restaurant write-ups.

Uber iconFinding breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner: Customer is provided with the option of browsing the food as per their timing preferences like if they want for breakfast, specific items will be displayed and like such.

Here are some of the other features that add value to your application.

  • Flexibility to share orders over social media
  • Tracking featured food items
  • Quick table reservation in restaurants
  • Offer exclusive money-saving coupons
  • Facility to track order details in smart devices
  • Flexibility to set time of delivery and pick up
UberEats UI designers

Required Technology Stack:

cost to make an app like UberEats

Payment portals

Cloud environment

GPS tracking

Android or iOS development framework

Rea-time direction tracking

Restaurant listing

Login process

Analytics and performance comparison

UberEats app developers
What Team Structure is Required

Uber iconUX/UI Developers

Uber iconAndroid/IOS developers

Uber iconBackend Developers

Uber iconProject Manager

Uber iconQA Teams

Uber iconDelivery Manager

How Much Does it Cost to Develop Food Delivery Mobile Apps

Cost to develop UberEATS app depends mainly of the number of features included in it. Yet, on an average, UberEATS app development cost may range between $12,000 -$20,000. But a sophisticated UberEATS app development company charge about $40,000.

India based developers charge- $10 to $80 per hour

Eastern Europe based developers charge: – $30 to $150 per hour

U.S. based developers charge: – $50 to $250 per hour

Talking in specific, the high cost charged by various food delivery mobile app development due to cost the various technicalities included, which are explained as follows

Uber iconUI/UX design (60 Hours – $1500 to $3000)

Uber iconFront-end and Back-end development (400 Hours – $7,000 to $ 15,000)

Uber iconTechnical documentation (40 hours – $1000 to $1500)

Uber iconMVP testing (80 Hours – $2000 to $4000)

Uber iconPolishing and bug fixing (40 hours – $1000 to $2000)

UberEats app Features

Developing a food delivery app for android cost high as it requires more testing, whereas for iOS is a bit less.

How much FuGenX costs to develop Uber Eats like app?

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