How much does it cost to develop mobile app like TikTok?


TikTok is one of the famous and fast-growing international version of the Chinese app Douyin. Tiktok is available to the users in GooglePlay store and App Store. Nowadays, millions of users get TikTok videos which is earlier knows as musically while opening their Facebook and Instagram account.

Well, the music apps which are similar to TikTok, Spotify and Pandora change the idea of music streaming totally. The same thing makes these apps more entertaining and good source of fun for the people. That’s why app purchases are increasing and most of the people glued to these entertainment apps.

So, the same thing which is mentioned above proves that the TikTok app is more trending and a popular app these days as compared to all other music apps. By seeing the performance and success of this music and video editing mobile application, everybody wants to create an app which is same as Tiktok.

As per the research report of Priori Data, Google Play users in India has generated 13.19 million downloads of video live streams platform like Tiktok by May 2020.

the research report of Priori Data

Now, in this blog, you can find some essential things related to the same process, and that is the mobile application development process.

Crucial considerations

Well, you made a full and proper mind to create an alternative to TikTok app. So, what step you need to take first? There are numerous aspects or things present on which one should pay more attention while going to start the same development process.

But before going to take the first and the foremost step, the person needs to understand that music app in two parts or categories.

The first category is music streaming apps, and the second category is social music video apps. So, the main and first step is to know appropriately what type of music app you want to create.

Both categories which are given above require more and unique features, efforts and functionality. Here we have explained more about social video apps like TikTok app for iOS and Android or both.

What is the TikTok Mobile application?

Well, before going to start with the main topic, one must know that what is TikTok mobile application? The app which is used by mostly every single person in the world is based on a Chinese music video platform.

TikTok allows its users to create music videos and share them on all the social media applications like Facebook and Instagram. Users and individuals who run the TikTok app are free to create their musical videos by adding the music or animations effect. The average age of Tiktok users is between 12 and 40.

It is the best and great entertainment dosage these days to share with each other. The TikTok mobile application is earlier known as musically. The app consists of a huge collection of music community inside and grows rapidly all across the world.

Features & Functionality required to create TikTok-like mobile app

Here are some important features and functionality have given about which all user and people must know who are interested in creating a mobile application like TikTok.

The following are some main and important features and functionality given –

Simple user interface

It is the main step that developers must provide a simple user interface to the users. So, the users and people can easily make use of the mobile app which you create. One must create the mobile app properly and as simple as it is easy to use.

You can create a short music video with this best ever video editing tool, upload your videos and also share on social media platforms like Whats up, Face book, Instagram, etc

Make hearts currency

Well, if you like a video on the TikTok app and you don’t follow that particular person who creates the video. So, doesn’t worry, you only need to double-tap on that video and give a like to that video.

The TikTok app is similar to the social media app Instagram. The only difference is that in TikTok, every single heart counts.

Express tools

There are various tools which are present in the TikTok mobile application. These tools are necessary, and all are of the supreme level. All tools consist of many different filters, AR effects and very interesting or exciting also.

Social feature

It means that the app TikTok offers a duets feature in it. In it, the creator creates their video by lip-syncing on the specific dialogue. Then, all other targeted audience of TikTok find that videos which are more prevalent on it and then create their own video by using their own spin on that.

Advanced Features that will make your app outstanding

Advanced Features that will make your app outstanding :


Real-Time Analytics:

For analyzing the live viewers and broadcasters in a graphical manner

Video Streaming Architecture:

Streaming should be from the external server, and the mobile app should be lightweight.

Push Notifications:

These are required to enhance the user interaction of the app.


Tiktok Users can broadcast their respective

Technologies Required:


tik-tok-iconReal-Time Analytics: Azure Stream Analytics, Spark Streaming, Apache Flink

tik-tok-iconCloud Environment: AWS

tik-tok-iconDatabase: Mail Chimp Integration, Postgress, Cassandra, HBase, Mongo DB

tik-tok-iconUniversal Operating System: Debian

tik-tok-iconFor emails: Mandrill

tik-tok-iconFor Database Management: Datastax

tik-tok-iconFor Powerful programming: GWT

tik-tok-iconPayments: Paypal& Braintree, e-Wallet, Stripe

tik-tok-iconPhone, Voice & SMS Verification: Twilio, Nexmo

tik-tok-iconPush Notifications:, Twilio

tik-tok-iconCloud Storage: For this, cloud storage services like Google Cloud Storage, Azure & Amazon S3 can be used.

tik-tok-iconContent Deliver Networks (CDSs): In order to serve user experience, one requires using highly scalable CDN services in order to stream media securely.

tik-tok-iconVideo/audio Transcoding: In this process, media files needs to be transcoded in several of media format so to make them supportable to all of the major devices and browsers. For this, either open-source software like FFMPEG or third-party solution like Amazon elastic transcoder can be used.

tik-tok-iconMedia Server Configuration: Server requires to be configured to support all of the major devices and browsers. Configuration of HTTPS, RTMP & HTTP is required.

tik-tok-iconPlayer configuration: needs to be done as both desktop & mobile server quality based content on user internet speed.

Required Development Team Structure-tiktok

Required Development Team Structure


For developing an amazing app like TikTok, role of following team is vital

tik-tok-iconA Project Manager

tik-tok-iconUI/UX Designer

tik-tok-iconAndroid Developer, iOS Developer

tik-tok-iconBack-end Developer

tik-tok-iconDatabase Experts

tik-tok-iconQA Experts

tik-tok-iconDelivery Manager

Cost of develop tiktok app:

The cost to develop a mobile app like TikTok, all the above-mentioned factors need to be considered, and it varies with region, the requirement of resources, design complexity, number of hours, etc. On average, it would cost around $25000, which include some basic functionalities for a single platform.

But, the cost of developing a music app may raise up to $35000 -$40000 for multiple platforms in India. If you are looking for creating a music video maker app, then visit FuGenX Technologies, a leading Mobile app development company which has got a team of expert mobile app developers who can develop the best of the best apps.

How much FuGenX costs to develop TikTok like application?

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How much FuGenX costs to develop Tik-tok like app?

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