How much it cost in developing bus ticket booking mobile app?


Now- a- days mobile application development sector is serving the requirement for every industry. It is only by providing unique and high- functional application to different businesses. You will get to know numerous applications are there in Google play store if uh have one look in it. And even there are many competitive apps which are running in the market. It is only to serve the people. So there are many apps as the basic ticket booking requirements of the customers who are using the apps to book a ticket in the app. These bus ticket booking mobile apps are serving high- functional characteristics to make the applications. These all are making the features simple so that the app will be easy to operate. There are many bus ticket booking app development companies to make the service of the users very easy.

When the bus journey was not bringing by people, it was only because of three reasons. Reasons are like bad road infrastructure, lacking features and unfit system of booking tickets.  The most time-consuming method is to stand in long queues to buy the tickets. Even another technique which is buying tickets on the telephone makes so much difficulty as the lines were always busy or maybe a chance of out of service. There are numerous buses which offer excellent services to its traveling which is owing to a network of the road infrastructure and ticketing system.

The bus ticket booking system enables the users to book the ticket by selecting their particular seats using the internet. The bus availability as per your suitability can also be checked via the apps. Many bus ticket booking mobile app development companies are making those apps only for travel agents and agencies who are observing their bus ticket booking mobile apps. Functionalities like creating a route, routing all locations to different vendors and different buses, bookings, selecting the seats, etc. are being provided by the bus ticket mobile app development company.

Factors to consider:


The essential factors are like the choice of platform whether it is iOS or Android, features, functionality developments, UX & UI designs, etc. being considered when it comes to the cost to develop the bus ticket booking app .

Advanced featured technology:


Signing up: users can access their app by signing up with their social media websites like Facebook, Google or e-wallet accounts. Users can also make their profiles in the app in mobile by just entering details like phone number, id details, postal addresses, and birth date. These features also decide the bus ticket booking app development cost.


Real-time seating chart:


Bus Ticket Booking app iconManaging co-traveler: Users can also enable the app to store all the above details for their co-travelers like friends and family. It won’t be needed to enter details of co-travelers the booking when making the reservation. While booking, the app user can select the co-traveler by adding the saved details. It saves a lot of time for the passengers.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconBookings on- the- go: App owners can access the customers to search and can also book the buses on their desired traveling route. They will be able to see the details like pick up and drop off points, sea layout, facilities, etc. and also can pick up their preferred seats.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconOnline payment system: Going cashless feature also enables the users to make payment via card through payment gateways being authorized. The customers have made a payment online, and then the ticket will be generated with QR code. It allows the drivers to verify customer details when boarding the bus.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconReal-time tracking location: This tracking system can make the customers see the real-time location of the bus so that the customers need not require calling the drivers to know about the location. They can even see the arrival and departure time of the bus as it is shown in the app.
Bus drivers are having a live seat map of the bus which shows the vacant and occupied seats and the existing passengers on the bus. It also enables the drivers to authorize upcoming and present bus traveling plans with drop-off and pick up points.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconAlerts:Users can see the estimated departure and arrival time to depend on boarding point chosen by the app when they make the bookings for a bus. This feature helps the users to receive the SMS or app alerts regarding their journey. This can also be generated by the driver to all of the bus passengers from driver app.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconCentralized booking management:This makes the customers cancel the bookings. Not only cancellations of tickets but also can allow them to prospect upcoming, past, canceled reservation from a single interface. They will able to access specific reservations with the use of advanced filters.

Features of Bus Ticket Booking App

Bus Ticket Booking app iconTicket validation:QR code scanner can be integrated into the driver app panel. It allows the drivers to verify the scanning the code which is generated on the customer’s app when they book the ticket. It also helps the bus operator to do away with the conductor and checker by making the paperless.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconIntegration of CMS:It enables the users to manage static content pages like contact us, FAQs, privacy guidelines, about us, and many more. It is used to the admin. They are responsible for managing the pages.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconIntegrating CRM:Customer relation management is essential for any business. It is an important software for integrating the customer- care department.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconTracking GPS:The GPS location tracking device is integrated with the bus booking mobile application. It is installed in the bus for tracking. This makes the users easy to track their bus.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconChat integration In-app:It allows the drivers, passengers and the admin to address many problems by chatting with each other. It can also be used for the admin to convey information.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconSeat maps:Users can able to choose their liked seats as per the map which is shown in the device.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconBoards:It enables the functionality of chat support technology via machine language.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconCab booking API:It is a very useful feature which can integrate into their bus ticket booking app. It is by integrating cab booking API. Customers are able to book a cab to reach the bus stand.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconHotel booking API:This feature suggests hotels to the users as per their location or the destination they are heading to. It won’t make the users go elsewhere to book a hotel or cab.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconJourney route information:The users will get information on the route which will be taken by bus during the journey or traveling.

Bus Ticket Booking app iconMarketing tools:Offers, coupons, and customer loyalty programs are enhanced in the application. These advanced features which can be integrated into your bus booking mobile application. It also makes you get interested in the app and will able to give a tough run to the competitors.

Technology- stacks for bus ticket booking mobile app:


For a rich and robust bus booking mobile app, Right technology is a must. For designing and polishing the app, the technology is needed which is required to select smart technology.

10Mobile Operating System: iOS, Android

10Push notifications:, Twilio

10Database: Cassandra, Mail Chimp Integration, HBase, MongoDB

10Payments: pay pal, Net banking, E-Wallets, Stripe

10Cloud environment: Google, AWS, Azure

10Third party API integration: Cabs and hotels

10SMS, phone and voice verification: Twilio, Nexmo.

10Real-time analytics: Spark, Apache Flink, IBM, Cisco, Hadoop, Big data.

How much it costs to develop Bus Ticket Booking app?


A rough estimation of the cost to develop Bus Ticket Booking app ranges from 15000 dollars to almost 35000 dollars by combining all the above features. By finding the best bus ticket app booking app developer, you can get a clear analysis of the cost. So, however, the cost to develop the booking app may be vary depending on the number of bookings API which needs to be accessed for the project.

Bus Ticket Booking UI Design
The process of developing an app:

Bus Ticket Booking app iconPlanning (defining)

Bus Ticket Booking app iconDesigning (visualizing)

Bus Ticket Booking app iconBuilding (developing)

Bus Ticket Booking app iconBETA (testing and training)

Bus Ticket Booking app iconLaunching the app finally (going Live)

While making a bus ticket booking mobile app, the main role plays is vendor management system. Vendor management system, which is the admin, will be able to make one and more vendors who can create or delete or add or update buses on the different existing routes and can add anything as they like. The admins and also the vendors will be able to prepare routes. These systems authorize the application owners to prospect reports such as the booking status of each bus, bus booking availability, seats booked per date, seats reserved as per route, etc.

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