Turn E-Commerce Store into Mobile Commerce App

Shaping E-Commerce Stores into Mobile Commerce App

It is not exaggerating to say that technology is penetrating into our lives more and more in these modern days. The arena of commerce turning into E-commerce is one of the important mile stone, overtaking that is the concept of M-Commerce. The usage of M-commerce is on peak and is progressing. This can be evident from the statistics of m-commerce all over the world, which is $460 billion in the year 2018 and is expected to reach about 700 billion by the year 2019. These statistics suggest that within a short period, m- commerce is going to rule the world, undoubtedly.


These statistics will definitely land up people into the question, why is this m-commerce so demanding. Let’s look into the various reasons why is this m-commerce more demanding.

  • Ease in usage
  • More preference for mobile
  • Ease in buying process
  • Ease in functionality
  • Handy operation

There are so many businesses that are turning their E- commerce websites to mobile commerce by generating the mobile app for their business, in order to keep their users convenient and make the latest technology available to the user, also without the availability of the Mobile app for their business; there is chance of losing the potential users. But, developing a mobile app is not cost effective for all the businesses, especially for small scale industries. In such case, they can leverage their e commerce, which greatly reduces the cost.

Let’s now know the various things to consider while adapting M-commerce

  • The outlook of the app matters a lot

Trying a new look is good, but not advisable for developing a mobile app. This is because the users will be habituated to the website look and if the look is changed, it would leave the user with a differently new feel. Also, maintaining the same look is important for assuring the brand. The trade mark display of website and the mobile should be same or at least similar in order to build trust in users.


  • Identification of Platform

The various websites which serve for ecommerce run on various platforms, and when any app need to be developed from these website, the first thing to consider is the platform. The app developer first need to select the appropriate platform for developing the app.

  • Perfect API integration

One of the most important factor which helps in making the product more reachable to the user is the perfect integration of API’s and the application view. All the various information regarding the product which is present in the page will be presented via API. The data which is subjected to changes need to be pulled by these API and then, has to be presented to the user.

  • Development of API

For developing Mobile app, there is no need to have a closed system. For an app, the data exchange with the database occurs with the help of Application Programming Interface, in short API. The API developer needs to develop a number of API in order to sustain the database of e commerce in to m commerce.

  • Testing

Testing the app, before its release is important to proof read its functionality. For testing the functionality of the app, the QA team, viz, Quality Analysis team will check various parameters of the app. The quality analysis will be done not only technical point of view, but also it is done in view of the user friendly nature of the app.

  • Development of the app

Finally, once the app is ready and has passed various quality analysis tests, the app is then made available on the play store, either Google play store or on apple app store.


An Ideal Mobile App should have the following features

  • Suitable settings and notifications

Suitable technicalities like Client server API helps in making the app settings convenient. Almost all the platforms provide push notification system.

  • Authorization of the user

In order to avail the features on the app, first the users need to get authorized on the app. Once he or she gets authorized, then they are allowed to perform purchases on the app. Every time, the authorization is realized by the API.

  • Catalogue and shopping cart

The various products in the database need to be present to the user in a very appropriate manner i.e., all the products need to be displayed in such a manner that they contain some basis details of it along with its picture. This will help the user in having a clear picture of the product at a single glance. If the user wants some particular product, then they can add it to their shopping cart.


  • Payment modes

Braintree and Stripe are the two commonly used gateways which supports almost all the payment modes in both Google and Apple pay.


  • Tracking

Once the product has been order over the app, then the user need to be aware of the track of his or her purchase. Even offline notification like SMS, will help the user know the status of their purchase.

  • Customer support

Offering the customer support is one of the most important thing because the user of the m commerce has no one to answer their queries directly. Its only the customer support which addresses the queries of the users. Customer support can be extended to the users in various forms like emails, phones, chat, etc.

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