Get To Know The Future of Robotics 2021 and Beyond


What would be the future of robotics? It’s miscellaneous. Powered by dynamic innovations in the field and trending technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, robotics has been a mainstream topic in all industry verticals. Robotics is expected to differentiate operations and activities in both business and day-to-day life.

Research firm International Data Corp (IDC) predicts that 35 percent of leading organizations in logistics, health, utilities, and resources will automate operations by 2019 by leveraging robots.

Research director of worldwide robotics at IDC Asia/Pacific, Jing Bing Zhang said “technological development in artificial intelligence, computer vision, navigation, MEMS sensor, and semiconductor technologies continue to drive innovation in the capability, performance, autonomy, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness of industrial and service robots. Robotics will continue to accelerate innovation, thus disrupting and changing the paradigm of business operations in many industries”.

IDC’s Manufacturing Insights Worldwide Commercial Robotics program recently brought out the list that unveils 10 predictions for worldwide robotics for 2017 and beyond. The list holds some interesting forecasts, if they become possible, we will be able to see a considerable impact on business and society. The list overlooks on both opportunities and challenges.

1. Evolution of robot “as a service”:

By 2019, around 30 percent of commercial service robotic applications will be turned as a robot-as-a-service (RaaS) business model. This benefits organizations in cutting down the cost for robot deployment.

2. Upsurge in chief robotics officers:

By 2019, 30 percent of large organizations will have chief robotics officers or they will define a robotics-specific function in their business strategy.

3. Rise in robotics deployment vendors


There will be a more choice of robotics deployment vendors by 2021.

4. Robotics-related job streams:

By 2021, robotics will create around 35 percent new job streams, and the average salary is expected to see 60 percent hike.

5. Robotics-specific regulations:

By 2019, there would be robotics-specific regulations to protect jobs and to handle security, safety, and privacy concerns imposed by government entities.

6. Increase of the software-defined robots:

By 2021, 60 percent of robots will be driven by cloud-based software which helps in defining new skills, cognitive capabilities, and application programs. This could be a stepping stone to form the robotics cloud marketplace. And that may also create a new market for mobile app development companies and other software-specific firms.

7. Hike in collaborative robots:

It is predicated that around 30 percent of all new robotic deployments will be smart collaborative robots in 2018. They perform three times faster and better than today’s robots and are human friendly.

8. Introduction of Intelligent RoboNet:

By 2021, around 40 percent of commercial robots will see 200 percent improvement in their overall operational efficiency as they will be connected to a network of shared intelligence.

9. Increased appliance of robots in industry sectors:

By 2019, 35 percent of leading organizations in logistics, health, utilities, and resources will automate operations by harnessing the power of robots.

E-commerce robots:

By 2025, the order fulfillment warehousing and delivery operations of around 45 percent of the 200 multinational ecommerce and omni-channel commerce companies will be managed by robotics systems.


Robotics is already a power agent for many leading global organizations to improve quality, increase operational productivity and agility, and enhance stakeholders’ experience, but it will be augmented in coming years. It is interesting to see who will be a real gain getter.

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