Consider Reading This Before Entering Into IoT World!

If you jump in when others are still busy in thinking, you’ll definitely achieve a first-mover advantage. But you should have planned well before jumping, well before them. If you want to start an IoT Project to achieve a first-mover advantage, below are few things about IoT components that help you get it started well:


Third Platform:

IoT is an integrated network of multiple platforms and infrastructure solutions such as cloud services, big data and analytics, mobile computing and social networking, in which either few or all are brought together to build IoT environment. The cloud’s scalability allows to bring millions of devices and sensors within the IOT environment, whereas big data allows to access all of the data and build the insights that is required to better understand customers’ needs.

Another major component of the IoT, mobile allows devices to connect to telephone networks to enable them to share their data. And mobile app acts as a control room, where the administrator can monitor and manage multiple devices dispersed in multiple locations. Proper understanding of all these components is crucial for any enterprise to build connected enterprise with IoT.


It is expected that the IoT apps will be more effective with the internet infrastructure upgrade IPv6 (actually it is already in use) than with its predecessor IPv4. IPv6 is preferred for many advantageous reasons that include easier adoption, scalability, and it can be an effective solution for the NAT barrier, etc. Here, enterprises should move with the trend (IPv6) to build better IoT environment.

Data Center

It is better for enterprises to go with cloud providers’ data center than running their own data center on-premise. Most of the cloud providers are already equipped with secure data centers that conform to internationally agreed standards. It is also favorable in cutting down initial expenses.

Special Considerations:

Data protection, privacy and security come in the first row of considerations that need to take care before starting any IoT project. Making users well aware of where and what data is stored would help to mitigate possible risks.



Today, enterprises are just having a plan for IoT. In the near future, every device the enterprises could have will have some form of connectivity in order to increase its capability, which could enable the enterprise enhance its workforce productivity and offer its customers better service. Once the gear is shifted to IPv6, building an IoT environment would definitely be facile. Like choosing good infrastructure and platform components, collaborating with a right IoT solution partner is also vital for building successful IoT environment.

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