Top 6 Tech Trends in 2020 You Should Have Strategy For

Game Changing Tech Trends to See in 2020


Many technologies here we’re talking are existing ones, but most of them are really exciting ones. Yes, we are in the first gear of 2017, where we are riding the same vehicle, but we can have accessories that can turn the same vehicle into a differentiating one. The same applies to your business strategy. If you are able to aware of trending technologies, and strategy to adopt it to your business strategies, you could be a front-runner. Let’s have a look into it:

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality saw a momentous growth, improvement and visibility in 2016. It got accelerated in 2016, but did not make much impact. But it is expected to remain among the most-sought after technologies this year, especially it will bring people on its own social world. VR art will become better with advanced games, full-length movies, TV shows, and concerts.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality made a lively impact in 2016, Pokemon Go was the best example to this. Microsoft’s mixed reality platform Windows Holographic would become a true star with a big hardware infusion which it had recently. As Tim Cook hinted, Apple would start something in AR this year.

Augmented Reality will have an upper hand over VR because it is focused on mobile devices and work without an additional hardware. It will continue to enhance games, toys, work and retail. Meanwhile, it will create solid opportunities for mobile app development companies to excel.

Screen Technology

The innovation of curved TV did not make much difference in consumer electronics in 2016, and consumers were also not favour of that. Display manufactures are now more focused on transforming the screens that are with us almost 24/7. OLED screens may help smartphones get thinner and more battery-efficient than ever.

UHD screens were introduced on smartphones back in 2015 by Sony, but that didn’t get acceleration. This year might move towards that. There will also be importance for higher resolution devices, as more VR headsets will become increasingly an essential companion for smartphones. When the screen is that close and magnified, the higher resolution will become essential.

Artificial Intelligence

2016 was the year where most of us experienced artificial intelligence knowingly or through round about the manner. From Apple Siri to Google Allo, all latest communication apps by major tech firms are AI powered. On the other hand, Microsoft will possibly introduce a Cortana device, whereas Apple will introduce a new kitchen-friendly hardware home for Siri. And the cost of mobile app development powered by AI is expected to be affordable for businesses.

Human augmentation technologies


Interestingly, we can expect many human-capability-enhancing technologies this year like ExoAtlet exoskeleton. There are already many humanoid and animal robots, including Pepper, Asimo, and Boston Robotics’ menagerie, but they were limited to some areas, but this year we can see human-enhancement robotics such as exoskeletons and some of the most sought-after prosthesis. The exoskeletons will be helpful in helping people walk, stand in que for long periods of time and lift heavy loads.

Thought-built batteries

In 2016, we saw how battery explosion damaged both reputation and sales of giant mobile manufacturers. In 2017, there’ll be a heavy focus on enhancing the safety and longevity of lithium-ion technology. We could also be able to see a trial run of lithium metal battery technology.

Security and Privacy

2016 saw the adoption of Fingerprint readers on smartphones. With the introduction of facial recognition on computers (Windows Hello) and Touch ID on MacBook Pros, password system is gradually loosening its usage. We might use eyes, heartbeats, and even activity patterns to unlock security patterns in both financial and personal uses this year, apart from fingers and faces.

Self-driving cars have already taken the first steps, especially the driverless-car made by the technology startup company NuTonomy. This year we could see much more advancements in this field. Personal streaming and smart clothes are other key tech trends we can watch out.


Smart technologies are becoming smarter as the year goes. And its reflections are well reflecting in both consumer and business sectors. We all have already experienced it directly or indirectly. Let ourselves enjoy it for a large extent in this year.

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