Top 8 Mobile Ad Networks for App Monetization


8 Popular Ad Networks for Mobile App Monetization

You bring out a million dollar app idea, hire a good mobile app development company and get the app developed within 6 months or well before that. But if your effort doesn’t result in revenue generation, your whole effort could be a futile exercise. So this is where you need a right app monetization strategy.

App monetization is requisite for any app to survive that doesn’t sell any products and services.

Just see at the game 8 Ball Pool, which makes more than $246K from ads itself in a month on iOS. The dating app Tinder makes $46K from ads in a month on Android, which is relatively lesser compared to on iOS, but stills forms a major part of Tinder’s total revenue.

Here, I am providing you insights on 8 best mobile ad networks that are perfectly suited for your app monetization and eventually help in boosting your business revenue.

8 Best Mobile Ad Platforms

  1. AdMob by Google



Originally owned by Omar Hamoui, AdMob was acquired by Google in 2009. AdMob offers a free ad generation tool, which helps you drive in-app installs and cross-promote apps.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Cocos, Unity
  • Markets: global
  • Supported ad formats: native, interstitial, video, trueview, banner
  • Types of campaign: CPM, CPC, CPI
  • Target: mobile platform, OS version, region, country, connection type, audience, device
  1. Opera Mediaworks



Opera Mediaworks stands second on top mobile ad platforms’ list. It can reach your ads to 1.4 billion users on the world’s leading media brands.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Mobile Web
  • Key markets: Global, mainly United States, Nordic,
  • Supported ad formats: Rich Media, Banners, Text Ads, Video
  • Types of campaign: CPC, CPM, CPA
  • Target: Demographic, Carrier, Device, OS
  1. Chartboost


By choosing Chartboost, you can exchange traffic with other devices that integrated Chartboost in their games.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS
  • Key Markets: global, mainly United States
  • Supported ad formats: content lock, interstitial, OfferWall, video
  • Types of Campaign: CPC, CPI
  • Target: custom
  1. Unity Ads


Unity is basically a game engine and Unity Ads offers cost-per click video ads apart from other ad formats.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS
  • Key markets: global, united states
  • Supported ad formats: banner, video, interstitial
  • Types of campaign: CPM, CPI
  • Target: device, operating system, connection, country
  1. Mobile Core


Mobile Core is an advanced ad campaign manager, which stands out from other platforms from its unique features such as campaign type support, creative assets management, advanced reporting, and multiple ad-units.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Amazon, AdobeAir, Cocos
  • Key markets: United States, Israel
  • Types of Campaign: CPC, CPA, CPV, CPE
  • Supported ad formats: app wall, interstitial, offer wall, video
  • Target: custom
  1. App Lovin


Being a marketing automation and analytics company, App Lovin serves ads without hampering user experience, to create equal value for publishers, advertisers, and users.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Mobile Web
  • Key Markets: United States
  • Types of Campaign: CPC, CPA
  • Supported Ad formats: custom
  • Target: custom, re-targeting
  1. InMobi


InMobi stands unique compared to other popular mobile ad platforms. It allows advertisers to reach more than 1.5 billion mobile users. InMobi creates a discovery zone within apps where ads are curated and allows the users interact with the ads, so that can finally standout as tailored and result-driven ads. InMobi lets you launch ad campaigns, remarketing campaigns, user acquisition campaigns, as well as brand engagement campaigns.

  • Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, Mobile Web
  • Key Markets: India, Japan, Kenya, South Africa, UK, United States, Europe
  • Types of Campaign: CPC, CPI
  • Supported ad format: banner, native, video, interstitial, rich media
  • Target: carrier, channel, country, device, operator, OS time
  1. Fyber


The Fyber mobile ad network supports advertisers, app developers as well as ad agencies. It lets advertisers run video ads, interstitial ads and many other ads. Fyber is a programmatic ad format for IAB-standard compliant.

  • Mobile platforms: Android, iOS
  • Key markets: global
  • Types of Campaign: CPA, CPM, CPI, CPV
  • Supported Ad formats: banner, interstitial, native, video
  • Target: carrier, device, OS


Hope you got a big list of popular ad networks. Moreover, it is important to make your app compatible with different ad formats, so you can better monetize your app. When you have an experienced Android or iOS app development company, you can have this advantage for a large extent.

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