Top Features to Build Chat Messenger Apps like Whatsapp Telegram

Top 7 Features to Know Before Development of Trending chat Messenger Apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger & Telegram

Messenger applications are so attractive that one will definitely become addicted to it in no time. Many best people who are just addicted to the usage of it, become so eager to use it over and over. Looking at the positive side of it, it is the one which is making a strong bridges between the people. No matter how long people are and how busy they are, communication is made so easy with the help of these chat messenger apps. And if you are looking for developing a messenger app like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and such, following is some interesting stuff for you.

The best things which you can avail from the following stuff are
  • Choosing the perfect instant messaging app
  • Choosing the perfect feature in the app for future.

Reasons for the popularity of the messaging apps

Almost all the chat messenger apps are providing the feature of free voice call and/or video call, along with mobile texting with the help of mobile data plans. This is one of the main reasons which is attracting the users towards the usage of these chat messenger apps.

With regard to the normal text messages, there are some limitations like the message should be of 160 characters at maximum, difficulty in keeping a track of conversations, high charges for messaging, uncertainty in delivery, limitations in the number of messages sent and received per month and such. All these drawbacks were overtaken with the help of these messaging apps. All the various messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, and such have revolutionized the messaging through the amazing features like instant messaging, group chat, video calls, emoji’s, voice calls and such are making the messaging more interactive.

How To Develop A Chat App – Features to Include Login option

For using the various features of the App, the user need to provide the basic information like their name, and need to get verified for his/her mobile number. The user is also asked for email for verification.


Chat robots, in short called as Chatbots, is a software program which work for chat platforms and converse with the users. These provide 24/7 service to the users, and is AI-based algorithm. Even some automated task can be done by Chatbots. The utility levels of these chatbots differs and it has become a vital part of mobile app platforms. For instance, telegram is adding a new features on the app, making creating smart and integrated bots.

Uses of Chatbots falls wide spectrum and some of the popular uses of chatbots are as follows
  • Legal consultation
  • Helps in ticket booking
  • Assists as fashion stylist
  • Gives persona financial advises
  • Serves as a live coach
  • Assists as teacher
  • Plays newsreader role
  • Acts as Google Home Mini for Google, Alexa for Amazon
  • Helps in performing tasks like updating cricket scores, plays music, tells stories, orders food, etc.
Role of Chatbots
  • Faster quality leads
  • First responding agents gives 90% of the sales
  • Wasteful leads can be sorted out
  • Improves ROI by reducing cost for fetching leads
  • Assists in leaping out from other agents in the market.


Broadcasting Messages

This is one of the best features which helps in sending message to multiple people at once. This feature is commonly used by news agencies and is used for promoting small information in a big manner.

End-to-End Encryption

This feature is mainly adopted by WhatsApp. This feature means the messages which is between the sender and the recipient is secured and no one can either read or listen to it. It allows to avoid third party interference. If a message is end-to-end encrypted, then no one can understand it, either it be message, video, photo, voice message, status updates, document, etc. also, this feature is always on, one need not specially turn it on.

Synchronization with Cloud

The various images, audios, documents, videos can be saved to Google Drive. This backing up option is popularly used by various chat apps like WhatsApp.

  • Creates Google Drive backup
  • Minimum requirement analysis
  • Google Drive backup restoration
  • Configuration of Google Drive backup settings
  • Troubleshooting Google Drive backup
  • Backup files can be deleted from Google account.

Easy access of Stored Data

Chat apps generally use google drive or a local backup for backing up of chat history. The local backups is created automatically every day at 2:00am and this backups are stored in your phone. The security of the data has to be given more priority and it also ensures the following

  • Retaining the Messages
  • Allows Free speech for the user
  • Provides detailed explanation about the working of various features of the app
  • Checks for end-to-end encryption of the messages.

Push Notifications

The best way to grab the attention of the user is push notifications. Also, it saves the time of the user by allowing them to check the content of the notifications easily.

Geo Location

Geo location is a very important feature which serve for finding the locations like hotels, banks, hospitals, etc., and also it is very useful for those users who want to share their current location on various social media platforms. The inclusion of geo location is mandatory for travel, calling a cab, e commerce, online food ordering and many more. It made it real estate research, retail and networking so easy. For messaging apps, this geo location serves very useful for advertising.

Features which the messenger app is supposed to have are:
  • Group chat
  • Acknowledgment of messages
  • Instant Messaging
  • Forward and reply messages
  • Mute notifications/group chat
  • Hide user/group
  • Broadcasts and announcements
  • OTR
  • History logs
  • Notes and reminders
  • Internal mailing
  • Conferencing and video calls
  • Smiley and business icons
  • Change size/font/color
  • Shortcuts
  • Multiple views
  • Preset message settings
  • Customizing status with auto reply
  • Alert on status change
  • Mobile apps for instant messaging and file transfer


Popular examples of messenger app
  • Hey Tell
  • Voxer
  • WhatsApp
  • Viber
  • Snapchat
  • Line Mobile Messaging
  • Brosix
  • Srimax-Output Messenger
  • Silent phone
  • Talkatone
  • Telegram


WhatsApp App
WhatsApp Messenger App
Snapchat App
Snapchat Messenger App











Including all the above mentioned features, other features which have to be taken care are chat messenger apps cost, and inclusion of other additional functionalities in the chat app. The Cost of Messaging App Development depends on various factors and though, there are many chat apps available in the market, there is a great scope for the new chat apps too. Planning to build an Instant Messaging App Development, then reach FuGenX, one of the best mobile apps development company which offers best services.

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