Wearable Technology: To lead Healthcare Industry

The impact of Wearable Technology is already being experienced in the field of education, communication, navigation and entertainment. However the greatest potential lies in healthcare. Wearable devices has started to revolutionize the healthcare via advanced technology.

Today, wearable health technology is being used in the form of smart clothes, sneakers, watches, rings, glasses, and are expected to play a major role for the future of healthcare. Wearable devices is all set to revolutionize the usage of data and analytics to improve the overall health. It is possible for real time reporting of anonymous data via Wearables.


Healthcare is a domain where even a small delay would lead to fatal failures. Hence it is essential to hold round the clock mobile connectivity among patients and doctors. The technology coupled with evolving mobile app delivers the healthcare providers a direct access to patient data and hence possible to take instant actions that would reduce the prolonging risk.

Implementation of advanced technology among Wearables would lead towards a next level of enterprise mobility. Wearable devices of simple forms were existed in the market but the present generation devices are equipped with exclusive range of features that can help make patient and clinicians as well to monitor and track significant signs and symptoms. The advanced technology enables doctors to understand the behavioral pattern to help monitoring chronic conditions. Monitoring patients with the help of wearable mobile apps would be a great benefit for children, elderly and mentally challenged patients. Many parameters can be tracked and monitored through these mobile devices.

Here are a few statistics on mobile healthcare industry.

  • It is estimated that 52% of smartphone owners gather information related to health from their smart phones.
  • Survey conducted by 2041 physicians of Manhattan research signifies that around 81% of physicians make use of smartphones
  • IMS Research experts anticipate for a market value of more than $2.9 billion over wearable healthcare devices in 2016, which would account for half the wearable device market.
  • It is estimated that eighty million American adults make best use of their mobile phones for health-related searches and activities.
  • A survey highlights, 63% of users from U.K witnessed an increase in fitness through wearable technology.

These statistics lead us towards a wearable mobile technology that would help us experience fascinating healthcare industry. It is also a fact that significant investments have been made by top fortune 500 companies in this revolutionizing technology. These enterprises are in need to develop an advanced custom software solutions to harness the full potential of devices that can empower them to deliver highest level of patient care services.

Here are a few challenges associated with the development of mobile app for wearable devices.

  • Immense APIs and SDKs are associated and has to be integrated with different types of wearable devices
  • Accessibility across numerous devices and platforms
  • Accuracy and security of the data
  • Compliance for healthcare regulations

On the other had Google Glass, from Google brings in an endless possibilities for healthcare industry. Quick access to information and hands few are main advantages of this device. The device can be used in facial recognition to access the patients’ health records data. Data can be transferred and exchanged with pharmacists and lab technicians.

Mobile app technology coupled with Google Wearable devices are set to change the way in which health care services are being delivered. The emerging technology can prevail in managing their health with data security over round the clock connectivity.

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