What is Cyber Security All About and Latest Buzzes Around It?

What is Cyber Security All About and Latest Buzzes Around It?

Cybersecurity is definitely a buzz nowadays. If you just look back for some days, you may have read trending articles on many sites that acclaimed the achievement of young-age cyber security expert Trishneet Arora from Punjab. Trishneet is a first-generation entrepreneur who founded TAC Security Solutions, a cyber security company that provides data protection solutions for large corporations. The solutions are focused on preventing network vulnerabilities and data theft. Now he is the owner of business of multi-million dollars turnover.

With his unique ability, he bagged big clients such as Reliance Industries, Central Bureau of Investigation, Punjab Police (India) and Gujarat Police. Why he is distinguished is his education and achievements after it. He failed in class VIII and completed class X through distance education, and now he is pursuing BCA. Many of his friends who guided him in learning cyber security are now his students. Even building a small team of mobile app development company is challenging in this age, but this guy did something out of the box.

Today there is an amplified demand for cyber security experts. Let’s see what this buzzing cyber security world is and why companies requisitely need cyber security solutions in place.

What is Cyber Security?


Cybersecurity is the method protecting networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. The method is driven through the compilation of specific technologies, processes and practices. Cybersecurity covers following elements:

  • Application security
  • Information security
  • Network security
  • Disaster recovery / business continuity planning
  • Operational security
  • End-user education

Why Companies Need Cyber Security Solutions?

Cybersecurity issues are not just widespread in private organizations, its affect quaked even administrative units across the world. Let’s take Russian hacking in the U.S. Election last year, we don’t know how valid the allegation America made, but rumours are still bombing Russia. If we go just back of it, we’ll see Yahoo, where it agreed that some of its users’ info were hacked. So it is very important for both commercial and non-profit organizations to build a super shield against serious hackings.

Top 5 cyber security happenings to see in 2017

Data manipulation in place of data theft

It is already widespread. Attackers could increase their effort of changing their practice from pure data theft and website hacking to damaging or attacking data integrity itself. This type of attack may cause long-term, reputational damage to organizations. In comparison to a direct theft of data, it is imperceptible type of attack we can say. So it is increasingly important for organizations to set proactive strategies.

AI-powered attacks

The next generation of AI-powered attacks would imitate the behaviours of specific users to deceive even expert security personnel. The attacks could be complex and bespoke phishing campaigns that can deceive even well-versed security personnel.

Attackers will target consumer devices

Attackers will target consumer devices

This is what we have already seen many cases last year. Ransomware is an identified problem for companies of all sizes and verticals. Smartphones have already been the victim of it. This year attackers might target the smart TVs.

Increased demand for cybersecurity experts

The lack of cyber security-skills in the workplace has made organisations easy targets for hacking. Demands will undoubtedly increase as organizations are releasing their current IS strategy is not capable enough.


Cybersecurity is today not limited just to a particular organization type or business sector. Globally it made a heavy damage for enterprises and administrative units. So right cybersecurity experts are key for any organizations to be unhacked.

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