Should I Choose Cross-Platform or Native for My Mobile App


Things obviously go in dilemma when you need to choose between native and cross-platform. You’ll think about cost, sometime your head digs deep into user experience the app will deliver. So it is always a need of guide for choosing the right mobile platform when you need to develop a mobile app. Nowadays cross-platform mobile apps are increasingly popular because of its cost-effectiveness and quick-to market conveniences. But when it comes to user-experience, native apps rise above the choices.

If you’re expecting a real guide that helps you take a decision between native app and cross-platform, then this guide is for you. Let us provide.

What is native app?

Native app, commonly called as mobile app, is directly downloaded from the app store and installed on your device. But this app is developed for each platform separately. The platform can be iOS, Android, or Windows.

What is cross-platform app?

Cross-platform apps are downloaded and installed same like native app. But it is developed for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, where the same code base is used for all platforms. It doesn’t make any difference in users’ point of view, they simply download the app and even they can’t easily recognize whether it is native or cross-platform app, in fact, they don’t need it. But it makes difference in developers’ point of view. Cross-platform apps are developed using Ionic, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Sencha or other popular cross-platform app development platforms.

Benefits of native app

• Native app lets you deliver a rich user experience
• You can well utilize platform abilities, like 3D touch on the latest iPhones
• More efficient functionality building
• Supportive to synchronize or make your app cooperative with other devices (with Mac or iPad in case of iPhone app)
• Code runs faster
• New features can be integrated more quickly and easily
• If things go wrong in the development, you can get a tool from the platform (iOS or Android) end to solve the issue

Benefits of cross-platform app

• Comparatively less expensive to develop
• Well supports quick-to-market desire
• Code is written once and customized for other platforms, which makes functionality testing more straightforward as well as cheaper
• Offers a single business logic in the code which lessens the number of bugs when you build an app for 2+ platforms

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When should you choose native app?

• When you want to offer a rich user experience
• When you’ve a sufficient budget
• When you have an enough time to develop an app for multiple platforms separately

When should you choose cross-platform app?


• When your budget is limited
• When you need to launch app simultaneously on all platforms
• When you need to deploy app quickly
• If your app is a game

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I think now you got a clear idea about native and cross-platform app development. If you feel you still need more help, you can get in touch with us. We are a six time Deloitte award-winning global technology services company, specialized in Android and iOS app development.

To take a perfect decision between native and cross-platform, please reach us at or fill up the form now.

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