Why Do Banks Need Artificial Intelligence Software Solutions?

Why Do Banks Need Artificial Intelligence Software Solutions? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a trendy technology that has become very popular across this emerging digital space. Moreover, the applications of AI in banking were transforming the operational ways of banking and finance companies. For automating customer support tasks, monitoring financial risks, improving service quality, and making the brand available to customers 24*7, Banking and Finance companies are widely adopting AI technologies.

AI’s Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Predictive Analytics are top technologies that are taking banking operations to the next level in this digital space. Fraud detection, transaction security, remote account accessibility, credit risk assessments, and many more can be seamlessly performed using AI banking apps.

What we would like to convey is AI plays a key role in the future of the banking industry. Since, the sector is highly exposed to cyber-attacks, integration of AI, ML, and predictive analytics capabilities in banking or finance apps would help service providers to better monitor what is happening across their network while protecting their customers’ accounts.

If you are still in a dilemma to understand the benefits of AI in banking and finance, here are the few top use cases of AI in banking.

Why Is Artificial Intelligence Important In Banking? 

#1. Improved Customer Experiences 

The impact of AI in banking industry for improving customer experiences is high. AI-based mobile banking apps, integrated with conversational chatbots/virtual assistants will help banks in responding to user issues in real-time instantly. Hence, AI plays a great role in improving customer experiences.

AI-powered chatbots in banking apps infusing the power of the next-generation ML technologies can quickly understand the user queries like transactional issues, account-related issues, and any other related to credit and debit balances, etc.

Further, by determining the customer’s transaction data and their in-app search patterns, AI chatbots can also automatically send product/service recommendations, thus, AI in baking improved user personalization.

#2. Encryption and Fraud Detection

There are millions of digital transactions, in terms of credit bill payments, PoS payments, money transactions, etc., that take place in a day. AI in banking and finance or AI in FinTech will also play a significant role in ensuring network security and preventing fraudulent acts. AI banking apps continuously monitor every transaction and improves security level.

With the continuous monitoring abilities of AI, Banks, Fintech service providers, and finance institutions can get alerts on illegal network access and potential security breaches and respond quickly to threats before they affect internal baking systems and customer accounts. Such automated processes will improve the service scalability, customer experiences, and operational reliability.

#3. Voice-based Assistance

AI features with speech recognition capabilities are significant additions to mobile banking apps. Driven by the automatic speech voice recognition potentiality, people can interact with the AI-based virtual assistants with their voice and get accurate responses seamlessly. It saves a lot of time in texting queries and helps to resolve their banking queries faster.

#4. Credit Risk Analysis and Management

Here is another benefit of banking on AI technology. Using AI in banking apps, loan department professionals can automate credit checking edibility and improve their productivity.

Yes, integrating Machine learning algorithms into AI-based mobile banking apps (Android/iOS) automatically analyzes the customer’s transaction history and assesses creditworthiness. Hence, it will help loan departments to easily upload claims, check repayment capabilities, and seamlessly process loans with reduced risk levels.

#5. Boosts Workflow Efficiency Using RPA Banking Apps

The use of AI-powered banking and finance apps will automate front-desk and back-support operations, like recording insurance claims, account creation, account terminations, or credit card disbursal-like functions. Such intelligent AI-based operations will encourage banks to optimize their operational flows and enhance productivity.

RPA-enabled bots are the best example that automates processes and ensures productivity. Robotic Process Automation-powered banking apps will streamline and automate entire manual and repetitive tasks that we discussed above.

#6. Make Better Decisions Faster

By analyzing vast amounts of customer’s financial data, AI-based banking solutions assist banks and finance companies to make value-driven strategies that improve business progress and increase brand reliability.

AI-based data analytics apps or solutions analyze users’ search patterns, interests, and transaction data and derive patterns. These insights would help banks to identify the user’s interests and market trends and help in making strategies that are aligned with the desired needs of their customers. Hence, using AI-based banking apps, banks can explore growth opportunities and improve customer retention rates.

#7.  Improve Management Of Regulatory 

A clean database is mandatory for executing business under the existing rules and regulations of the current authorities. Banking and finance organizations must keep their systems up-to-date and provide compliance-safety services to their customers.

AI banking solutions can also be designed to automatically record every transaction and keep data up-to-date. Further, AI applications in banking can continuously monitor compliance changes and automatically modify the policies as per the new banking rules and regulations.

Hence, AI mobile banking applications are best useful for banks and finance companies to identify non-compliance activities and update them automatically to save the business from hefty fines.

#8. Wealth Management & Financial Advisory

RPA-powered financial advisors or AI-powered wealth management solutions are also gaining momentum. These intelligent AI-based software applications in banking assist people in better managing their finances and recommending the best investment advice to protect their future.

Further, by determining the customer’s investment choices, banks too can create new investment strategies, send personalized recommendations, and build a strong network.


Bottom Line 

AI is transforming the banking industry at a rapid speed. As we discussed, for fraud detection, risk analysis, automating routine tasks, compliance management, and streamlining many more purposes, AI plays a major role in banking and finance. AI technology will be the future of banking and the FinTech sector for witnessing operational excellence and improving customer experiences.

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