10 Proven Ways For Engaging Mobile App Users & Increasing Retention Rate

10 Proven Ways For Engaging Mobile App Users & Increasing Retention Rate

A mobile application is a software that runs on a mobile device and meets the desired needs of the users. Millions of applications for android and iOS/iPhone were developed and launched in Google Play Store and Apple App Store for download and use. The applications across app stores are further categorized into two ways, including free-to-downloadable apps and paid apps. So, based on the user requirement, they might be downloaded and installed on their devices.

But, you might be noticed one thing here that the count of similar mobile apps in the app stores is increasing day by day. You might come across tens of apps that offer the same service to the users. If this is the case, how can you make your application unique from others, and how can you retain and engage your targeted audience for a long time.

Here are brilliant answers to these queries and know how to attract users to download your app, how to retain them, and how to increase average spending time on your app services.

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  1. Know More About Targeted Audience

Identifying the target audience and their needs are the first thing to do before commencing the mobile app development process. The more you know about the target audience, the more personalized services you can deliver to them. You must gather necessary information related to your audience type, gender, age, mobile usage statistics, and all.

Further, Businesses should also identify the issues that their audience is facing on using rival apps in the same niche. This basic information would help to build a user-centric app or update the existing mobile app with the modern features that your audience is looking for.

  1. Design Log-in Page With Just One Or Two Steps

Yes. Easy registration or onboarding process is the second thing that mobile app developers should remember while developing an application. A mobile app with a simple registration process offers quick log-in and allows users to access the app features and functionalities in just a few clicks. Otherwise, as people don’t like to spend their valuable time filling lengthy registration forms, chances of quitting from the app in the initial steps are high.

So, create the best user-friendly app’s log-in form that mandates the user to enter one or two personal credentials, like email ID, password, or mobile number. Yeah, one more thing, if your application gives the users the flexibility to log in through their existing email accounts like Facebook or Google accounts, it will be more helpful, and you can increase the traction.

  1. Provide Step-by-step Initial Guidance

Once the user logins into the app, you must guide them through enabling interactive walkthroughs. For instance, once a new user enters into a banking application, if your app gives step-by-step guidance about how to check balance, how to remit money, how to track pre-approved loans, what will Pay Bill feature do, etc, it means a lot to them.

This step will be helpful for new users to understand the features of your applications and makes the usage simple and hassle-free. So, the best mobile apps development companies will keep an eye on what possible difficulties a new user might face and then focus on addressing hitches.

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  1. Create Interactive User Interface

Though we have hundreds of similar mobile applications with the same functionalities in the app stores, their UIs (User Interfaces), features set, navigation ways will be different from one another. Being the #best mobile app development company, you must create an easy-to-understand UI to attract users towards your application to download and use.

An interactive UI help businesses well-engage their audience and allow users to easily understand what services you are going to offer to them through the app.

  1. Push Notifications For App Personalization

Does integration of push notifications, alerts, or analytical reports personalize the app experiences?

100% I would say Yes. Integration of push notifications and analytical reports is one of the most used techniques for engaging users. Push notifications engage customers well and help businesses in improving customer retention rate and app opening rate.

So, an application with a push notifications feature delivers a personalized experience for the users. For instance, when you opt for online or e-wallet payment in a retail store, you will receive a notification like You are requested to pay so and so amount.  It will increase personalization at the same time, enable customers to pay through secure payment gateways.

On the other hand, push notifications will also be used as communication channels between the app users and application owners. For instance, Zomato-like biggest food delivery service apps send push notifications about discounts, coupons, or any special offers on food orders to the users.

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    6. Update Your App Regularly

    Adding modern features or deleting unusable features from your app will always be a good strategy for increasing user retention rates. The mobile app developers should update the app functionalities on a regular basis to ensure a fresh look and feel and pay the attention of users.

    From content, features list, and design, if you do changes in layout and color scheme, help enterprises keep their users retained for the long run.

    1. Quick Social Media Send/Share Feature

    It is another best trick to add while developing a mobile application. If your app enables users to share files across apps in minutes without any hassle, your app will get an increased customer base in a short span.

    This feature not only assists users in sharing files with their connections but is also useful for increasing app credibility and brand promotion across quick-spreading social media or networking portals.

    1. One Tap In-app Messages

    In-app messages are for knowing customers’ preferences and choices in just one single click. The mobile app developers can display in-app popups, like would you like to book a return trip? If they are interested, the users will be navigated back to the booking page for booking their return journey.

    So, this feature helps companies draw much attention of the users, saves time in booking return trips, and increases user retention.

    1. Give Genuine Response To Users’ Feedback

    Users would love to rate and give reviews on the application functionality, performance, pros, and drawbacks if any. Customers are very open to leaving a comment regarding issues they are facing while using the app or their happiness if they are satisfied with the app’s performance.

    So, by considering customers’ feedback as a source, mobile application developers need to evaluate the performance of their application. Be it positive or negative, respond to the customers’ feedback as soon as possible and try to address immediate and valuable solutions for their issues if possible. It will build trust in your services and increase the retention of the users.

    1. App Quality Beats All The Above

    The quality of the application plays a vital role in its success. We can measure the quality of the app based on its response, loading time, performance, features, etc.

    So, before app submission, mobile application developers need to test it multiple times and make sure that the app is free from bugs.

    However, if you follow all the factors that we discussed in the above session, you can build a profitable mobile app and engage users efficiently. So, focus on these areas while creating a mobile app on either Android or iPhone operating systems.

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    Wrapping Up

    Mobile apps development is a challenging task for application developers with the availability of abundant similar applications in the app stores. FuGenX, a top mobile apps development company in Bangalore, India, has a dedicated team of skilled mobile apps developers, UX/UI designers, and a QA team who works with more enthusiasm to deliver top-notch mobile applications for companies.

    On the other side, we are also experts in handling brownfield app development projects. By taking end-user reviews as a reference, we can upgrade your existing mobile applications with new features and functionalities that your audience is expecting to have in your app.

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