4 Fruitful Tips for Your Mobile App Success

4 Fruitful Tips Can Help Your Mobile App Success

“Around 75% of apps are uninstalled immediately after the first use (day)”. “More than 95% of app users never come back after uninstalling the app”. There are many cases that the low budget apps set trends, whereas high budget apps fail to achieve minimal success. In the app world, more than money and technology, the mobile app success depends on result-oriented app strategy. How to build a result-oriented app strategy to achieve desired app success?

Here are 4 mobile app strategy tips that are created on research and reviews:


Think like a user: Create mobile app in a user point of view because a greater part of your mobile app success depends on how you make your customers’ life easier with the app. For instance, if you are developing a health app, the options like treatment packages, and consult doctor are not sufficient enough to engage them. Provide them with health tips, and informative content like why the disease comes, and what are its symptoms. If they like your content or tips, you will be their first point of contact.

User experience is everything: User doesn’t want their apps to be a puzzle. Build a simple app that can give delightful experiences. To make your app user-friendly, keep the interface attractive and simple that can get hold users’ interest from the first look too. Your app navigation plan should be in such a way that users can access to the whole app in the shortest possible way. Personalize experiences by analyzing his actions and browsing history. I can give one example on how user experience can turn user into a loyal user.

This morning I downloaded the health app Lybrate, whenever I was using that app, I was feeling like I am using Facebook and Flipkart together. Even though I have no more interest in their service, I would like to use their app because of its eye-catching design and cool features. This is what your app should include.


Promote app by selling its value, not it: You may’ve confused. Before starting app promotion, create a crisp snippet that can tell people how it can serve them or why they should use this app. Spread out that snippet wherever you possible like on social media, your existing website or dedicated website for the app. Strategic promotion or marketing is very important; heavy budget marketing can just boost your app up initially, and keep its momentum till the cash is flowing. But once heavy budget becomes low budget, your app will begin to fade away. If you are a startup, facing budget issues to develop or promote your app, consider reading how startups can raise funds.

Updating is like upgrading: If we check update meaning in Google translate, we can see “make (something) more modern or up to date”, whereas upgrade means “raise (something) to a higher standard”. If you keep updating your app means you are up to date to the current trends, which automatically upgrades your app to the next level with higher standard. Let’s take WhatsApp as an example which doesn’t have video calling feature not yet. When the newcomer Imo is attracting WhatsApp users towards it with high quality video calling and voice calling facility, WhatsApp is all set to introduce video calling features to avoid its loyal users get diverted towards Imo. So, you need to refresh the app content, and interact through notifications with the users because users need a reason to use your app again and again.

Here, one thing you should remember very well, you can get all these and more tips by searching somewhere, but it is difficult to implement all these yourself. You need a help of reliable mobile app developers who have created a value for their clients. They can help you in implementing all these stuffs.

If you need it, we’ll do it reliably as one of the most trusted mobile app development companies in USA and India . We’ve created value for Big Basket, BYJU’S, Praxair, Vodafone and many other startups and global companies. Sooner or later, success is sure for your app.

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