Six Ways Graphene Transform The Tech World

The material has seen 25,000 patents since its creation in 2003. Undoubtedly, it is a buzz material. In definition, Graphene is material of a single layer of graphite atoms with supreme strength and conductivity. This strong and thin material impressed scientists and investors alike with potentially limitless applications. It is going over plastic buzz that which had created when it was first invented in TK. Here are the 5 transformational ways graphene is likely to change the tech world.

1. Thinner, more flexible gadget displays

Most of today’s smartphone and tablets’ screens are made up of indium tin oxide, in fact which are inflexible and expensive. But Graphene could be a perfect replacement as a thin, flexible display material. Especially, wearable tech is expected to embrace a huge breakthrough, where flexibility has a key role. This might make the things easier for mobile developers and mobile app developers alike.

2. Super capacitors in-place of batteries for e-cars

If you’re expecting battery-free electric cars, that would be reality with Graphene within the next five years, blending two layers of graphene with one layer of electrolyte. By replacing expensive car batteries, graphene powered supercapacitors may accelerate the growth of electric cars. Speedy charging and faster vehicle acceleration are the two important changes we could expect from supercapacitors. Supercapacitors could be perfect in every aspect, by being smaller, lighter, and stronger than today’s electric batteries. It is certain that Graphene will be a game changer in the auto industry in coming years.

3. World’s thinnest light bulb

Graphene would be a base material for world’s thinnest light bulb, blending an atomically thin graphene filament with a computer chip. We can say it as a ‘revolutionary step’, why because light bulb was never blended with computer chips as the high heat required to produce light that causes chip damage. But Graphene is a perfect replacement here. Its distinct quality of turning out to be a bad conductor at high heats allows it to transmit light without being a detrimental to the attached chip. The change could replicate not just in home lighting, but also in smartphones and computers. Graphene will make the information processing method in smartphones and computers faster, cheaper, more energy efficient, and compact.

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4. Manufacturing of printed electronics

The application of graphene based inks that came out recently are expected to accelerate high-speed manufacturing of printed electronics. The two finest qualities of Graphene, optical transparency, and electrical conductivity turn it out to be a much more appealing than traditional ink components. The flexibility it offers could well shape the future electronics.

5. 3D Camera Sensors


Graphene camera is 1000x more sensitive to light than what we have today. The camera uses multiple translucent graphene sensors to form a 3D map of a scene. This we can say as the graphene alternative to the ‘light field’ Lytro Illum. If Illum requires a range of hundreds of thousands of micro lenses to form its images, the graphene camera uses multiple sensor layers.

6. Replacement for silicon in computer chips

It’s really exciting. Graphene could be an alternative to the silicon in our computer chips. Once IBM and Intel both undervalued graphene as a future chip material in 2011, but in 2014, IBM invested $3 billion into exploring post-silicon designs, including graphene. We can’t certain now that Graphene will completely replace silicon as it’s not a natural semiconductor, but it can be a part of the solution. On the other hand, the current silicon processor is not fit for architectures smaller than seven nanometres, so tech giants may put an extra effort to refine Graphene to make it compatible for their need.


The application of Graphene won’t just be limited to above areas, it may even bring changes to body armours, cooling electronics, bionic materials, sports equipment, green energy, and healthcare. Let’s watch the changing game.

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