7 Mobile Applications that Quickly Make Your Life Easier

In this is app era, where Americans spend an average of nearly three hours per day on mobile apps. If you’re fond of an app, you’re not wrong until unless it is not worthy.

Below are some trending apps that make your life instantly easier in searching the things, getting the health tips, and saving the documents. Let yourself go through the list and check you are really using worthy mobile applications or not:

  1. Healthy Living

Probably today you are well aware of healthy food consumption. However, you can’t always see the breakdown of ingredients that every product you use in your routine. How to measure the food you’re taking or the shampoo you’re using has the balanced ingredient ratio?

Don’t worry! Healthy Living app from EWG (Environmental Working Group) helps you make sure you’re doing right. The android app is capable to measure the ingredients (or chemicals) of more than 120,000 food and personal care products.

The ingredients can be measured by searching the product by name, or you can directly scan the barcode. And you can also consider app’s own recommendations on cereals and serums.

  1. Duo

Duo – a free Google product. If you’re looking for an alternative for Facetime on iPhone or Skype on Android, Duo is the best app that can available in google play store and app store. How it stands out? The feature called “Knock Knock” shows you live video of the caller before you even pick up.

The mobile application is even very simple to use. This web app costs nothing, but it costs more for those who intend to develop it.

  1. Square Cash

Square Cash is a wallet app. It lets you send money for free through email, or text to anyone with the mobile/ web based app or person who has a bank account. You can also send or receive money through the personalized website “Cashtag”.

Here you no need to worry about a separate Cash account balance; instead the account is linked to your debit card/credit card. On the other hand, business owners can accept payments from clients with no limit to the dollar amount.

  1. Evernote

Relatively old one, but increasing its popularity day by day. If you’re looking for a notebook to write down completed fund transfer details (reference number, etc.) or events details you have to attend, Evernote is undoubtedly the best you can go with.

With this mobile operating system, you can make a note by clicking a picture, or with the attachment, audio file, reminder note, text note or through handwriting. You can synchronize it between mobile/ desktop applications. Say big thank for the mobile app developers team who develop this type of apps and provide great user experience.

  1. Headspace

In this hustle overwhelmed world, everyone wants peace for some moments or hours. If you look for the same, Headspace can be the best fit you’ve ever found out. Olympic athletes, Wall Street executives, and executives from Virgin Group are already the beneficiaries of Headspace.

The free Take10 program, part of Headspace, lets you for meditation for 10 minutes a day for 10 days. And the subscription allows you to get access to a deeper range of mindfulness exercises. From easy breathing to accurate visualization, the system software application like Headspace is perfect to be healthier in mind.

  1. Hours Keeper

Getting self-employed has its own advantages; Tracking your hours is not one of them. Software applications like ‘Hours Keeper’ simplify the process by managing the time you spend on various clients, allowing you to sort your hours into pay periods and generate invoices along with free pdf template within seconds.

You can manually add time or utilize a clock-in/ clock-out feature that works as a running timer, which will eventually help you focus and make your time.

  1. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is well known as the best calorie counter. This remarkable application monitors the body weight gain, weight loss and fitness goals. It’s hard to count your calories manually right? that’s why just download ‘MyFitnessPal’ app from Google play store and sign up into your workout and diet anytime, anywhere.

With more than 5,000,000 food items database, knowing much about what are you eating is not so simple. Thankfully, this web application will provide information about all the whole food you have taken in the entire day and everyday eating habits. After a few weeks, it will show how much weight you lost. This app is like motivation and encouragement.

  1. Parking Panda

Whether you go to shopping, theatre, hospital, supermarket, the only thing you worry about is finding Parking. Don’t worry! Parking Panda is here to make you happy. From next time onwards whenever you go out, just open this iOS app on your mobile phone and get a parking spot with the right directions.

This mobile application is available in the Google play store and is using in 40 cities through the United States. You can see a route map of each area/location with the cost for parking in that place and then pay in advance that it will be waiting for you when you arrive. Wow! How cool it is right!

Final Words:

Mobile apps and mobile devices are no longer just for shopping and gaming. It has gone a long way, from helping people check their heartbeat their own to enabling businesses to boost employee productivity. Let yourself enjoy the tangible benefits of apps listed above.

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