2021 Beginner’s Guide to App Building

Planning to develop a mobile app for the first time? No doubt, you may have many questions to clarify: Will it be successful? How to make people know about my app? Though know, will they accept it? Ten and more questions…

Having helped develop hundreds of apps on different platforms for different business verticals, we were asked all these questions by young entrepreneurs and businesses who intended to develop mobile app.

Here are the most asked ones by the first-timers and our helpful answers to that:

I have many app ideas, which one to choose?

It is the decision, which should be more thoughtful. The world’s most successful businesses excelled with multiple ideas, but that was implemented at regular intervals. Starts with the best idea first, give each app at least 6 months to go on after the release, and if that gets successful, continue enriching that. If you don’t see an increasing user base, consider the next app idea to take it on the floor.

I have an app idea, but getting difficulty to draw its functions and features. What to do?

First, bring your app idea on the paper & draw skeleton. If you need, find out some good prototyping tools on the Internet, and create a clear, screen-by-screen wireframe of the app. Once the requirement is clear to you, look for a company that can develop app how you want it.

How can I know there is a value for my app idea?

Start discussing your app idea with the friends and then drag it to coworkers and business people. With friends and coworkers okay, but how with the business people? Use Google/Facebook ads or email marketing. To analyze the campaign result, you should have a dedicated website for your app. Participate in venture capital conferences or similar gatherings where you can have a chance to meet investors to spread your app out and to raise funds.

Which to choose between, mobile website or mobile app?

You can choose mobile website, but it doesn’t offer any special experience to your customers, nor does it add any value to them. The app is for mobile likewise the website is for desktop.

Should I develop a cross-platform app?

Cross-platform app development is better when it comes to cost, not user-experience. If you want to engage your customers with rich user-experience elements, consider native app development.

Which is better, developing the app in house or outsourcing?

The world’s many reputed ventures today outsourced their projects in the initial days in order to keep the cost down and bring out competitive product. Among them, Skype, Alibaba, Digg, & Fab.com are the finest examples. Outsourcing mobile app development can also overcome your possible barriers like the lack of time, more manpower, and access to the latest tools and technologies. If you’re outside India and want to outsource app development project to India, you can go through the guide on outsourcing mobile app development to India.

Should I offer my app free or paid?

If you are developing a mobile app for your existing business to enhance your customer experience, you can offer it free of cost. Because you can earn revenue from the products or services purchased through the app. Even though you are new to the business world, you can offer your app free of cost, but you should know very well how to make money with free app. The final decision to offer app free or paid depends on your app idea and business goals.

How to get more downloads to my app?

Once your app is submitted to the app store, you should do App Store Optimization. This is the first thing you have to do in order to get natural downloads and create a value for your app. Other fruitful app marketing methods include in-app advertising, mobile advertising, social media marketing, and search engine marketing.

How much does it cost to develop an app?

The real cost of app development depends on your exact requirements like the type of app (simple app, database app etc.), app platform (Android, iOS etc.), and app design (UI & UX design).

What if my app does not work?

It is common the success and failure of apps in the app world. Though your app idea is unique and the plans are perfect, if your app is not working, make a complete report and find out the reasons for failure. Accordingly, restructure and refine your plans to bring it to the right path. Move onto the next app idea if the current one is difficult to restructure.

To avoid all these possible damages in the app development, it is better to choose an experienced and trusted mobile app development firm who can understand your requirement better and deliver assured performance.

Who We Are?

We are FuGenX Technologies, the most trusted global mobile app development company in USA and India. We’ve helped India’s largest online grocery store Big Basket to become big and America’s largest industrial gases company Praxair to become bigger. We develop apps and games that people love to use and share with others. Our support is forever; before, during and even after app development also.

For world-class and reliable mobile app development services, Please reach us at fugenx.com or info@fugenx.com.

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