How much does it cost to create an educational app?

If you inspired by any education app, and want to create the best apps for schools, universities, and colleges.

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“Here, we are going to know about creating a mobile app for education and its types, features, the cost to develop, and benefits.”

Education is essential for everyone, and it gives success to a person in various ways such as financial, social, and emotional.

So, nowadays, every parent is trying hard to provide the best education for their kids.

As time is changing, the teaching methodology is also taking new paths.

When I am doing my schooling, it is one way. Now, it is interactive with the involvement of various methods & techniques.

Emerging of mobile computing gave much scope to the development of various mobile applications related to various aspects.

Education is one of the top aspects where mobile apps are playing an important role.

Education in mobile.

A big no. Due to lack of awareness.

As times move on, parents habituated & understood the value of mobile apps in education.

As soon as mobile app development came to spotlight, the education sector moved along with it.

In olden days, we need to reach out to the library to learn or find any information, but the introduction of mobile apps changed the situation.

Instantly, we have many educational apps where we can find everything that we are looking out.

According to the Statista, global mobile education market may reach $21.4 Billion up to 2028.

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education app industry

Source: Statista

The above stats will the feature of educational mobiles all over the world in the coming up years.

These educational apps not restricted to a certain age, anyone can learn using mobile apps.

Benefits of educational app:

You may get a doubt that why mobile apps for education when we have so many books.

Then you should know the benefits of an educational app:

  • Convenience.
  • Modernity.
  • Time Saver.
  • Efficiency.
  • Tracking of individual progress.
  • Personalized learning experience.

Division of educational apps:

We move further about educational apps. It is better to decide what type of app you are looking to develop. This section helps you in choosing.

Educational apps are not only for schools and students, but they are various apps such as teacher-parent communication apps, education app for teachers, a communication app for school, and many more to help the education system.

  • Educational mobile app for school kids:

If you are looking to develop a profitable mobile app, then a mobile app exclusively for school kids/children is the perfect choice.

The mobile school apps have an enormous scope because every parent wants to provide a quality education for his kids.

According to the survey, 60% of the school students using mobile app for education. In the market, we have so many best apps for schools/student according to them you can conclude.

  • Particular niche apps:

This type of apps are common in the market most of the school, college, and graduate students use regularly. It can be Mathematics, physics, and chemistry for school kids. When it comes to graduate students, it can be computers, economics, commerce, and management.

These types of apps primarily focus on a single niche.

  • Classroom educational apps:

You can also create a classroom educational app apps for schools education, which is useful for both students and teachers.

These apps utilized while teaching in the classroom. It serves as tutorial material for students. When it comes to teachers, mobile apps give useful instructions to their subjects effectively.

  • Educational apps for teachers:

Teachers are the key players in the education ecosystem. So you can’t ignore them.

These teaching apps are helpful to improve the teaching standards and methodologies.

  • Professional online course app:

In the world, there are many colleges, universities offering professionals course in distance mode. Now, mobile computing enables you to attend live classes, and you can interact with the professors to simplify your doubts.

  • Mobile App for languages:

A business person with the right foresight develops an app exclusively for learning new languages. These apps are some are freeware and premium versions where you can learn a wide range of new languages.

  • Educational gaming apps:

If you have an Android app idea to develop, then you can build this type of mobile app for education.

The educational gaming apps are an interactive type where you can learn while you play.

These apps are beneficial for school children and kids because kids are more interested in playing rather than the younger generation.

  • Features of the educational app:

Up to know you got a clear picture of benefits and type of apps.

Now, it’s time to know about the features which should include in every educational app.

You got any doubt about information, we help you every stage of your mobile app development.

  • User registration:

It is a prerequisite of every educational application such as school apps for teachers, worksheet apps, and many more.

Make sure you include user registration & personalization of your profile because it helps to keep track of every user information about his success and performance.

Ask your mobile app development team to add simple registration methods.

Use can ask your users to register using a phone number, social media accounts, and Google login.

  • Social media integration:

You can’t imagine a mobile app of any vector without implementing this feature. It is helpful for both ends user and mobile app owner.

A user can register in your mobile app with social media profile with just a few clicks.

It allows the student to share his accomplishments with family and friends.

  • Content:

Content is the prominent feature of every educational app. Because it relies entirely on the content & it is the core of the app.

Just remember one thing while developing an education app offer genuine and reliable content to your customers; it is the only way to get traffic and increase customer base.

Measure to be taken in content:

Cover every topic related to each subject.

Explain each topic clearly with real-time examples.

Make your content simple so that everyone can understand.

Content should be mobile friendly.

  • Database:

To store your content, you need a powerful and architecturally influential database is required.

A database is a storehouse where everything is stored such as user information, study material, the progress of user, and much more.

The database response time should be faster because both teachers and students use it.

  • Private messaging:

It can be a perfect option for your educational app as you are planning to develop. This feature helps parents to have one to one interaction with school management and teachers to know about their kid and school updates.

It is a real-time communication tool for teachers and parents.

  • Tracking progress:

Every parent feels responsible for their kids, so they are eager and excited to know about their children progress.

Tracking progress gives complete detailed analysis about each student performance it helps students to improve themselves. Parents can also check the monthly and annual report card, and they can communicate with the teachers.

  • Live interaction with teachers:

You can consider this as an advanced & most have feature for your educational app. It is a platform where students, parents, and teachers can communicate with each other using independent live interaction.

The demand for this increasing day by day, so it is better to consider this feature while developing your app.

It used to solve student and parent queries instantly.

  • App feedback & rating:

Developing an app is essential, and more than that, your app should evolve every day. It is possible only when you get genuine feedback and rating form your customer.

So better to place this feature, because it tells you where you need to improve so that you can be the leader in educational apps.

  • Push notifications:

It is the characteristic feature now every mobile app development company is placing while they develop mobile apps. It gives you important updates and event related to your child.

It is used to send real-time updates to students and teachers.

  • Payment gateway:

Payment gateway helpful for parents and educational institutions in payment of college/school fees. With the help of this feature, parents can directly pay the amount to educational institutions accounts without any hassle.

  • Offline access:

This feature place you at the top of all educational apps. If you are interested in gaining a lot more from your app, provide offline access to the study material in your app, so that many can attract and it helps to growth of your app.

  • Practice tests & mock tests:

Most of the students from college/schools/universities look after mock tests and practice tests before they appear an exam; it can be academic or competitive.

This section helps the students to check their preparations levels and subject knowledge based on that they prepare for their main exam.

How to develop an educational mobile app?

To develop an educational mobile app, you need to follow some simple steps:

  • App idea:

Find out the predicament in the educational sector, which has a solution that you know in detail.

If you believe that can make a difference, then go with it otherwise think a better and creative idea which can solve the real-time problem.

  • Market research:

Then do the market research, so that you can know your competitors about their positives and negatives based on that you can proceed for your app development.

If no competitor, then don’t be sad. Feel proud of yourself and start in-depth research on what you need to include in your app.

  • Testing:

Before you go live in the market, ask as many as people what they are looking out in educational apps.

It helps you in developing your app.

  • Choose your app Development Company:

After all, choose a mobile app development company which has expertise in developing mobile apps.

FuGenX is a global technology services company, specialized in education app development. FuGenX has helped BYJU’s develop a world-class mobile app to strengthen its teaching capability.


  • Cost to develop an educational app:

The cost of an educational app depends on its features, factors, and complexity level of the development.

It plays an important role for mobile development companies.

The factors that affect the pricing of a mobile app:

  • Content:

Content is so much crucial in the educational apps. The content you want to place in your educational app matters a lot, and the cost of the app varies based on the type of content.

You can choose the type of content you want to place in your app based on below given option:

  • Traditional content:

It includes images, text, video, and audio.

  • Combined content:

Interactive & traditional learning components.

  • Custom:

An unusual type of materials.

  • Learning methods:

Based on the learning process you provide for your users also varies the cost of an educational app.

  • Plain content:

In this process, a student can download the lessons to complete the learning process by marking it as done.

  • Online testing:

Student can directly login to the app and can take test to pass & get grades.

  • Automatic assessment:

Homework of students can automatically be corrected and evaluated.

  • Content protection & licensing:

As an educational mobile app content based, it needs protection from reproducing. So, based on the content you publish like paid content, subscription content plans, and group licensing.

Based on your choice, the cost of your app differ.

  • Mobile app platform:

Based on the choice of your mobile app platform, the cost depends. You can choose both Android and IOs or any one of your choice.

  • App team:

The mobile app development team you choose also decide your mobile app cost. The team needed for developing an educational app is:

  • Project Manager.
  • Requirement analyst.
  • Web developers.
  • QA engineers.
  • Mobile app developers (IOS and Android)
  • UI/UX designers.

The developer’s cost scales based on the geographical location of the development team.

Developers in India: $10-80/hour

Developers in Eastern Europe: $30-150/hour

USA developer cost: $50-250/hour.

After considering above all factors, the cost of an educational app is calculated as the number of hours to develop multiplied by the cost of the developer.

It’s not that easy to give an exact cost of the educational app for learning and teaching, the cost changes according to the app features, requirements, functions, company you choose to develop, and complexity type.

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  • Conclusion:

I hope you are satisfied with the above information. If not, please feel free to ask your queries regarding your mobile app.

So come with your app ideas, so that we can give you an exact estimation or pricing of your educational app.

Please reach us at any time.

We are happy to serve you

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