How Much Does it Cost to Develop Video Conferencing App like Google Duo?

How Much Does it Cost to Develop the Best Video Conferencing App like Google Duo?

You might have noticed that the rapid popularity of video calling apps since the COVID-19 wave. In this challenging COVID pandemic, organizations are switching to remote communication apps to connect with their employees. High-quality video calling apps are benefiting enterprises to chat or conduct conferences with their workforce.

The installation rates of the best video calling apps are increasing year over year. According to Statista, the video chat apps like Zoom, Skype, Houseparty, and Google Duo have approximately 38.2 million daily active users.

Along with Skype, the recently launched Google Duo also gained so much popularity in the market. The download rate of the best video conferencing app like Google Duo from Android and iOS users is growing and giving tough competition to other video chat apps.

In this article, we would like to give you a detailed guide to build the best video calling app like Google Duo in 2021. The key topics that we covered are-

  • The market trend of video conferencing apps in 2021
  • Features of video calling apps or video chat apps
  • Best technology stack to create a video chat app like Google Duo
  • Development cost to create the best video calling mobile application like Duo

 The market Trend for the best video chat apps like Duo

Since most of the areas are still in lockdown, it is forecasted that the video calling apps development will provide profitable business.

The Video calling applications that build on Android or iOS platforms are the most demanding apps in the market for many years. But unlike before, this year, because of COVID, they become like tech solutions for establishing the best communication platform for both personal and professional purposes.

By below statistics helps you analyze the market value of video chatting apps like Google Duo.

  • As of Mozilla, 73% of individuals are using trending video chat apps for making video calls with family and friends.
  • As of Statista, the global downloads of Zoom and Skype are skyrocketed in the quarter of 2020
  • As of Ipsos, 57% of the USA citizens are using the best video conferencing apps like Google Duo for professional purposes.
  • Mozilla states that Zoom and FaceTime are the best video chat apps in the USA.
  • According to Mozilla, 75% of existing users of top video conferencing apps like Google duo continue to use the app for personal or professional purposes.
  • A study says that over half the global workforce will participate in video conferences in the next decade.

These are only a few significant statistics that prove the actual market demand for Android-based/iOS-powered video chat applications. The stats clearly say that video chat apps will have a maximum growth rate in the coming years.

Let’s talk to our experts to build a video calling app for your business.

Features of video calling apps or video chat apps

Google Duo is one of the best video chat apps for Android users. The new version of Google duo is also available on Apple’s app store to extend its services to iPhone users.

If your business needs the best video conferencing apps like Google Duo or Skype, your app should have the below features.

  • Simple user registration
  • Profile creation and management
  • A quick contact search feature
  • Video Conference or Meeting ID
  • Schedule meeting
  • Host video meeting
  • Join Meeting
  • Live video or text messaging
  • Record meetings
  • Screen sharing
  • Flexible Audio or video calls
  • Push notifications regarding scheduled meetings
  • Mute option
  • Knock Knock feature for live previewing caller video
  • Group calls limit

These are key features of the best video chat apps like Google Duo.


FuGenX, a top mobile app development company, creates best-in-class video chat apps or video conferencing applications. We build your video chat apps with the most advanced and attractive features such as in-meeting chat, automatic meeting recorder, and sharing screen during meetings, and so on.

With 10+years of industry enterprises, we develop video conferencing apps with all the basic and advanced features that a company needs to conduct a meeting.

FuGenX, the best Android apps development company in India, also develops enterprise-centric iPhone/iOS mobile applications on-demand.

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    Technology stack to create a video chat app like Google Duo for Android & iOS

    The technology stack plays a vital role in creating Android/iOS mobile apps for various purposes. Apps with the best technology stack ensure excellent bug-free performance for long years. Thus, choosing the right technology stack helps developers build robust and scalable mobile applications.

    Let’s see the tools and technology stack for developing video chat apps like Google Duo.

    • Programming languages- Java & Kotlin for Android and Swift for iOS
    • Database- MySql and Oracle
    • Streaming Protocols- RTP, RTMP SDK, and WebRTC
    • Cloud Platforms- Amazon S3 and Amazon EC2
    • Security protocols- AES-256 and HMAC-SHA256
    • Tools- Android Studio, Android Developer Tools, and Apple Xcode (for iOS)
    • API & SDKs- Twilio, Vonage Video API, Socket, and Wowza GoCoder SDK
    • Frameworks- Laravel, Laminas, and Angular

    Along with the above technology stack and tools, integration of the below services will make your video chat app most unique and brilliant.

    • Mailing services
    • Social media integration
    • Google Analytics

    FuGenX is one of the best mobile app development companies in India and the USA. We use potential tools and advanced technologies for creating an app that increases business revenues by 80%.

    Now, let’s move on to our main topic, a step-by-step guide to build a video chatting app like Google Duo and its development cost. 

    A Detailed Guide To Create The Best Video Calling Mobile Application Like Duo

    There are a few impactful factors that one must consider to create a high-quality video calling app for Android and iOS.

     Back-End Support

    Back-end server development is essential for encryption and synchronization between devices. The server should be perfect and well developed to make your video conferencing app perform well.

    Unlike other mobile applications, video calling apps need complex technologies for server development from the scratch level.

     App Design

    An elegant and easy-to-use UI/UX design pays users attention and enhances their app experience. The user interface of the best video streaming apps like Google Duo should be catchy. Intuitive UI/UX design helps users understand and use app features.

    FuGenX creative mobile app developers reduce the complexity of custom mobile application design. Let’s talk to know more about our app development services. 

    App Platform

    The best mobile app developers across the globe build interactive B2C or B2B applications using iOS and Android platforms.

    FuGenX, a leading mobile application development company, has developed and delivered high-performing Android apps and iOS apps for businesses across diversified industries.

     Team Size

    A leading mobile app development company should have highly skilled mobile app developers, designers, and quality testers for quick mobile app development.

    If you are planning to develop the best professional video conferencing app like Skype or Google Duo, you might be eager to know about its development cost. Let’s look into the below session.

    How much does it cost to build a video chat app like Google Duo for Android and iOS?

    Video conferencing applications with a minimum set of features for only one platform (either Android or iOS) would cost around $55,000+.

    On the other hand, the development cost of a video calling app like Google Duo, Skype, or Google Meet with advanced features and complex UI/UX on one dedicated platform will be around $75,000+.

    Let me tell you one thing that this is the only estimated cost of the mobile apps. The development cost of video chatting apps will vary based on the features and platform compatibility. It also depends on the location where you develop the app.

    If you are planning to develop a video chat app like Google Duo in partnership with the best mobile app developers in India, you can get the app between $50K-$75K+.

    Being a top Indian mobile app development company, FuGenX offers a decent price quote for your dream video chat app.

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      Benefits of video chat apps for Industries


      Video chat apps are not only for tech companies to ensure their business continuity. Results-driven video calling apps for Android/iPhone users offers incredible benefits to industries.

      1. Healthcare Sector

      The healthcare industry needs to be active and provide 24/7 services. Digital HealthCare using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation is a buzzword in the market.

      Smart video chatting apps helps healthcare professionals provide emergency healthcare consultation services.

      1. Education Sector

      The trend towards online education or e-learning is growing in this pandemic. Instructors can share knowledge through interactive video sessions with students. On the other hand, video chat apps also help students to attend video conferences and learn subjects from anywhere.

      1. Banking and Finance Sector

      The best video chat applications help customers talk to bank agents in real-time while ensuring high-level security to the conversation.

      FuGenX’s banking and financial solutions help banks provide more personalized services to their valued customers.

      Let’s talk to build a video chat app for your banking business.

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        Likewise, high-quality video calling apps are also helpful for field service industries such as manufacturing and retail for improving workforce productivity. Besides, the video conferencing apps for Android and iOS also helps admins to conduct group calls with resources.


        Final Words

        Virtual communication through top audio/video calling apps for Android and iOS is propelling the market ever like before. Zoom, Skype, and Google Duo are already set the benchmark for remote communication.

        FuGenX develops customizable video conferencing applications for Android and iOS platforms.

        Are you looking for a video conferencing app for your team?

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