How much it cost to build sports betting app?


Betting is not a new thing to the world, and it is there since ancient times.

As time moves on, the modes of betting also changed.

In the 19th century, for the first time, online betting introduced to the world.

From the time of its inception, it never looked back again.

Betting is the most pre-eminent way to make money, and most of the people making 100 percent from it.

After mobile computing came into existence, the betting apps started to rise very rapidly. In the same era, sports betting apps came into the market.

Previously people feel betting as risky because they need to visit gambling centers or websites to do betting on various sports or other things.

Previously and presently, in some countries betting is considered illegal in countries like India, the Middle East, and Japan.

Whereas in some countries like America and European countries, betting is widespread.

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According to the statistics, the valuation of online betting as of 2017 is 45.8 Billion and expected to reach 94.4 Billion as of 2024.

In recent times a massive number of sports betting apps came into various play stores such as google play and Apple store.

William Hill and Bet 365 are the two prominent sports betting apps in the USA, which changed the entire landscape of the industry.

If you are also planning to develop the sports betting app, and want to explore the new opportunities & revenue from it, then follow us to know in detail.

One important thing you should make a point is “Every betting app is unique in its ways, such as features, methods, functionalities, and rules.

The common goal of every app is to provide an enhanced user experience for sports fanatics.

The users can watch their sport live, can cheer team and individual player simultaneously. All this can happen in one place on your smartphone.


  • Betting app types:

Before we start in-depth about the betting app development, let us know the sort of betting apps.

  • Singles.
  • Double
  • Treble.
  • Yankee
  • Parlay.
  • Head to Head.
  • Each Way.
  • Handicaps.
  • Tricast.
  • Patent.

Users have an option to select any one from various betting types and methodologies.

The user can also select the betting type based on the game.

  • Most popular sports betting apps: (Add company logos)

As the mobile app industry is flourishing with a broad spectrum of sports betting apps, which are coming with all sizes and sorts.

Every sports betting app you find in the market is not the same and perfect.

So, you have many scopes to convert those problems into features.

Top sports betting apps:

  • Bet365:

It is the world’s most popular online betting app, headquartered in the United Kingdom. It is available on IOS platforms.

Founders: John Coates, Denise Coates, and Peter Coates.

Founding year: 2000.

It is best applicable to the betting people who want to bid at the last moment.

  • William Hill:

It is one of the oldest and popular betting application for IOS users, headquartered in the United Kingdom.

William Hill is the world’s largest bookmaker.

Founders: William Hill.

Founding year: 1934.

One of the vital features attracting more customers is betting insurance.

  • Paddy Power:

It is an Irish sports betting company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

It allows its customers to place bets, watch games, and built-in casino.

Founders: David Power, Stewart Kenny, and John Corcoran.

Founding year: 1934.

This betting app loved by most of the users due to its ease of use.


  • Features of the sports betting app:

The foremost thing you ought to know before going to development is app features.

Most of the users look after the features before they install an app.

Well, coming into the features of the betting app, it divided into two sections, namely user and admin panel.

  • Sign-up/Login:

It is the standard features that you can find in all on-demand apps. The customer can log in using email & password, and if he is a new user, ask him to register with the app.

Provide various sign-up ways to a user such as a phone number, email id, and social media accounts.

  • Choose a player or sport:

This feature will provide an extensive range of options for the users to bet on various games.

When you are developing your app, also you should provide a range of products so that the users can attract your app. It includes various sports like Rugby, Barclays English Premier League or football, basketball, cricket, Formula One, Horse Race, and many more.

Likewise, you should provide all playing players and teams for that particular sport. The rate of each player and team placed adjacent to it.

  • Watch live game:

Enable users to watch a live sport through the app so that the user can view the game and examine how it’s going on.

This feature helps users to plan their betting according to their strategy.

  • Betting guide:

It is a crucial feature of sports betting apps. It is beneficial for the new users who visited your app for the first time.

Betting guide guides the users in various purposes, such as placing a bet on player/sport, redeeming the amount, and many more.

While developing your sports betting app, make sure you provide this feature in your app.

  • Information about player:

This feature is essential for the app user to have data about every player playing that particular sport chosen. It also provides each player performance in previous games and his strengths & weaknesses.

  • Keep app users updated regarding match calendars:

Apart from the player information, you should also update the app users about the coming up matches and their schedules, including time, date, and place.

So, the user can prepare himself for betting for his favorite match or sport in advance.

  • Betting model selection:

The sports betting app will have various models, among which a user can select the best model for the betting based on his convenience and preferences.

Various betting models available for the app users are call raise, check-raising, Folding the Flop, call, check, and many more.

  • Betting type selection:

After selecting the betting model, now the user has to opt for the betting type.

Based on user choice, he can select the betting type they want to bet on a particular match.

As already discussed on the top about the betting, you can choose any one of them.

  • Associating with other users of the app:

If you keep this feature in your app, it gives you an edge over other sports betting app.

It enables the users to interact & communicate with the other app users for talking about the game predications they want to bet.

  • Final status & position:

You will get the final result from the admin about your betting, whether you won or lost when he creates the new pool of betting.

  • Instant Payment:

Betting and gambling will revolve around the money itself. So it is one of the critical features of the betting app, whether it is sports betting app or soccer betting app.

So, you must integrate an online instant payment gateway with your app to provide a smooth and secure payment method for users.

  • Multiple-language support:

The sports betting app is not related to one country/region/state, so your app must integrate with the multi-lingual feature.

Make sure your app should support all standard and most popular languages in the world.

  • Summary of the match:

Please provide an overview of the game after its completion. It helps the gamblers in analyzing each player and match.

If anyone misses watching a live game, they also get a clear view of the match and its turning points.

Offline support:

This feature will stand out your sports betting app on the top of the stack when compared with the other apps.

It is handy for the gamblers if you provide offline access not every time but for some limited time.

It is helpful for users when they lose internet connectivity, and it will save the user from losing the money and bet.

Admin panel:

  • Sign-up/log in:

The sign-up process is the same as the app user. The admin need to login to perform his duties.

  • Management of users:

Form this segment; the admin will manage all his sign up users using a dashboard.

The admin will have all the credentials of every user, such as betting type, betting model, betting amount, and many more.

  • Management of prizes and payments:

This feature of admin helpful in managing the amount that comes from the user and award money return to the betting people.

He is also responsible for managing the content of the app.

  • Inputs from bookies:

Bookies are the vital players in the sports betting apps and the whole process.

In this section, the admin gets inputs from the bookies regarding the status and standards of each player/team. Apart from that, they can provide the probability of winning or losing a game.

According to the bookie’s information, admins will decide the profit-share of each game.

Admin has the right to add and delete the users based on the terms and conditions of the app.

Betting price and profit share are decided by the admin of the sports betting app.

  • Advanced features:

As of now, we discussed the essential functions of a sports betting app. Now, we are moving on to the advanced features, which can give an edge over your competitors.

It is your wish whether to include in your sports gambling app or not.

  • Radio.
  • Promotions.
  • Back end connection
  • Bet and play instantly.
  • Rating & reviews.
  • Community.
  • Pop-ups.


  • Tech stack for the app:

Push Notifications: Apple push notifications and Firebase cloud messaging.

Programming: GWT

Data Management: Datastax

Authentication of SMS, voice, and phone: Twilio and Nexmo.

Payments: EWallets, Braintree & PayPal, and Stripe.

Database: Postgress, Cassandra, MongoDB, and HBase.

Cloud Environment: Google and AWS.

Real-time analytics: Cisco, Hadoop, IBM, Spark, Apache Flink, and BigData.

For Android development: Kotlin.

For IOS development: Swift

Operating system: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and Macintosh.

For real-time information: Donbest

For live matches: ESPN and Cricbuzz.

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  • How much it cost to develop a betting app?

Now it’s time to discern the cost to build a betting app.

The cost depends on the innumerable factors that we are going to look out now.

  • App platform:

The majorly used platforms in the world are Android and IOS. The cost of app development impacts by the platform you choose.

As the number of platforms increases, the cost of the development also increases, vice versa.

It entirely depends on the app developing enterprise on how many platforms they want to build, whether single or multiple.

  • App complexity:

The app complexity levels you choose also define the cost of your betting app.

Mobile apps categorized based on their complexity levels, such as simple, medium, and high-end.

The simple version of a mobile app costs you very little related to the other two (medium and high-end). So, pick according to your app features & functionalities.

  • App development team:

Among all the aspects, this element defines much of your app price as well as your app development.

The team essential for betting app development:

  • Project Manager.
  • Web developers.
  • Requirement analyst.
  • IOS app developers
  • QA engineers.
  • Android app developers
  • UI/UX designers.

You can select your app development team based on your budget and requirements. You can choose a startup or mid-level company or a multinational company.

If you opt for a startup company, they charge you low, and if you choose for MNC, then they charge you a very high price.

It depends on the individual or the enterprise who is scheduling to build an app.

  • Developers location:

Apart from the development company you select, their site also influences your betting cost.

The cost of a developer differs from region to region and country to country.

Developers in North America cost: $150-170/hour.

Developers in Eastern Europe: $30-150/hour

Developers in India: $10-80/hour

Developers in Australia cost: $100-110/hour.

Developers in the UK cost: $60-70/hour.

Cost of a mobile application calculated as:

App development cost: Number of hours to develop * Mobile app developer cost

It is good to go for the mobile app development team from Eastern Europe or India for a user-friendly budget.

So, bearing in mind all the factors, it is going to cost you approximately $25,000-$35,000 for a single platform. Again, if you are going for an additional platform, it costs you another $20,000.

It is an approximate cost to develop a betting app.

The price of your app varies according to your ideology and features also.

  • Conclusion:

I hope you are happy with the information provided by us about the betting app.

If not, don’t hesitate to reach us.

We have a great squad of skilled specialists who are capable of clearing all your doubts about betting app development.

Please reach us, and we are happy to serve you.



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