Determine the True Cost of Live Streaming App like Periscope

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like Periscope?

What is a periscope app?


Have you heard the name of Bounty?

Many will say ‘NO.’

What about the Periscope streaming app?

I think everyone is aware of this name or app.

But, when you look at the history & reality, the surprising thing is Periscope initially called Bounty.

Bounty initially developed in 2014 by two best friends Joe Bernstein and Kayvon Beykpour.

They began a service called real-time video streaming using smartphones from anywhere in the world.

However, the road was not effortless for the founders.

They received many complaints from the users regarding its technical issues, and in such cases, Twitter became their savior.

In 2015, Twitter took over the full rights & concepts of the Bounty services.

After the acquisition, it altered its name to Periscope after that; it never looked back.

Twitter took Periscope to new heights with the time and efforts placed by the team.


Periscope is a live streaming application that allows a user to go live and stream your videos straight from your tablet or smartphone.

How Much Does an App like Netflix Cost?

Apart from sharing the live video with other users, you can also view and experience other live videos.

Periscope app is free to use on various platforms Android, IOS, and Windows.

This app is beneficial for the people who are planning to become a professional reporter, and they can use the maximum of it.

We can share anything with the help of this live streaming app; it may be events, about a product/services, play games, and much more.

Periscope competitors:

As users started addicting to the live streaming apps like Periscope.

In the market, many Periscope like apps is entering, leading to an increase in competitors for every app.

It is always better to analyze your competitors before you start developing your periscope TV streaming app.

Like all apps, Periscope has its competitors.

They are:

  1. Meerkat.
  2. Livestream.
  3. Ustream.
  4. YouTube.
  5. Cloudcam.

Competitor analysis gives you a conclusion about everything related to your app development, such as features, tech stack, functionalities, and much more.

Types of Live streaming apps:

If you look at the app stores, you will find a lot of streaming apps.

As you are planned to develop a streaming app for Android or IOS, you must know the kind of video stream apps present in the market.

Let’s see the types:

  • Video-on-demand streaming (VoD):

These types of apps are helpful for users to view movies, TV series, and others without downloading.

It allows resuming, pause, skip, rewind, and much more you can do with these types of apps.

To avail or use the VoD apps, you have to pay for using it.

VoD apps:

  1. Netflix.
  2. Amazon Video.
  3. Hotstar.
  4. Hulu.


  • Audio streaming apps:

The principle is the same as VoD apps. In this type of apps, users can listen to music without downloading the songs.

These types of apps are straightforward and easy to use.

Audio streaming apps:

  1. Apple music.
  2. Pandora.
  3. Spotify.
  4. Wynk.
  • Live broadcasting apps:

Currently, we are discussing a live broadcasting app called periscope, and it is the most popular type of streaming apps in the market.

It is broadcasted and recorded at a time.

In the market, there are many live broadcasting apps:

  • YouTube live.
  • Periscope.
  • Facebook live.
  • Live stream.

We advise you to have a glimpse at their features and offers it provide for the users before you go for the development of Periscope clone.

Streaming apps also varies based on the area you focus like personal and work purpose. Currently, most of the apps are coming out with a combination of two.

In this discussion, we are going to cover the live-streaming app development for IOS and Android.

We at FuGenX, have experienced professionals who are into live streaming app development.

  • Why live streaming apps?

A live-streaming app is beneficial for businesses and enterprises.

Now, let’s see the reason to choose the live streaming app like Periscope.

  • Real-time engagement:

It helps you in having a real-time conversation with the customer. It also used to reach the maximum number of customers, and apart from that, admin or owner can replay to all questions asked by the questions genuinely & in-depth.

Real-time engagement helps you in lead generation also.

  • Increase in brand loyalty:

Live streaming apps like Periscope help you in promoting your brand to new users/customers at high speed.

Real-time advertising will make your brand captivating and much brighter, which helps in increasing your brand loyalty.

  • Greater reach to potential customers:

Live streaming apps have the capability of targeting the right customers. As users/people are shifting to live streaming videos to planned/staged videos.

It is the reason live-streaming apps are becoming more popular and attractive to users.

  • Richer content:

The content you provide in social media and website are not that much convince the audience to use your product or service.

When it comes to live-streaming apps, they can provide rich content and which will attract more users.

  • Ad-free form of communication:

People these days are very much irritated by seeing undesired ads on YouTube and Hotstar videos.

However, in live-streaming apps, users can enjoy an ad-free viewing experience; it helps in loyalty increase and higher engagement.

  • Features of Periscope app:

Now, we are going to look after the functions of the live streaming app like Periscope.

So, take proper care while you choose the features for your app because they will decide your app feature and development.

  • Registration/Login:

Ask your users to log in if they are existing or else ask them to register with the app using multiple methods.


While developing your app, it’s better to go with one registration variant like a Phone number or Gmail account id & password.

Always provide a transparent and straightforward process for the user for smooth flow, which gives a cutting edge over the competitors.

If you are still in a dilemma over selecting login variants, you can contact our team; they will help you out.

  • Profile personalization:

After the signup process, the next essential feature profiles personalization.

Ask your user to provide the necessary information such as full name, user name, and profile pic.

Afterward, you can add a variety of choices like date of birth, interests, locations, and many more based on your interests.

It helps to pull more users to your live streaming app by showing how enjoyable your app is for users.

To some extent, this step will turn out to be a social media platform.

  • Live video streaming:

As you are planning to develop Periscope like an app, live video streaming will be an essential feature.

This feature helps in live streaming your video directly via your tablet or phone.

In the initial version of your app, provide live streaming video for the users by disabling watch further option. In this case, we don’t need any storage devices.

Further, you can add a watch further option so that the user can view the video even after broadcasting. But, it needed more storage space because as users increase, we need to increase the area of storage.

Another important thing you need to take care, provide a limited time frame for a video so that it will be deleted automatically after that time slot.

It helps the users to view their interested videos if they missed when they broadcasted.

  • Real-time messaging:

It is another feature that is used to build a customer relationship. It allows users to leave comments while they watch audio or video and enables the broadcaster to replay to their queries.

Periscope is using PubNub Data Stream Network for push notifications and real-time messaging.

In this app, while broadcasting live video, users can:

  1. Read comments.
  2. Hide chat panel.
  3. Express their opinion.

It also helps the broadcaster to improve in the areas where he lacks behind.

  • Geolocation:

If you integrate Geolocation with your live video streaming app like Periscope.

It helps the users to locate broadcasters based on the location.

Open up the map in your app; it will show you the marks of the live broadcasters at that particular moment in your area.

Depending on that, you can choose or select the broadcaster.

  • Search:

This feature allows users to search for various broadcasters around the world based on multiple sectors.

Make sure you implement various search filters.

Example of filters:

  • Age.
  • The number of people watching.
  • Interest.
  • Location.
  • Language.
  • Broadcast niche.
  • Popularity.

With the filters, users can view their favorite category of videos, which enables users to stay a long period in the app.

  • Privacy:

Currently, privacy became very important for everyone, and for users, it is deciding factor whether to choose an app or not.

As Periscope integrated with the Twitter account, then privacy plays a vital role.

In this type of video streaming apps, the broadcasters are interested in sharing the video, emotions, and impressions with some limited person only.

So, it is better to privacy settings in your live streaming app like the Periscope app.

You can implement the below tweaks:

Share with a single person.

Share with a list of people.

Share within a limited area.

Apart from the above, you can add more privacy things to your app to look unique from your competitors.

  • Import contacts:

It is the most successful app feature implemented in most of the apps in this segment.

For the handy search of friends, family, relatives, and colleagues, you can add this feature to your app.

You can allow users to import contacts from phone and social media.

Now, move on to the important thing of an app.

How to make money on a live streaming app like Periscope?

Let’s be open and frank.

Every individual or enterprise develops an app to generate revenue and to make a profit from it.

Therefore, you should also look after this topic before you develop a Periscope like an app.

Monetization methods:

  • Freemium is the most commonly used strategy by most of the mobile apps and Periscope app. In this strategy, you will have two versions of app one is premium and free.

So, to use some high-end features of the app, the user needs to opt for the premium version.

  • Advertisements:

It is the other way periscope generates revenue. By placing the ads of other sites in between the content and web pages will create some substantial amount of revenue and profit.

It is also a popular and most used business model by every app that is entering into the market.

Apart from the above business model, you can also use the below business models for your live streaming app like Periscope.

  • Live consultations.
  • In-app purchases.
  • Promotions.
  • Paid apps.

 Tools to develop Periscope like an app:

Content distribution network: Amazon CloudFront or Cloudflare.

Notifications: Firebase.

Hosting: AWS (Amazon web services).

Database: DynamoDB or MySQL.

Messaging queues: AWS queue System.

Mobile app platforms: For Android (Kotlin or Java)

For IOS (Swift).

API server: Node.js

Media processing platform: Wowza, DaCast, and WebRTC.

Geolocation: For Android (Google maps) &IOS (Core location or Mapkit).

How much periscope costs to build?

The cost of an app is the first thing that comes to mind after before or after reaching the mobile app Development Company.

Now it’s time to know how much periscope costs to build.

The cost depends on the various constituents that we are going to discuss right now.

Let’s start!

  • App platform:

The majorly used platforms around the globe are IOS & Android. The cost of app development affects the platform you or we choose.

As no of platforms increases, the cost of the app development also increases, vice versa.

The number of platforms ultimately depends on the enterprise, which is planning to develop a live streaming app; they can go for single or multiple platforms.

  • App complexity:

The app complexity level you choose also defines the cost of your Periscope app.

Mobile apps are developed & categorized based on their complexity levels, such as simple, medium, and high-end.

The basic version of a mobile app Periscope costs you very little compared to the other two (medium and high-end).

  • App development team:

Among all the factors, this determinant defines your app cost as well as your app development.

The team required for the live streaming app like Periscope development:

  • Project Manager.
  • Requirement analyst.
  • Web developers.
  • QA engineers.
  • Android app developers
  • IOS app developers
  • UI/UX designers.

You can select or hire a live streaming app developer’s team based on your budget and requirements. You can choose a startup or mid-level company or a multinational company.

If you go for a startup company, the charges will be low, whereas if you choose an MNC, then the costs will be higher.

App development team selection depends on the individual or the enterprise who is planning to create a live streaming video app like Periscope.

Don’t be in a hasten while choosing your mobile app Development Company or team.

  • Developers team location:

Apart from the development company you choose, the app developer’s location also influences your app cost.

The cost of developer varies from region to region & country to country.

General charges of mobile app developers based on the country:

  • Developers in India: $10-80/hour
  • Developers in North America cost: $150-170/hour.
  • Developers in Australia cost: $100-110/hour.
  • Developers in the UK cost: $60-70/hour.
  • Developers in Eastern Europe: $30-150/hour

The cost of a Periscope app calculated as:

App development cost: Number of hours to develop * Mobile app developer cost

It is better to choose a mobile app development team from India or Eastern European countries because they are cost-effective.

So, the factors, it is going to cost you around $20,000-$25,000 for a single platform (periscope live streaming android app). Again, if you want to add another one Groupon app iPhone, it cost you more $20,000.

It is an approximate cost to develop like a live streaming app like Periscope.

The cost of your app diversifies according to your ideas and characteristics.

  • Final words:

I hope you are happy with the brief information provided by us about the application of Periscope.

If you are unhappy with the information, don’t vacillate to reach us.

We have a great crew of experienced professionals who are capable of unblocking all your dilemmas concerning about your app development. Please reach us to unlock your myths.

We are happy to help you.


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