The Various Features and Changes which are brought up in Android P by Google

The latest version of Android, Android P which is supposed to be released in March was surprisingly released by Google. It is a general curiosity to know the various new features which are owned by this new version. This curiosity is obvious because, every new versions will definitely bring some or the other changes and /or inclusions or deletions of the features. Now, let us look into those new features of Android P, which are powered by Google

  • New look of the setting page

Changes on the setting page was a routine for Google, in each new version of its android, it will surprise its users by bringing some good changes in the setting page. The older view of the setting page was revised and has taken a totally new look.  The main change which is seen in the setting page is the colored item on the page. The various options on the setting page have been imparted with colors for a better view experience. Unlike the older versions, which were confined to blue and white, this new version has different colors for different options.

  • Support to Notch

It is already well known that Google has announced that all its versions will be having notch. In a similar fashion, this new version of android, Android P, also supports Notch. The preview presented by the Android P Developers, have shown that how different notches will appear on screen, also how these notches interact with the apps. Even, the future version of the android also seems to have the presence of notches.

Support to Notch

  • Lockdown Feature for Security

This lockdown feature is newly introduced in this Android P, in which the user can avail security for unlocking the phone. In other words, once if this feature is turned on, then no one can unlock the phone, without the finger of the user. This feature uses the fingerprint scanner, and hence one the user with his or her fingerprint can perform the unlocking of the phone.

  • Provision of multiple camera

Every mobile can have dual camera, but the best feature of this Android P is that the user can use both the camera simultaneously. Not just, using the user can even change the zoom patterns of the either of the camera. This feature will not just amaze the user, but also provides the mobile app developers with the opportunity to create some apps using this feature.

  • Better Notifications

Notification pop up is one of the most common feature in all the smart phones. This Android P shows a better version of notifications, in which the notification pop up in such a way that it displays image which helps the user know about the notification at a single glance. And the best thing about this is, the display of the notification do not annoy the user by occupying more space on the screen. It will occupy a very less space on the screen with round corner all over.

  • Latest Animations

The way in which the various animation presented by this Android P is also different. The animation types in this Android P, look similar to the animations in iPhone X, in which the movement between the apps in made side to side.

  • Native screenshot editor

The introduction of screenshot editor in the android operating system has revolutionized the mobile world. Android P is coming with the native screenshot editor which is first of its kind in android systems. Perhaps, this native screenshot editor is a basic version providing a limited number of options like cropping, rotating screenshots, or doodle. Even this feature of Android P is similar to the feature which is present in iOS 11.


  • Battery Life

Having a longer battery life is one of the most important features of any smart phone these days. Since the usage of the smart phones is on peak, all the users will expect that the battery life of the more, so that the mobile can be usable all through the day. For this, Google offers two best features, which are batter saver and reduced power mode. The user can turn on the battery saver mode when the battery level falls between 5% and 70%, where as the battery saver mode will not make the navigation bar and the status to orange, unlike the other smart phones.

  • Other small features which matters more

There are few more small and interesting features which are making this new version of android amazing are app info pages with force quit button and uninstall option, menu having a small button for screenshots, provision of do not disturb mode without options like alarm only and all.

As a final word, Android P is a amazing smart phones which is packed with tons of new features in it, making the user experience the best. This version of android is no doubt gives the iOS a tough competition.

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