How Much Does a Taxi Booking App like Uber Costs?

Overview of Uber:

Uber is an app-driven multinational transportation company that put a foundation stone for the platform based travel services. That changed the way how people commute and how travel companies serve their customers. According to a recent report, Uber service is available in 58+ countries and 300+ cities worldwide. Uber is estimated to be worth $62.5B Company. Being a role model, Uber has inspired thousands of young entrepreneurs to follow it.

Uber app connects passengers to drivers with vehicle for hire service. Passengers choose the type of vehicle that they want to travel, the place where they want to be picked up from and the place they want to get down.

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Once the passenger requesting service through app, he will get confirmation of the ride with the details like the driver name, car number and the way which the driver would take him and the expected time to arrive the required destination. At the end of the ride, passenger will receive a mail that contains payment details. The payment can be done via cash or cashless options like wallet and card payment.

About Uber Drivers:

Uber drivers are called as individual contractors as they use their own vehicle and smartphone to provide service. In some markets, both vehicle and smartphone are leased for drivers.

Two sides of Uber app, one is to passenger to choose ride, and another is to driver to accept requested ride. Both driver and passenger can see each others’ location and the time that will take to reach the destination.

In this blog post, we would like to provide in-depth information about several topics that helps Uber app users and business owners such as, Uber app development cost or cost to develop Uber app or cost to make Uber app or cost to develop taxi app or taxi booking app development cost or taxi booking app cost like Uber or how does Uber works? How much does Uber costs for a ride, How to build a taxi app like Uber? How much does it cost to build an app like Uber?

How Does Taxi Apps Like Uber Work?

Here is the step by step procedure on how Uber app works.

  • Uber app user can request a ride (taxi, bike, or car) immediately or through a scheduled application. Nearby drivers receive such requests.
  • The driver has the right to either reject or accept the ride. If the driver rejects the ride-request, the next available Uber driver may accept the ride request.
  • The customer can track the location of a car and get to know the expected arrival time to his/her pick-up point.
  • An app like Uber helps to calculate Uber cost estimate and the customer can pay cash or pay through debit/credit/UPI while reaching his/her destination.
  • Uber user can also give review and rating on the Uber ride to improve the Uber ride app like customer service.

How Does Uber Pricing Work?

Passenger can choose car from four different types in Bangalore as of January 2016, which may vary on the city/country he’s in. The car types include:

1UberBlack – 4 people or more – Rs. 8/km

1UberX – 4 people – base price Rs.40

1UberSUV – 6 people – minimum fare Rs.75

1UberGo – 4 or more people – Rs. 1/min

UberXL, UberSelect, UberLUX, and UberTaxi are other taxi types available in different cities. Uber cost estimate for a ride and seating space may change from time to time.

Well, I think above prices cleared your concerns about how does Uber pricing work.

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Features That Determine Uber like App Development Cost / Cost to Develop Uber App:

The average cost to develop an Uber taxi app or Uber app development cost or best taxi booking app cost or cost to develop Uber like app or cost to develop online taxi booking app, depends on several basic and advanced features. There are different features for passenger Uber mobile application and drive Uber app. Let’s have a look at those:

Key features of the passenger app:

  • Registration / Login: Mobile Number, social media login option, email id, Uber app account, payment processing, debit cards, credit cards;
  • Booking User App Interface: Select a screen, cab type (or particular cab driver) to enter the address to call a bike, car or taxi, set your current location for pickup;
  • Tracking: tracking driver’s location, making necessary updates while travelling or scheduled booking.
  • Cost calculator: Checking the Uber fare estimate of a ride from X point to Y point with some cab type before booking on taxi apps like Uber. It helps customers a lot to know how much does an Uber cost;
  • Payments: In-app and cashless payments, payments are made automatically by debit/ credit card, customers receive invoices for mail or mobile number;
  • Push notifications: to update customers about cab ordering status, taxi arrival estimate, license plate and car number, etc; Dialing, messaging, booking history, ratings & reviews, etc are some of the key features that determine the development cost of Uber clone app.

Key features of driver app:

  • Profile/Register/Status: Online status and schedule along with certification (taxi number) and administrator approval;
  • Booking: with a facility to accept or reject an Uber ride, information about the customer’s current location and the destination of the instantaneous ride and Uber cab booking history;
  • Push notifications: cab like Uber booking alerts, necessary data (location, route, payment, etc.) for ride updates;
  • Navigation: e.g. Voicing can be done using Google Maps to get the right directions to the customer and his/her destination
So, How Much does it Cost to Develop an App like Uber?

The development cost to create an app like Uber or taxi booking app cost like Uber or taxi booking app development cost is majorly depends on following four three parameters:

Uber app Features

How Much Does it Cost to Build an App Like Uber?

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