How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App like Big-basket

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an App like Big Basket/ Grofers?


Big Basket is the largest online grocery store in India, selling food products including staples, fresh fruit and vegetable groceries and over 20,000 products and beverages over 1000 brands.

Founded in December 2011, Big Basket has grown through its customer-centric services and fundraising range of Global Venture Capital. As a trendsetter, Big Basket has inspired hundreds of e-commerce ventures to follow and is known for express delivery.

Before developing BigBasket like app or any e-commerce app, business may about a few things like how to develop an app like big basket, How Much Does Big Basket like App development cost? How to choose the best mobile app development company to create Grocery Delivery Mobile Apps? How to do online grocery business in India or any other country successfully? In order to clear out all the doubts, we will be posting this article on website called ‘’. So, without late, let’s read full blog.

FuGenX, a global mobile app development company in India, developed an innovative Online Grocery shopping app for BigBasket. With proven experience in developing successful BigBasket app, FuGenX– Grocery app development company in India/ grocery delivery app development company, helps aspiring e-commerce ventures build Big Basket like app with innovative features.

The Cost to build an App like BigBasket or Grofers is majorly depends on the key features and functionalities of the BigBasket like app. Now, let’s see the features:

Essential Features of a Grocery app like BigBasket

In general, groceries home delivering applications like BigBasket have three parts:

  1. Admin Panel
  2. User Panel
  3. Delivery Panel
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Big-basket app development cost

Key Features of Big Basket App

2Key Features for Admin Panel: Dashboard, Inventory management, Assigning the Orders, Real-Time Analytics

2Key Features for the User Panel: Registration and User Profile, Search and Browse, Add to Cart, Delivery Scheduling and Order Tracking, Push Notifications, Customer Support, Ratings and Reviews, Customer Support, Ratings and Reviews

2Key Features for the Delivery Panel: Geo-Location Services, In-app calling and chat, Accept or Reject the Delivery Request


How Much Does an App like Big Basket Cost?

Bigbasket Clone Script app comes under database (data-driven) app category, which is expensive than simple app or basic functionality app. The major factors that decide grocery delivery app development cost or Online Grocery app like Bigbasket or cost to develop grocery application or cost to make grocery app or average cost to develop grocery apps or grocery mobile app development cost in India or Online Grocery app like Bigbasket or online Bigbasket app cost or cost to develop app like Bigbasket or cost to develop geocery app like Bigbasket or cost to develop grocery application are:

App Design:

You can’t neglect app design when developing a BigBasket like app. To engage buyers and inspire them to buy more products, engaging UI/UX design is vital. Engaging design costs more, but FuGenX has proven experience in designing groceries app like Bigbasket at an affordable cost.

App size:

Features and functionality are the key elements that form the total size of on demand Grocery Delivery apps like BigBasket. So by giving preference to only core features and functionalities in the version 1 of the app, the cost burden can be diminished.

Payment Gateway:

Payment is a major concern when it comes to paying for shopping online. A wide range of payment gateway options are available to incorporate with the BigBasket clone app such as Mobile Wallet, Google Pay, Online Debit / Credit Transactions, PhonePay, which are simple and hassle-free for shoppers to make a single touch. If you have a large number of payment gateway options, the cost to create app like Bigbasket also increase.


App Developer- Development cost of BigBasket like app

The development cost of Big Basket like app also depends on the app developers’ geographic location, their experience and expertise.

Big-basket app developers
Big-basket for android ios windows

App Platform:

This is another major factor that directly impacts Big Basket like app cost. Developing a Big Basket like app for iOS (iPhone & iPad) platform is cheaper than that on Android.


Features and Functionalities that Decide the Cost of Big Basket Clone App

The cost to build Building Bigbasket like app for iOS and Android or How much amount required to create app like Bigbasket? is estimated on the following basic and advanced features along with the factors mentioned above.



Big-Basket app Features

How Much Fugenx Charges To Build An E-Commerce App Like Big Basket?

The cost of developing a Big Basket-like top on-demand grocery delivery app in India will be ranged from $15,000 to $25,000. Since, the hourly price of custom mobile app developers in the USA is higher compared to the Indian top mobile app developers, the cost to make an app like Big Basket will be around $35,000-$50,000.

Hence, grocery app development cost in India is very affordable and client-friendly. FuGenX is one of the best mobile app development companies in India. We have proven expertise in the design and development of on-demand grocery delivery apps like Big Basket. We offer you the best quote for BigBasket clone app development.

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