React vs Angular : Which One is better for Mobile App Development?

As more and more entrepreneurs implement their mobile apps, the competition will become more and more challenging. As the number of apps in the app store grows, your front-end app development framework choice plays a significant role in making your app successful.

Nowadays, React JS and Angular JS are the two frameworks that are widely used in web or mobile application development. Both React and Angular are creative, most useful and well-supported methods that adopt to JavaScript frameworks for developing front-end applications. Undoubtedly, these two frameworks are the world’s best and quite unique from all others.

But, when developing a business application, front developers think a lot and find it difficult to choose the best framework. To clear up the enterprise dilemma here, we are giving a brief overview of React vs Angular.

Without late, let’s read the full article.

What is React Native?

React JS is an open-source JavaScript framework based on JavaScript es6 and a library built to develop user interfaces and CRUDs (i.e. create, read, update and delete). This framework was developed and launched by Facebook. It makes the code easier to launch and understand. It is considered to be the fastest-growing JavaScript platform, with over 1000 GitLab helpers and searches.

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Facebook, Netflix, Tesla, Dropbox, Airbnb, BBC, Cloudfalre, Atlassian, etc., are some of the top websites that used React framework for development.

Key Features of React:

  • Code Stability with One-directional data binding
  • Enables to use 3rd party libraries
  • Composable and Simplicity
  • Fully supported by Facebook.
  • No dependency injection
  • Better user experience
  • Better performance
  • Faster Development
  • XSS protection
  • Time-Saving

Benefits of React

  • Simple design and ease of use make it one of the most widely used frameworks for mobile application development
  • The ‘CodeMode’ feature will automate most of the development process
  • The expertise gained in React‌ is easily applied to native app development
  • Easily handles heavy loads when combined with React ES6 / 7
  • HTML-like syntax enables for templating and highly detailed documentation.
  • Developers can spend less time worrying about the framework-specific code and more time on writing modern JavaScript
  • Improve support for server-side rendering, which becomes a robust framework for content-focused applications.

What is Angular?

Angular is an open-source structured framework for building simple, user-friendly and dynamic applications. It enables you to use HTML language as your template language and enables you to spread the syntax of HTML to expose the various parts of your application concisely and clearly.

It is a fully-featured JavaScript framework that facilitates create single-page and dynamic web and mobile applications. In addition, it supports MVC programming architecture.

Google, the Guardian, Forbes, PayPal, JetBlue,, Lego, Adobe Fonts, etc. Are some of the top websites that used Angular framework for development?

Key Features of Angular:

  • Clean and crisp coding
  • XSS Protection
  • Dependency injection
  • Technology consistent
  • Shadow DOM / local CSS
  • Typescript offers efficiency
  • Increased support for error handling
  • Seamless updates using Angular CLI
  • UI and Business Logic Separation
  • Built-in support for HTTP, AJAX, and Observables

Benefits of Angular

  • Use angular CLI for quicker and smoother updates
  • Material design-like interface
  • It is a high-performance framework for secure application development.
  • Routing is very simple, which means mobile app developers can easily jump from one view to another.
  • Angular cleaner code has been developed, which means a time-saving alternative for app developers.

Angular vs React: Comparison Between the Two Front-End Development Frameworks

#1 Componentization:

Angular JS comes with a very stable and complex structure because it depends on three crucial layers: model, view and controller. Using Angular JavaScript framework, app developers break the application code into diverse files. This enables you to reuse templates in various parts of the application.

On the other hand, React JavaScript framework selects a different structure. It provides a simple way to grow component trees. React codes are logically structured and readable. They will not ask app developers to write code in a particular way.

#2 Learning Curve

The Angular framework has a better learning curve than React. The Google Angular IO Framework provides several ways to solve a specific problem, including a complex component management system, as well as typewriting, pipes, templates, RxJS, dependency injection, etc. In addition, the framework is continuously evolving – developers need to examine what is new in the angular ecosystem and improve their knowledge and skills accordingly.

However, this is not true for the React JS framework. If you are good with JavaScript, React JS enables you to learn and create web apps in the React ecosystem quickly. React offers multiple application resources for fresher’s to understand the framework and looks forward to developing the app even after releasing frequent updates.

React offers multiple application resources for fresher’s to understand the framework and helps create an app. These are the primary reasons why application developers select to react.

#3 Languages

The JavaScript integrated with the React JS‌ is depends on the JavaScript ES6+ language. JSX is primarily an extension for syntax, which is similar to JavaScript code written in HTML. Angular uses JavaScript and Typescript for app development. Typescript is very compact, so it will be easy to navigate the code and detect typos.

#4 Self- Sufficiency

Applications are written in React‌ framework call for including additional libraries. Some of them are used to optimize the process of interacting with helmet routing, react-router, state management, redux, and API.

Between angular and react, angular is a full-fledged app development framework that doen’t require the addition of any library. Each function is executed with the help of an angular package.

#5 DOM (Document Object Model)

Angular framework uses a real DOM, where the entire tree data structure is updated whether a section of it has been modified or altered. However, the Virtual Document Object Model is used in React JS application development, which allows mobile application development companies to track and update modifications without affecting other tree parts. As virtual DOM is quicker than real DOM, the react framework wins over the Angular.

#6 UI Component

UI component is another differentiating point in react and angular. Its community develops React UI tools. The React portal has many free and paid UI components. The angular framework comes with many pre-built components of material design along with built-in material text stock‌. That’s why the UI configuration changes very quickly and simply.

#7 Toolset

React sublime utilizes multiple code editors, such as atom, visual studio and text. It uses the Create React App (CLI) tool to bootstrap the project, with server-side rendering next.js framework. To test an application written in React‌ framework, it calls for multiple tools for different topics.

Angular also uses a variety of code editing tools such as Aptana, Sublime Text, and Visual Studio. The project is set up using Angular CLI, with server-side rendering done by Angular Universal.

But the difference between react and angular frameworks technology is that the angular can be fully tested with a single tool. It could be Jasmine, Karma, or Protractor. This is also one of the notable angular benefit over React.

#8 Architecture:

Both react and angular have a component-based structure, i.e. they have reusable, coordinate, and modular components. But, the difference between react and angular comes during tech stock. On the other hand, react architecture uses JavaScript, while Angular Architecture comes with Typescript for web app development, which is error-free and more compact.

#9 Development Speed and Productivity

Angular provides improved app development experience – thanks to its CLI built-in process and typescripts clean coding feature that enables faster creation of workspace and design performance applications and production of components and services with one – line commands.

Whereas, the involvement of third-party libraries in React affects the speed of productivity and development. React JS app developers need to determine the proper architecture along with the tools. In addition, the toolkit for React mobile applications shifts from project to project, indicating much time and efforts will be invested if the project is given for app update to the new developers. This suggests that angular outshines respond in terms of development speed as well as productivity.

#10 Flexibility and Freedom

Another factor that helps to angular vs react framework selection is flexibility. React framework gives you the freedom to choose the right tools, architecture and libraries to develop a mobile application. If you hire a skilled React JS development team like FuGenX, it will allow you to create the most customized application using the best features and tech stocks.

Besides, Angular framework provides limited flexibility and freedom. For instance, the latest version of Angular IO, that means Angular 7, allows you to use only angular components in some other frameworks and embed code in an HTML-based app. This suggests that the react provides better freedom and flexibility compared to the angular framework.

React vs Angular – Which One to Choose for the Best App Development

It is not enough to know the difference between React JS and Angular. Where React provides faster testing and rapid development, Angular prioritizes its high performance, cleaner code, and improved error management. To make the right decision, you also need to understand the circumstances when angular or react great for building an application.

React JS is the better choice when you need a fully customized application and rapid development. Alternatively, Angular JS works well when the development team has good knowledge of C# and Java. It’s also great when you want to develop an application with low or medium-level complexity.

While the use of the best framework is essential for application development, it is equally important to choose experienced and dedicated developers from the best software development company.

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