Steps You Must Take Before Starting Mobile App Development

“First impression is the best impression”, a universal fact, which also strongly applies to your mobile app. If your app fails to get hold the interest of users from the first look and in the first use, there will be a very rare possibility for it to succeed. Also, design principles and conventions are diverse across different devices and platforms. Like programming languages and operating systems differ from desktop to mobile, there is a much difference between web and mobile design.

Today good design is something, engaging UI & UX design is everything, which defines your app success. Below are design tips and tricks to apply your app to ensure that it delights users and make them loyal to it.


1. Study user behaviour

Mobile devices are used very differently than desktops. The way people interact with content on mobile is distinct. For example, on website, a new window can be opened, but it is alike on app. So aspects such as real estate on the screen, navigation and menus, and OS, all you need to focus more for delivering a rich user experience.

2. Multiple device & screen size compatibility

It is less serious in iOS, but too complex in Android. Mobile app designers need to tackle both device fragmentation and platform fragmentation. How good enough your design compatibility for some devices, it doesn’t matter if your design fails to compatible for at least the screen size of other devices. So always prefer experienced app designers who have come through multiple apps around multiple devices.

3. Typography and Color Scheme

If your app text is difficult to read or lacks spaces between lines and words, the app will exhaust users’ eyes and decrease their interest in your app. Also make sure you are maximizing space without cramping text. Another major aspect of text design is multiple languages. If you are developing an app for people of multiple geographies, you should take care of every language, as Arabic kind languages start from right to left and also there is various between each and every letter.

Choosing out the perfect colors to complement your design is important. When choosing out, make sure that your colours aren’t conflicting and text is visible over background. Using colors to denote the importance (or actions) of options is also trendy.

4. Battery life

The design and functionality of the mobile app can indirectly affect the battery life. Highly complex bells, whistles and feature can drain the battery quickly, which could further drain battery even in the background. Here designers need to take care more to ensure the battery is not eaten up much while delivering a great user experience.

5. Prototype well

Prototyping is very crucial in the mobile app design process. Clutter-free and interactive prototypes help clients and development teams understand the workflow of the app alike. It also paves the path to develop the app how you intended.



Finally, the mobile app design that follows the design principles and works best with the multiple mobile devices and serve customers with engaging UI/UX design could yield a better result. On the other side, apps which crash and contain functional bugs keep users away. Studying the users and following the best practices for mobile app design will make sure your app will bring repeated users and further repeated customers.

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