5 Popular Casino Games You Should Play


Gaming Trend is turning towards online casino. Trend is totally online now a days, where it has changed the entire scenario of visiting the play stores for playing interested games. People are preferring to adopt the online mode, where the user can enjoy the game just with the help of few clicks.

There are many online games available where user can even find friends to play online. The various online games are attracting the users with interesting games, amazing graphic designs and such.

Online Casino Games

These are nothing but internet casino or online casinos, enabling the users to play and bet casino online. It is also referred as gambling games and some of the popular ones are casino sport betting, poker, etc. For enjoying the casino game, people need not visit any particular place for playing, rather they can just play online and check their luck at any place and at any time.

History and Growth of Online Casino Games

Casino is of demand since years and it is considered as one of the luxurious games and it was a standard reference to a luxurious life. In the earlier days, casino was restricted to royal hotels and cafes, but as the technology is advancing, lot many online casino games have come into lime light owing to the high demand for these games.

As per the statistics, the demand for these casino games is on raise and it is reported that these online casino games have raised rapidly till 2018 after which its demand was touching sky. It is noted that every year around 10 billion new users are joining the club of casino platform.  The rulers of this casino arena are poker, roulette, blackjack, and craps.

If you are looking for the best casino games online, then check out the following write up. Here, we present you the 5 top most popular online casino games.

    1. Blackjack: This is an amazing casino card game and it initially difficult to understand at the beginning. There also exist many variations in this game. This is a simple live table game where the players are excited about points which is relied on other for fulfilling the needs. Its variations include European Blackjack, Classic Blackjack, Pontoon, Blackjack switch. It stand as one of the top three live dealer of casino games.Blackjack
    2. Poker:  Poker is one of the very famous online casino games which is well known since years. It needs some strategies and skills for playing the game, it is considered as a family card game. The combination of the cards in this game decides the winner. It is introduced in the early 19’s and is being getting updated regularly. This game is very simple and easy so that anyone of any age group can play it. Even multiple players can join the game.poker
    3. Roulette: This is one of the most profitable game which is simple to play. Wheel is the inspiration for this game. It was first presented in 18th century in France. This game is not just attracting the elders, even children are getting attracted towards this game. This game is entirely dependent on the luck and the destiny of the player is decided in red and black color. The player need to follow betting strategy for getting better results. Roulette is one of the oldest game with many options. In Las Vegas strip, the first triple zero was introduced. Since 1786, this game is in use in Paris. From 19th century onwards, this game has spread to US and Europe. The betting is either single zero or double zero. European style layouts owns a single zero whereas US layout owns a double zero. It is similar to blackjack and its strategies are also similar.roulette royale
    4. Baccarat: It involves two hands and is a comparing card game. It is also called as Baccara. Its origin is controversial, some say that it is invented in 19th century and some say that it invented in 19th This game involves three important elements, which are- players, bankers and tie. This game is also known as rich man’s game and has various variations, whereas most of the casino as only one or two variations. It can be played for high or low stakes.baccarat
    5. Craps: this game rules and regulations are a bit complex and is played on a table. It is otherwise called as Dice game. It is dependent on luck factor and is resultant of dice roll. Players playing this game bet against each other and needs some strategies for making fast moves in winning game. It is not that much complicated as it appears. Player’s emotions are not shown. The dice roll for giving the outcome, players can bet on double roll or single roll. On a large stocking table, it is played.craps-game


So, above mentioned are some of the most popular online casino games which are easy to play. Casino game lovers will surely love playing this online mobile games. Different casino games can be played at different levels of excitement. Many mobile game developers are working on mobile game development for meeting the expectations of the players by updating various exciting features in Online Casino Games. Even Mobile Game development company like FuGenX are working on making and maintaining online casino games.

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