These are the top benefits Enterprises can harness from Gamification

Gamification is a trending game based technique prevalent in all major digital environments. But its prime beneficiaries are enterprises, where they harness Gamification to improve employee productivity, by integrating it in the training process to create lively environment and encourage employees to grasp the things quickly. And its ultimate benefit results in satisfying their employees by building positive competition among co-workers and enhancing the learning engagement.


What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of applying game principles and mechanics into non-game environments such as working methodology. It doesn’t mean a game need to be designed to encourage employees to do well, it is about adding gaming elements into applications, softwares, and other digital tools that employees use to get done the tasks. Here the routine works are done through gaming concepts, which motivates employees to perform better. In better words, gamification is a technique to teach and entertain users and solving problems in an interesting way with the contribution of users.

How Gamification can benefit enterprises? Let’s see:

Enhance employee engagement

Well-built enterprise Gamification is centered on personalized leaderboards and benchmarks for the employee, which provides employers unbiased and accurate information to assess employees’ performance. This even creates opportunities for employees to assess their performance their own and perform better. When employees feel their hard work is valued, they obviously perform well. A workforce that encompasses fun activity has a higher capability to yield better productivity than that not. Some studies showed that after implementing Gamification, underperforming employees got a considerable acceleration in their performance in many organizations.

Feedback to solve business problems:

Customer feedback is a crucial element for any companies to renew its existing products and services. Gamification can benefit largely here. Receiving feedback through Gamification is possible from both customers and employees end. If you just ask your customers about feedback, they may not respond as it takes time to input. Instead if the inputting method gives game like experience, they may definitely get encouraged to give valuable feedback. This even applies to employees. Companies like Allstate and GE have already tried and got fruitful results from this technique to come up with answers to their complex business questions.

Know the cost to develop the apps like

bus ticket booking mobile app how much does an healthcare app like practo costGamification in Mobile App

This is what most of the companies are implementing and getting fruitful results from Gamification. As a survey said, Gamification is most fruitful in mobile apps. Its benefit is largely seen in enterprises where apps are prevalent for multiple purposes like employee-employee interaction, and employee-customers interaction. As said above, taking customer feedback through app platform integrated with Gamification is even easier as mobile apps allow customers to use it wherever whenever they are.

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