Top Benefits of Yii Development & Their Future

Benefits-of-Yii-Development-and-its-FutureTop Benefits of Yii Development & Their Future

Yii, which stands for ‘Yes It Is’ is one of the most demanded framework currently. It is a PHP based, Object-oriented MVC framework that supports rapid development process in web development. YII applications are seen in developing web portal apps and it also helps in developing secure websites.

In the year 2008, YII was developed by Prado for making a rapid or protected web framework that allows the development of web 2.0 services. Soon after its discovery, it had some issues, but on 3 December 2008, it is proven to deliver impressive web performance, debug catching, security attention, and impressive web features.

Features of YII in PHP

The various amazing features of YII in PHP include the following

  • It has Model View Controller, MVC pattern designs
  • It supports number formatting, design interface localization, date or time based formatting, and message translation
  • It supports functional services and web based unit testing based on PHP unit and selenium
  • It is safe to work with third party based web development codes and it provides pear framework and Zend in YII app development process
  • It supports all kind of caching services where media storage modifications are possible.
  • Web service request of ESDL specifications becomes complex with the features generation of this framework.
  • It can handle various errors and logging as it is centralized framework. Its filters can also categories the web apps
  • It will allow various security features like cross-site request forgery, CSRF, cross site scripting, XSS, SQL injection and cookie tempering.
  • For generating codes, it offers high extensible tools
  • Its web development helps in learning best tutorial and documentation of PHP web.

Reasons for including YII in webs services

  • Quick development process

With the help of CRUD operation services, it helps in achieving rapid web development of web apps. It also serves useful in maintaining web app design interface and making the app faster, and offers better security for web apps.

  • Easy to Install

It offers reliable, easy and fast installation and configuration process in several compatible devices

  • Comfortable security

The web development process can be made secured with the help of YII as it provides login security attempt for providing the secure web platform.

  • Modern Technology

It is an Object oriented programming language based web framework that can understand the latest technology based web app features.


Features-of-YIIFeatures of YII

  • Web Modules, Extensions and Components

YII framework development process offers the easiest way to web development and makes the process more effective extension, modules, components and many other features. It helps in minimizing the complexity and delivers a qualitative service for the users

MVC design patterns to implement the service

The MVC, Model-View-Controller design with its impressive patterns allows the smooth programming process. Business logics can be applied to user interface designing’s. Developers can change the designing portion to affect the users, also the front end web development controllers, called apps. Web development process can be controlled and the relevant controller information can be handled.

  • WSDL features

With the help of WSDL features, the various third party interactions are made smooth, quick and rapid. WSDL stands for web service definition language, it initiates information messages its functions for request and responses and like functions

  • Automatic Code Generation

GII, a corporation process of web based development tool can be used in the updated version of YII. GII forms an integral part of YII for integrating the modules of web platform by utilizing the web development code.

  • Advanced Security Features

For any of the framework, security is one of the most important feature. It allows password services, hash key based, and offers the best security solutions. The various SQL injections, XSS, cookie tampering and CSRF can be blocked.

  • Data Migration

Marketers or app developers can change the web page structure where these database changes the development process. With the help of YII framework integration, data migration process allows the data migration being controlled by data migration source code features. It also has an upgraded version of YII installation.


The above mentioned are some of the advantages and key features of YII web development framework that allow the YII framework service. It is truly an effective web app development platform. So, try working on this trending technology with a YII Development company.

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