UX/UI Mobile App Design Trends

Are you planning to develop a mobile app to increase the productivity of your business? What things do you consider? Easy to navigate, social integration and feedback system. Above all these, two things you must consider, UI and UX designs. Both these technical specifications are equally important to grab and retain the attention of app users.

Better the experience of your app users, the better will be your sales and brand value. How can you make your app users’ experience better?

Below are highlighted some of the latest UX/UI mobile app design trends and design principles in 2020, some are already implemented, and some are under implementation to catch the eyes of app users


UX/UI Mobile App Design Trends 

#1 Spread background design

If you own a large-screen smartphone, it is very easy for you to access apps. But if it is a small screen, you need to work a little bit extra, right? But apps those come up with diffused background images can make content reading be easier. Especially, call to action button can be easily viewed and accessible, which leads to more conversions.

#2 Typical Letters

It is common you see Verdana and Arial fonts in apps, but the latest trend has made apps richer with high-quality fonts. Watercolours and hand-lettered fonts have also been used to highlight logo marks and other specials.



#3 Easily Navigation

Commonly, you see Verdana and Arial fonts in apps, but the latest trend has made apps richer with high-quality fonts. Watercolours and hand-lettered fonts have also been used to highlight logo marks and other specials.

#4 Cool Colours

Users want lovely and informative apps. So, to make your app user pleasurable, it is better using pleasant light colours like marsala-light grey and blue-light beige.

#5 The design also for wearables

It is the time of wearables, especially the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Apple Watch. So, mobile app designs need to meet the needs of smartwatches. In making app designs wearables friendly, some works have been done, and some are going on. Good news.

#6 Thumb-Focused Interaction in App

Generally, people like to use a mobile phone in one hand. So, they like apps that include features that can be accessed by a thumb. To make your mobile device app more user-friendly, your app should feature thumb-oriented gesture that will definitely increase user experience.



#7 Art Icons

App icons should tell users on a look what it has inside. Use line art and shaded icons to make your app simple and typical one.

#8 Divide Elements with Space

Content in the app should easily be readable and understandable, so avoiding lines for separating the elements or widgets can help the user quickly understand the content. It can enhance user experience UX considerably.

#9 Flat UI Designs

A compact design can spoil the total look of the app, so nowadays, designers are removing heavy graphic elements like gradients and 3D aspects from their mobile app development toolkit.

#10 Dark Themes

The dark theme has a low-light UI, which shows mostly dark surfaces. Dark mode themes bring two important benefits to the mobile UX design: they store battery power by minimizing the use of light pixels and reduce eye strain by adjusting the brightness of the screen to display lighting conditions to pay attention.

#11 AR / VR

The application of augmented reality and virtual reality technology allows users to integrate fictitious digital components into a real world image by offering a whole new look in their design process

eCommerce, media, entertainment, education, travel, Science, Real Estate, and M Health, etc. are the list of niches that VR and AR technology can adopt with its UI /UX design trends.

#12 Content Designs

The Content-First method helps in creating meaningful and functional UI designs, ensuring a flexible and convenient UX instead of complex and artistic solutions.

Readability is very important when it comes to UI user interface designs. It does not just consider brand names, CTAs, slogans, and taglines.

It’s about overall content style – combinations of fonts for more readable fonts, different screen sizes, and simple context menu to ensure a productive responsive design.

#13 3D and Faux-3D Design

Although the use of 3D elements in mobile apps is not a new trend, it has long been used only in games and entertainment.

With the development of device processing power, 3D elements are developed in simple and easy functional applications. By enabling 3D and Fox-3D elements in the mobile device experience, you can integrate reality in to the mobile interactions.

#14 Advanced animation

Operative animation is a crucial part of a good user experience. Animated motions and moves provide indepth data – they describe confirm actions, state changes, and include rhythm to user interactions.

As mobiles become faster and stronger, mobile application designers and developers are able to produce more sophisticated animation. Animation is not only to bridge the gaps between different situations; It’s also a part of branding.

Motion tells a unique story about your product or brand, while animation shifts data from frame to frame by developing film-like scenes for users.

#15 Access Buttons to Social Media

Posting, commenting, chatting and sharing are the daily activities of people in this digital world. Facebook is the first preference of people for these activities. Today, most of the apps allow users accessing social media sites with a direct login button. It is one of the best ways to build rapport with customers for app owners.

Vibrant app design can lead to thousands of app downloads. So before handing over your app development project, know how much your potential app developers understand the latest trend in app development. A right choice of the developer can bring a big difference in your mobile marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

With the UI / UX mobile app design trends outlined above, it is important to remember that the goal of UX / UI designers should always be the same, in order to use new technologies and new design principles to improve the lives of users.

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