Detail Expert Guide To Build An App Like Snapchat

Detail Expert Guide To Build An App Like Snapchat

Whether you meet your buddies and family members or not, but every one of us will do online communication. We communicate frequently and daily with friends through mobile chat apps.

Though there are many mobile chat apps and social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and many more exist, apps like Snapchat are standard in the market.

Mobile messaging apps like the Snapchat app have become very popular in a short span. This free to download mobile app helps users send text, share photos, and record videos.

The attractive feature of this mobile messenger is its auto-deletion feature. This feature deletes the text/photos from the phone every 10 seconds.

Such stunning features of Snapchat-like apps are sweeping away the other chat apps demand in the market. Due to this rapid rise, over 60% of mobile apps development companies are developing Snapchat-like apps.

If you are looking to create your chat app like Snapchat, this article will help you out. Herein, we tried to explain:

  • An app like Snapchat design
  • Features and functionalities of Snapchat like apps
  • How much does it cost to make a messaging app like Snapchat?

Let’s get started!

Firstly, we will have a small brief on:

 What is Snapchat?

 Snapchat is a simple mobile application that is useful for online communication with friends or family.  It allows users to share pictures, videos, and text messages. Besides, this mobile app also lets users instantly capture photos for quick sending.

Moreover, it also has an edit feature. So, users can add titles or apply filters to the images that they captured. Amazing right?

Yes, it is an excellent and user-friendly messaging app. FuGenX, India’s largest mobile app Development Company, has creative developers. We develop mobile apps similar to the Snapchat app with more curative features.

The significant features of apps like Snapchat

 Sending or receiving pics and videos

  • Online messaging option
  • Self-destruction of text or photos
  • Easy to find friends with Snapchat logo button

 Along, What Special Features made mobile apps like Snapchat so unique?

 To create an app like Snapchat, you should focus on its best features that made the app more popular. They are:

  • Snapchat-like apps let users take pictures and videos.
  • Using drawing tools and filters, users can edit images and send them instantly.
  • Snapchat Lens feature allows users to perform a goofy animation to their photos.
  • The Snapchat app offers a convenient way to add more friends. It means, using a QR code, the user can scan the code with the camera and add friends.
  • The latest version of Snapchat offers over 200 stickers that provide a more personalized chatting experience to users.
  • Snapchat-like chat app allows users to post their personal or achievement snaps on their walls. Create a story feature of the app makes it more engaging.
  • Geofilters of Snapchat allows users to cover photos or videos with other design.
  • Its discover feature provides news updates from CNN, Cosmo, and many other companies.

FuGenX makes powerful mobile apps like Snapchat. We embed all these smart features on client demand. If you are searching for a Snapchat-like app, FuGenX is your right partner. Get your free quote now!

Top 5 factors that impact development cost to make a mobile messaging app like Snapchat


The development cost of the mobile app will depend on features, design, platform, and resources.

The cost of developing a similar app like Snapchat varies based on the functionalities, features, and platform that you select.

The below are a few of the factors that impact the development cost of mobile apps like Snapchat.

  1. App Platform

One of the first factors to consider before you start developing chat apps like Snapchat is platform type. So, before building a mobile app, decide which platform will deliver profitable business.

However, if your app runs seamlessly on any platform, your chat app will receive a flourishing brand image in a short span.

We have seen that the mobile app industry has an equal proportion of iOS users and Android users. Due to the high cost of iOS, Android users are a little bit high in the market. So, go with a single platform that has many users at the initial stage. Later shift the compatibility of your mobile app to other platforms.

As a leading mobile app developer, FugenX can develop Android and iOS mobile apps that deliver stunning results for users.

  1. Design

The design of the apps like Snapchat depends on desired requirements that you want to include. A complex structure of mobile apps needs more development time and more finance to accomplish.

But, eye-catching and easy-to-use apps always grab the user’s heart. If the app is too complex to operate, the users will shift to other rival apps. So, user-friendly app design cost inexpensive and also quickly spreads in the market.

FuGenX promises to develop a user-friendly mobile app like Snapchat within a reasonable budget. From wireframes to UI/UX design, our mobile app developers focused on delivering the most efficient apps.

  1. Size

An app like Snapchat needs more size since it has plenty of features. But, if you want to make a Snapchat-like app, embed basic functionalities in the first stage. Later on, you can add or update the app with more features. This strategy brings your product quickly to the market and also reduces the development cost.

These are the few most significant factors that you must consider if you have plans to create an app like Snapchat of your own.

Well, I can understand what question you are going to ask now.  How much will it cost to develop Snapchat-like apps? Am I right?

The Snapchat-like app with basic functionalities for only a single mobile platform will cost around $50,000-$70,000.

However, we can estimate the development cost but don’t stick to the estimated cost. If you need apps like Snapchat with identical features, it costs expensive but worth it.

 Are apps similar to Snapchat are profitable?

Yes, Snapchat-like apps offer 100% profitable revenues.

With the rising download rates of free-messaging apps like Snapchat, most companies are rushing to develop Snapchat clone apps.

Through the Snapchat app, Snap Inc has earned 52% of increased revenues in Q32020. This tremendous growth is achieved with increased registrations of Snapchat app users. So, imagine creating apps like Snapchat how will benefit your business in this digital era.

The Best 5 Proven ways to make money from mobile apps like Snapchat

Few features of Snapchat generate money for businesses. Let’s see what the features are:

  1. For promotion or advertising

Through the “Discover” feature, companies can run paid advertising. Each ad will worth 15 cents per view. So, the app like Snapchat owners can charge per view. It will generate fruitful revenues while expanding your brand in the market.

  1. Smart Paid Features

Geofilters is one the revenue-generating feature of Snapchat-like apps. Snapchat users can promote a place or business even by creating and sharing geofilters.

You can also customize geofilter using the Snapchat templates through Photoshop or illustrator. Later setting the venue time and data, users need to pay for the filter and download.

Based on the geolocation, users can buy exciting and fun AR filters (augmented reality). The best alternative apps like Snapchat charges approximately around $5 for 20,000 square feet of business coverage.

  1. Snap Ads and CTAs to promote services

It works well for businesses. The enterprises can create call-to-action buttons with attractive images. It will encourage users to click on them and pay for your service.

Similarly, through Snap ads (photos or videos) on social media, businesses can reach the target audience and achieve high conversion rates.

  1. Affiliate product promotion

Mobile apps like Snapchat are the best platforms for doing affiliate marketing. If you have more followers, you can get attractive money by publishing affiliate products.

It is an easy way to earn more money at all at-home convenience.

  1. Sponsored lenses and posts

Businesses can promote their events, products, services, and brand by creating customized lenses. Like sponsored stories, enterprises can increase lead conversion rates and sales through this personalized way of business promotion.


So, Snapchat not only generates one-time revenues, but it brings money through Geofilters or paid ads.

Grab this benefit soon and make an own Snapchat app before your rivals launch Snapchat clones into the market.

FuGenX brings your dream project of a replica of Snapchat apps into reality. We develop a mobile app for your business to stay competitive in this digital industry. We have decades of experience in developing apps like Snapchat for iOS and Android platforms.

 The pros and cons of the Snapchat-like app

 Though the app has many advantages over rival apps, few cons hampering its usage rate. The cons of apps like Snapchat are-


  • Easy to login
  • Safe and trustworthy mobile app for messaging
  • You can make audio or video calls
  • Self-destructing messages after 10 seconds
  • User-friendly app UI
  • Alerts users if anyone takes a screenshot of your snaps
  • Photo and video edit option with filters and drawing tools
  • Easy to share images or promotions on social media


  • Apps like Snapchat does not have any comments or like facility for snaps that you shared
  • It is available for only Android or iOS platforms, so it is not compatible with Windows
  • The length of the video is limited
  • Users unable to check shared text or pics after a long time with its auto-deletion of messages within seconds
  • Due to lack of built-in analytics tools, apps like Snapchat prone to attacks

If you develop a Snapchat-like app by eradicating all the cons listed below, your mobile app will be on top.

FuGenX can develop a similar messaging app like Snapchat with built-in analytics. Let us know your app ideas and get your free quote now.


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