Apps or the Chatbots- which is the Best?

Technology is playing a very vital role in every walk of our lives these days. In such a scenario, one can see the introduction of a lot many technological products.

This introduction of various tech products may lead the users in a confusion of what to use. Such a scenario may also be seen with Chatbots and apps. Chatbots, with its effect from 2017, is leading the tech arena with its amazing features.

On the other hand, apps stand no way down.

The term app has grown to refer to small programs that can be downloaded and installed all it once. And they make our life more comfortable and simpler.

Both Chatbots and apps have their features exhibiting uniqueness. Now, let us consider Chatbots and apps- their advantages and disadvantage, and which one to choose between them.

What are Chatbots?

Chatbots serves as a personal assistant, which will help in serving the user in using the various options of the device and website.

For instance, when any user visits any particular site, then on some of the websites, the user can see some popups that come with some questions on the screen.

You have probably talked to one on a few of your favorite websites, and chances are you did not even notice it.

These are nothing but online Chatbots. These Chatbots are developed by artificial intelligence, which is running on the website. These are mainly intended to direct the user in exploring the site.

Some of the sites, which are using these AI Chatbots, are Adidas, Pizza Hut, LivPure, eBay, etc. Chatbots works by using making conversations between artificial intelligence and Natural language processing (NLP). This will help the user in getting answers to their questions without the need to visit the FAQ section on the website.

With the help of these best Chatbots, the users can get their questions answered in no time.

As soon as the user visits any particular website like various shopping websites or any other browsing website, he or she may land up in some of the other questions like how to navigate to the desired product; all such problems can be answered using Chatbots at any time.

These AI bots/free Chatbots are not concerned about which user is using it, but it just works using artificial intelligence and answers all the questions of the user.

Chatbot examples

  • Swelly
  • Lyft
  • eBay
  • Yes sire

There are various reasons why Chatbots are so essential and profitable.

Following are some of those reasons.


It is very much profitable because it serves as a customer care operator.

Any user visiting any particular website can explore the site easily with the help of the best ai Chatbots; also, the surfing of the website can be done to the core, leaving no part of the website uncovered.

Conversational marketing

Chatbots involves a kind of marketing called conversational marketing, in which the business can be enhanced using better interaction with the customer.

Also, the best part is that the user need not be a master to use these Chatbot apps; any layman can use this very quickly.

Reduces the time

Chatbots also helps in reducing the time required by the user to reach their desired item on the website, as soon as the user visits any particular site, then he or she can quickly be navigated to the desired item, without wasting much time on others.

Highly specific & direct

The best part of this Chatbots is that it is highly accurate and direct.

With the interaction using Chatbots, the queries of the customer can be directly answered, which serves to enhance the satisfaction of the customer.

Personal assistant

Chatbots serves as personal assistance, which makes the customer feel so comfortable in asking the queries and thereby helps the websites to stay healthy in this competitive world.

Talk to an AI expert

  • Applications, Apps in short

In the year 2010, the concept of Apps has come into the picture.

At the time of its launch, no one was sure of its survival for a long time.

But, to the surprise of all, apps turned out to be successful and trendy even after a decade of its introduction.

The main reason for its success is that apps are easy to download on a smartphone, which is making it a revolutionary launch of all time.

As per the data provided by Statista, in the year 2017, there were around 197 billion apps downloaded on various mobiles, and it has also set a target of reaching 352.9 billion downloads by the year 2021.

Though different mobile apps have many benefits, it also has some disadvantages. Following are some of the problems of using apps:

  • One has to note that not all the mobile apps/AI apps are freely available on play stores. Some require in-app purchases, whereas some require direct purchases, some apps are also made freely available yet.
  • There is a chance that the usage of apps may lead to stagnancy and downward trend, because of some issues like UI acclimation, ads popping up while using the apps, signing up issues, etc.
  • The main problem with smartphones these days is the storage. Any app needs some storage space on the device, which can be problematic for the support.
  • When the user can pay using the app, it cannot be made direct.

You can also find the below topics interesting:

The answer will be ‘NO.’

However, they will work great with them

Chatbots are good at doing some specific tasks, simple ones like a rule-based Chatbot that answers simple customer service questions or complex solutions.

Chatbots are an end-all solution for any organization if they used right and made correctly; they can be a context-driven, conversational, consistent, and cost-effective way your business operates.

  • Conclusion

It is evident that when something new is introduced, it is expected to shade off the existing one. Same as that, when apps have appeared, it was thought to shade off the usage of the website.

However, in reality, both websites and mobile apps were stood firm in the tech competition.

Similarly, the introduction of Chatbots was thought to shade off the usage of apps, but in reality, Chatbots have its mechanisms to get integrated into both websites and apps.

Regardless of which industry you function in, if you are planning to augment your app or want a bot chat, then you are in a perfect place.

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