Features Customers Look For In A Top Quality Mobile App

AppFeatures Customers Look For In A Top Quality Mobile App

Most people now own a smart phone and spend a lot of time surfing through different websites and use different mobile apps to order their product or place a service request. This time spend and the number of people using a mobile phone is steadily growing every year. To make sure that these users gets hooked on to yours you will need to include the best features in your app.

Since the mobile devices now are highly sophisticated, you can incorporate a number of innovative features in your app and not worry about its functionality and utility. A wide range of activities can be done through these mobile devices and mobile apps these days. According to an eMarketerreport it is learnt that:

  • Mobile phones are used with greater frequency
  • The average time spend on it by an adult in the US is about 2 hours and 41 minutes a day in using different mobile apps and
  • A major portion of this time is spent on looking for the core functions in an app that includes social networking, maps, and streaming music and videos.

These facts indicate the importance of mobile apps in today’s life and the people who believe that apps are obsolete should seriously reconsider.

For a business to succeed in its policy and marketing campaign should make the best use of these mobile devices and the only way to do so is by the best mobile app that will provide the best user experience and more meaningful and genuine value to the users.

This is not an easy task as there are nearly two million such mobile apps available to download by the users on both Google Play and the App Store. Therefore, to make a mark in such a hugely crowded marketplace and beat the serious competition with so many mobile apps, you must make it stand out. For more you can review here.

Provide a better experience

There are several influencing factors to consider for making your mobile app successful. If you simply know a few of the basic features and functions that the users look for and expect in a mobile app, it will help you to start off on the right foot. Your website will be then able to compete with the others and be as popular as sites and your app will be used extensively to generate more revenue for your business.

  • There is no way to achieve success in your business if your mobile app is unable to provide the best and richest user experience.
  • You must make sure that the features are not available elsewhere.
  • You must also carefully consider the reasons as to why any users will use the mobile app of your specific brand and not of others.

This will prevent you from duplicating any mobile app browsing experience. This will in turn ensure that the users have a lot of reasons and incentive to download your app. No user will want to waste money, resources, time and use a lot of space in their device by downloading anything that is easily available online.

Therefore, you must make sure that the function and features of your mobile app provides a lot of value and utility to the users. Utility as such can be provided in a variety of forms such as:

  • An entertainment quotient
  • An effective solution to a specific problem that is not available in any other web assets and
  • An improved efficiency for tasks performed through your app often.

Your mobile app can only be successful if you can justify your expense, effort and time used in creating as well as maintaining it. You must focus on the needs of the users to provide a beguine value and not create a mobile up just for vanity for your brand.

The navigation aspect

The next thing to consider while creating is the navigation aspect of your mobile app. It must be intuitive and easy so that users do not delete it after downloading finding it difficult to handle. According to the study report of eMarketer, 14% of smartphone owners delete an app that is difficult to use.

Therefore, you must ensure intuitive navigation, overall usability, and key functions of your mobile app which is what customers look for their best app using experiences.Different aspects will determine the usability of a mobile app such as:

  • Minimum clicks and actions
  • Selected objects and information available in one specific place
  • Better and more scrolling features than clicks
  • Better architecture and content
  • Optimized field entries so that these are in absolute minimum and
  • No restricted functionality.

It must be highly intuitive to tell the user of smartphones or tablets as to where and what to click so that they can quickly make a selection.

Seamless checkout process

This is what online shoppers look for. You must therefore ensure that you include only those necessary fields that will ensure all required info input can be easily and effectively done during the checkout process. A few useful ways to ensure this are:

  • Keeping the number of fields as low as possible such as name and last name in one field
  • Using more auto fill opportunities for information as for Zip code of states or cities
  • Optimizing buttons and fields to ensure faster and easy selection by fingers and thumbs as there is no mouse and
  • Allowing users to save shipping address and payment methods.

Providing the user with a pre-populated list is sometimes more effective in ensuring a seamless checkout experience. If most of the info is automatically stored then making a purchase decision will be just a matter of a few clicks.

Therefore, providing personalized experiences is the best way to design a mobile apps this will help you to establish a more personal relationship with your customers. This will set a higher expectation for the user and they will download your app more. In order to stand out in this crowded mobile app space these are some of the best strategies to follow.

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